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  • Comedy series about the Bougon family, which are the perfect model family - if your way of life consists of drinking beer all day, cheating on welfare and on your landlord, having a prostitute as a daughter and otherwise coming up with various schemes to make money as long as it doesn't involve an honest paycheck, that is.

    The first few episodes of this new (Jan 2004) Radio-Canada TV series have been extremely funny and successful. Its politically incorrect biting satire pokes fun at everything and everyone. The series is quickly becoming a Québec cultural icon
  • First you have to understand that it's a TV series. The true plot outline is goes more like this. An ex-blue-collar city employee tries to blow the whistle on corruption but when he looses his job over his righteous zeal, he goes a life of honesty to a life of screwing the system. The whole family adopts this attitude.

    The whole title of the show is "Les Bougons, C'est Aussi Ça La Vie" Which translates into "The Bougons, Life's Also Like That".

    Retards, they are not. And what is a Quebec Redneck anyway?

    They are just giving the angle of the EX honest working man deciding to play by any rules possible.