The scene where Lulu tells Shane that she thinks he's cute and Shane's embarrassed response was based on a real life incident on set. Morgan York (the actress who plays Lulu), upon meeting Vin Diesel, actually said that to him and he awkwardly responded with a "thank you". The director thought it was so funny, that he put it in the film.

They had to shine a red light at Vin Diesel's ear to get the duck to bite it.

Originally, Jackie Chan was attached to this film. The ninjas in the movie are from his stunt team.

The idea of the family having a pet duck was introduced by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant when their script had Jackie Chan attached. The running joke was that Chan's plan to kill the duck and cook it for dinner horrified the kids, and therefore Chan ended up reluctantly keeping and taking care of the pet. Even when Chan exited the project and other writers worked on the script, the duck stayed all the way through to the finished film.

In the first scene, the ocean is actually a huge swimming pool.

Boo Berries cereal is not sold in Canada.Adam Shankman's assistant had to drive to Buffalo, New York, to get it.

They used the same live duck throughout the movie.

An actual Navy SEAL was on set.

When Shane is in Peter's room, before Lulu asks him about his "boobs", on the floor are letter blocks spelling out "One Race". One Race is the production company owned by Vin Diesel.

The address handed to Shane (3 Rosemary Lane) is the real address of the house. The house is actually in Toronto, though.

Dwayne Johnson was considered for the role of Shane Wolfe.

In the scene after Seth gets bullied, when Shane is talking to Mern, you can see Max Thieriot's stunt double. He's in a white cap behind Vin Diesel.

When Tate Donovan is tied up, the set used, was actually in a cafeteria.

The first day of shooting for the movie took place with the scene when Shane sees Seth outside the theater.

The hotel room that Faith Ford was staying in, was actually built in an abandoned ice rink.

The scenes in which Shane teaches Zoey how to drive, pay homage to Vin Diesel's role as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and The Furious (2001).

Bruce Willis was considered for the role of Shane Wolfe.

As of September 2019, this film has the third-highest volume of DVD sales in relation to years since release. This is largely due to Alex Hall, an Australian who claims to own over 1,500 copies. As of May 2019, Hall claims to have added another 967 copies to his collection, for a total of over 2500.

In the movie, Seth stars in the play "The Sound of Music", a movie where Christopher Plummer has a first role. The family that Vin Diesel's character protects are the Plummers.

Vin Diesel's first Disney movie.

In the early script draft, Seth's original name was Todd.

Vin Diesel character is a Navy SEAL. Max Thieriot also plays a SEAL in the TV show SEAL Team (2017).

During the wrestling scene in the gym, there is a guy in the stands holding a cardboard sign that says "John 3:16." John 3:16 is a very popular bible verse which says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

This is not the only movie that Faith Ford plays a character called Julie. In Beethoven's 5th (2003), Faith plays Sheriff Julie Dempsey.

Adam Shankman: the student driver teacher with Brittany Snow.

Just to get one shot of the baby falling asleep towards the end of the movie, they had a camera on him for four hours.

The play at the end of the movie was shot in a local (Toronto) professional theater called Theatre Passe Murielle. Over four days, many scenes from The Sound of Music (1965) were shot, including "Do, Re, Mi", "My Favorite Things" and "The Lonely Goatherder". These scenes were fully staged, choreographed and costumed. Some of the costumes came from the original "Sound of Music" film. In the end, almost all of it ended up on the cutting room floor.

When Morgan York and her troop fight the enemies, the crew used a fourteen-year-old girl to do the cartwheels.

Half the movie, Seth is wearing a wig. The character "dyes" his hair blond, but in reality, blond was his hair color at the time.