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  • hilljayne26 November 2004
    This is a lovely look at Boy George and the gang circa 1983 when the group was in their prime. Boy looks positively lovely in this performance. Boy has often said that Culture Club was never a great sounding band live, well that is certainly not the case with this brilliant performance. The band all play and sound spectacular. Helen Terry, their popular back up singer, is in full force here and Boy seems very happy to share the spotlight with the old gal. Notable songs include a stirring version of VICTIMS and a moving performance of DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME. A great time in music that is missed but not forgotten. A 10.
  • There's no question that this captures Culture Club at their peak. This is from the start of their 83-84 tour to promote their album Colour By Numbers. Everything is pitch-perfect - the camera crew captures footage of all the wannabees and lookalikes. All of the band is clearly having a blast and are full of energy. Helen Terry is well showcased - this show made it clear how much a part she was of their sound from the first two albums. My personal favorite of the performance of Church of the Poison Mind when Boy George comes back out on stage after the first break. The band is back together and now going out on another tour. I missed this one but I hope to catch the new one. But this show is a real treat to have.