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  • Cast and dialog excel in this sleeper, ostensibly just one of thousands of VHS releases cranked out to fill up the New Releases section of video stores back in the day, but actually holding one's interest.

    Tabitha Stevens, with her attractive and very fake big boobs, is ideally cast as a Hollywood star who wants out of both her contract and marriage. The extremely cynical screenplay, especially expressed in frequent monologues by Kyle Stone as a sort of fixer working in Tabitha's interests,

    The story has many twists and turns (leading to a suprise story climax, followed by final sex scene), involving Tabitha's no-good husband Billy Glide, a slimy agent Jonathan Morgan, gossip columnist Dave Hardman and an underhanded private eye Mickey G.

    The gals are impressive: busty J.R. Carrington as a hooker who does special jobs for Mickey, Brooke Ashley as a waitress and aspiring actress, and Alex Dane as an industry power broker.

    Director Jim Powers makes it look easy, but this feature is quite superior to the usual run-of-the-mill porno.