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  • Despite the fact that all three of the CSI franchise shows exaggerate the roles and scope of crime scene investigators, I enjoy them in varying degrees. As a retired cop, I've worked with CSIs on cases many times. They are mostly good, solid professionals who do their previously unsung job and help detectives solve cases. The CSIs on the CBS shows do far more than that and far more than they would be allowed to do in real police departments. I'll suspend disbelief and allow the wide dramatic license when I enjoy a TV show.

    All of that aside, I was looking forward to CSI:NY for a variety of reasons, not the least its being set in my other home town. It also boasted Gary Sinise, a great actor, in the lead role. I think I still prefer William Peterson's Grissom, but Sinise as Mac Taylor is so far above Caruso as Cain that comparisons are hard to make. Yes, he is somewhat cold, but in police work it is rare to see someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. Cold professionalism is the hallmark of most cops. Add to that the loss of his wife in the tragedy of 9/11 -- which I do not think the show exploits; it is a legitimate plot point in the development of a character in NY and motivates Taylor to find justice wherever he can, something his wife was denied -- and his quiet demeanor makes sense.

    If Emily Proctor leaves CSI:Miami, I'll quit watching. That will leave the original and this gritty, dark spin-off. With CSI:NY on hand, I won't miss Miami for a moment.

    I just watched the season finale and am looking forward to next season. I agree that the spate of spin-offs shows a lack of creativity, but when it is done well -- as it is in CSI:NY and in Law and Order: SVU and Law and Order: Trial by Jury -- it can be good viewing. (I'd like to add Law and Order,: Criminal Intent -- I like D'Onofrio a lot -- but I just couldn't get into the show, try as I might.)With the loss this year of both Third Watch and NYPD Blue, we are left with only a couple of good cops and robbers shows. CSI:NY is one of them.
  • When i learnt there was to be a second spin-off of csi, i was really looking forward to it......thankfully i was not disappointed. This show is certainly different from the original csi as we learn more about the characters but not all at once leaving some room for us to wonder about them. The acting and stories of the show are superb, Gary Sinise portrays Mac Taylor a likable character who is still dealing with the loss of his wife in 9/11, who i feel has the potential to match Grissom of the original, particularly as Petersen's contract is up in 2006. He has strong support from the rest of the cast including Melina (sorry can't spell her last name) as Stella.

    The rest of the characters include Danny, Aiden, Dr Hawkes and Det Don Flack-who always has the best lines. All of them are brilliant with huge potential, as seen with Danny in the Tanglewood episode. It is also interesting to see how different characters pair up with others whilst favourites are Aiden with Flack, and of course Mac and Stella.

    If you like me are slightly disappointed with the Miami spin-off and find Horatio Caine unappealing this show is just what you need. A return to the forensics of the original with a New York twist..

    Now i could not imagine a Saturday night here in the Uk without it...brilliant!
  • When most TV shows have spinoffs, they're usually not worth watching because of thing-they are different than the original. I think that is a major reason that many fans don't like CSI:NY. While the original show is set in glamorous Las Vegas, NY is set in a much darker city, giving the show a darker tone and feel than Miami or Vegas.

    As for characters, New York has a great cast, and is still working on character development. They have been seen as not having personalities, but people have to give the show a chance to find it's foothold-it's only the first season. It took the original CSI five years to say that Sara's mom killed her dad, so its logical that it will take a few seasons to totally tell these characters backgrounds. Danny Messer and Mac Taylor's pasts have been partially revealed in the premiere "Blink", with the knowledge that Max Taylor's wife was in 9/11, and in "Tanglewood", with Danny's involvement in the Tanglewood boys street gang.

    The acting in CSI:NY is just as good as those in the other shows, but most people aren't giving it a chance. Some will like it, some wont, but the least they could do is watch some of the stronger episodes, like "Blink", or "Tanglewood", and not scrunitze its difference from the originals...just give it a chance. Rome wasn't built in a day- it will take a little longer for people to accept this new show, but i think it's doing perfectly, and i can't wait for next season.
  • sarahz91124 September 2004
    I absolutely LOVE the original CSI. I really can't watch CSI Miami - just a bit too much. So when they announced there was a third one coming out I was skeptical. But they've out done themselves! Although the original is still my favorite, this one steps away from the CSI format a bit. There's more of a glimpse into the characters and great story lines. There isn't the condescending tone that Miami has. Gary Sinise is, of course, brilliant as usual. If they keep it up this one will stick around. Combine this one and the original and I could watch all week! No one can beat Grissom, but Taylor is certainly going to give him a run for his money. Now a combined episode would be phenomenal!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually happen to like CSI:NY. having watched some episodes of CSI(LV)I have to say it can't quite measure up to the original, but it is definitely worth watching. Gary Sinise gives his usual great performance, although sometimes it seems as though he's just bored with the proceedings.

    Melina Kanakaredes (check spelling) is a good match with him as Stella Bonasera, and together they work through plots that work with the city, as well as with a solid supporting cast.

    Vanessa Ferlito gives the desired amount of sex appeal mixed with street smarts as Aiden Burn, and Hill Harper is a wonderful balance as now-you-see-him, now-you-don't Medical Examiner Sheldon Hawkes. Eddie Cahill has the appropriate detective's attitude as Don Flack, and having seen his other work I think he has a lot of talent, plus the one-liners he has are hysterical. But in my opinion, the Staten Island-raised, smart-aleck detective Danny Messer, played to a T by Carmine Giovinazzo, is the hidden talent here. He's smart, cute, always follows the rules, but sometimes he likes to bend them for the sake of having something to do. And he's not immune to mistakes. Giovinazzo seems to take these to heart every time he appears on camera, and he is a delight to watch.

    Maybe CSI:NY is a little young- but just give it time. I'm sure as it goes by, this show will pick up and become better than it already is. What it really needs is to distinguish itself from the tangle created by CSI and CSI: Miami. Otherwise, no one will notice.
  • When this first came on TV, the first few episodes were just too downbeat for me and I stopped watching. It didn't have the excitement and color of the Las Vegas and Miami shows.

    Well, I turned out to be premature in my judgment of this show. A year later, I obtained the DVD of the first season and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I thought it might be the best of all three CSI shows but I'll wait on that call until a complete second season is done.

    I liked this debut season more than the others for two main reasons:

    1 - It did not have all the little soap opera side-stories involving the characters that the two other CSI shows have. Each show was strictly about the crime(s).

    2 - All the lead characters are fun to watch and had no annoying personality traits. True, the head guy, played by Gary Sinise, didn't have much of a personality but I liked his low-key, no-nonsense approach. Bill Petersen interjects too much New Age philosophy on his show and David Caruso is so ultra-dramatic that he's almost cartoonish at times. Sinise just does the job with that's it. Same for the rest of the crew. I understand one them, Vanessa Ferlito, left the show after this season, and I'm sorry to hear that. I enjoyed her face and her humor. I can only hope the rest of the cast stays. A good share of the cast seems to be made up of New "Yawkers" with that accent and that just adds to the believability of the show.

    Although I enjoyed "Stan," played by Carmine Giovinzzo, the best, the most interesting was Melina Kanakaredes. From shot to shot, she's different in appearance from strange and unappealing to gorgeous, depending on the camera angle and lighting. She's hard to figure, both in looks and her character.

    I never get tired of those aerial shots of the city, either. Odd they were tinted the blue the first month of the season and then brown-and-gray the rest of the year. As with the other CSI shows, the camera-work is fantastic. Those who have never seen any of the CSI shows on DVD owe themselves a look. They are spectacularly filmed.

    However, unlike Miami and Las Vegas CSI shows, this is basically a no-glitz affair with the stories dominating. One problem with these shows is they are filmed on Los Angeles movie sets, so most of the time, because of crowds and other problems in filming locally, you don't see the main characters actually in the locales they are supposed to be. It would be fun watching them chase criminals in Central Park, at the Empire State Building, through Madison Square Garden, etc.
  • While there are lots of people who do not like clones, there are many others who wait with bated breath for the next one. I and my daughter are both in this category. What I find most interesting is the variety of crimes from city to city. For example: CSI-LV has the desert/gambling/showgirls/prostitution, CSI-M has alligators/hurricanes/illegal immigrants/drug smuggling, and CSI-NY has drugs,mobs,gangs/big city over-population & ethnic diversity crammed in a small space/terrorism threats. We would most like to see a CSI-Alaska. The possibilities for totally new crimes are plentiful: poaching(polar bears,eagles,whales,fish,seals), exploration espionage(oil & gas,diamond & gold mines)/hide outs for criminals escaping mainstream cities etc. There are so many channels now that I can't see a reason for anyone to complain about shows that are on - we just choose to watch the ones we like and we choose not to watch the ones we are not interested in. Another reason my daughter and I like CSI is for the absolutely amazing camera shots of the different locations. We are both disabled and don't have the ability or finances to allow us to travel, so it is very pleasing for us to be able to see these panoramic views (especially Miami-just beautiful!!!).
  • Wow, what have we done to deserve this, another fantastic series from what has shaped up to be one of the best franchise's on television, CSI:NY has everything that a good cop show needs; strong leading characters, well thought out stories and above all else, cinematic production values, like the previous two series do. That it isn't to say that the show had the best start. I'll admit to being balled over by the pilot/crossover episode during CSI:Miami's second season and I couldn't wait to see how it would transpire as a fully fledged series. Initially however, the series did have a rough start. The show just seemed too dark and gloomy and any humour seemed to sit at odds with the show's dark milieu, but things happily changed as the first season progressed and by the end of it's freshman year I would have to say that CSI:NY was truly one of the best shows on the box, more than giving its sister series a run for their money.

    Like CSI's Miami and Las Vegas, the show has a terrific leading man with a penchant for feature films and character acting, in this case Gary Sinise. For anyone who has seen Apollo 13, The Green Mile, Ransom or Mission to Mars, it is great to see this actor headlining his own show and doing it so well. Initially his character is so dark in the earlier episodes, much like the series, it is hard to like him, but like the show he comes out of his shell and we get to see a likable and at times nicely humorous character simply trying to move on with his life after the death of his wife. Like the other two series we have a superb leading lady, in this case Melina Kankaredes, simply one of the most beautiful leading ladies on television, and a damn fine actress to boot, with the two leads centered around a terrific supporting cast. Eddie Cahill and Hill Harper stand out almost straight away, whilst Carmine Giovinazzo really comes into his own as the first season develops culminating with a terrific storyline involving a shootout and a dead undercover police officer towards the end of the season. If there is a weak link it is possibly Vannesa Ferlito's character Aiden. While likable, she is essentially a third wheel and does nothing more than react to the other characters.

    Like the other two shows, hell like every thriller/crime series on American television today, the production values are incredible, the aerial shots of New York are some of the best ever done on a television series budget and the show, especially on DVD, looks fantastic. If there is a nit-pick to be had it has to be that at times it is very obvious that the show is filmed on studio lots in Los Angeles, something not as obvious on CSI's Las Vegas and Miami. For anyone who has ever seen Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off Angel, one cannot help but get a kick nearly every episode of seeing the vampire with a soul's old office from season one in the background of many scenes throughout CSI:NY's first season. Aside from this, the show does very well with what it's given, which is fine acting and some of the finest writing currently on the crime genre in television. If you have yet to see this show, buy the first season on DVD, there are many fine episodes to watch, and many to choose from. I wouldn't expect anything else from a series created by Anthony E Zuiker.
  • Having watched my share of NYPD Blue some years back, it was strange seeing David Caruso in a crime drama set in New York without Dennis Franz at his side.

    That's right: New York. Just prior to its season finale, CSI Miami sends Horatio Caine to the Big Apple in search of a killer. Caine's lead seems to dead-end when he arrives at another crime scene and discovers his suspect was murdered two days prior to the Miami crime he is investigating.

    Enter Gary Sinise as Detective Mac Taylor. The scene of Caine and Taylor's meeting features a moment of lighting genius in which Caine stands in a beam of warm amber sunlight while Taylor's key matches the cool blue ambiance of his native New York atmosphere. (Who says these things only happen in films!)

    In this pre-pilot, Taylor and Caine discover they are searching for the same killer. At first they refrain from joining forces, but once they establish through chit-chat their mutual admiration for the death penalty and its liberal enforcement, the two are inseparable.

    While the CSI counterparts get acquainted, two more murders take place in New York. These are uncannily similar to the Miami slayings. A bloody fingerprint in Miami points Caine and Taylor to a convict, a rooftop chase and a narrow escape for their new prime suspect.

    The New York CSI team pieces together the facts of the most recent murders. The introductions of Taylor's staff are brief and forgettable. This episode was created to establish an emotional connection between Caine and Taylor, presumably to generate interest in CSI New York's "real" pilot. If all goes well, the show will have an entire season to develop supporting characters.

    For those who didn't see it and are hoping to catch the repeat, I'll refrain from revealing who hired the hit man and why. And for those like me who are contemplating whether to watch the CSI New York pilot, I say "go for it." If the pre-pilot (CSI Miami in New York episode) is any indication, CSI New York will probably build on the solid foundation of tough-but-approachable characters, clever episodic plots and fast pace that typify the first two CSI shows. The intense simulations of violent crime forensics (the CSI trademark device) also make for hypnotic viewing.
  • I love the CSI series, but CSI:NY is my definite favorite. There's much more character development than in the other series. You can actually follow the characters one by one, and get to know them. It's in many ways more human. For example, in CSI:Miami, Horatio Caine is presented as an almost clairvoyant person: He walks into a crime scene, and just by looking at some blood traces, he can say: "No, I don't think our victim went over here to call the police - he was going to warn his son who he thought was asleep. But his soon was at a party in town." CSI:NY is much more down to ground. Not to mention, it's much more bright and colorful. Compared to L.V., where even the labs and offices are like dark tunnels, the settings and locations in N.Y. is much brighter. For me, this makes the program easier to watch.

    I'm so glad we have a TV channel who broadcast CSI:NY here in Norway, because this series is just brilliant!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw the first show last night and I just loved it! Like the other two CSI shows, this one was awesome, brilliant and just looking forward to seeing the three CSI shows in one week! Sinise is brilliant as Mac Taylor, a man dedicated to his work yet hurting inside since losing his wife on 9/11. Melina's just fabulous as Stella. (she and Sofia Milos look so much alike) and the rest of the cast are fabulous.

    I noticed that some of the comments were concerned with the third show and enough is enough but I think this one will be so good it will last a darn long time. Considering that William Petersen's contract is up on 2006 and may not be there much longer, this show and the one in Miami will be the main focuses as the CSI Franchise will continue to show new episodes in the future.

    Again, brilliant job, brilliant show and one show I cannot wait on a Wednedsay night since before there was nothing on TV Wednesday night where I am.
  • When I watched the first episode, I was sadly disappointed. I was already a fan of CSI, Las Vegas and was expecting something similar only in NYC. I didn't necessarily want a clone, but I did want some of the same features that I enjoyed in CSI, Las Vagas and other shows I enjoy as well.

    What I didn't see in this show when it first started was a sense of teamwork. The plot was good, the actors were good, but it seemed to me that all the other actors revolved around Gary Sinise's character. There was no sense of a group of professionals working together for a common goal.

    One night several weeks ago, I watched it again and was pleased to see that the only thing I didn't like about the show had changed. The show had become a story about 4 people, and now 5 with Anna Belknap, working together to solve a situation. Now I watch it every week and feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of an hour.
  • CSI NY is an action-filled series about tough cops led Head Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinese as lead role) and his team resolve crimes in New York City , facing off nasty delinquents and heinous killers by means of scientific investigations . This show follows the activities of the detectives working at the Scientific Department , a section assigned to Crime Scene Investigations bureau . CSI officers use the best scientist and technical methods to solve puzzles and catch criminals . It stars various Police Inpectors of a special unit against crime that take down cerebral murderers , scum and low-life criminals , these are the followings : Led by hard-nosed officer Taylor (Gary Sinese , he is most known for playing Leuitenant Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump) , and supported by Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) , Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) , Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) , Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) , Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy) , Ross (A.J. Buckley) , among others . With almost obsessive dedication towards their quest for the facts , Taylor and his elite team of investigators work various perplexing cases using scientific skills and equipment that are capable of finding valuable clues from the most seemingly unlikely sources . Taylor leads the quest for the one thing that can cut through the lies to the truth and justice , the evidence . As they take on several dangers and risked assignments , confronting unsettling junkies , violent muggers , avaricious robbers , malevolent panderers , bank attackers , extremely villain mobsters , women traffickers , heinous druggies , kidnappers , ominous murderers and several others . They are very skilled technicians , and are a component of the police response to crime . In the numerous episodes there are different and twisted cases dealing with kidnappings , grisly murders for robbing , racism , envy , ambition or vengeance . Together, these investigators collect and analyze the evidence to solve the crimes and to vindicate those who often cannot speak for themselves , the victims .

    CSI has the best scientific criminalistic division in N.Y.C. with the best crime lab , solving crimes that practically every other crime lab has given up on . Formed by an expert team , they track down perpetrators using scientific analysis and the occasional leap in logic . This exciting series packs a moving atmosphere by means of shaky camera , videotape and killings reconstructions in a really dynamic style . And even food items are frequently used to simulate injuries to corpses , for example , a roast chicken skin was used to simulate burns . The majority of the techniques and technologies used in the CSI shows are accurate and true to reality . However , in real life , the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Crime Scene Investigators (CSI's) are not detectives and are called Forensic Technicians who work in teams called Crime Scene Units (CSU's). In fact , they do not interview suspects, they do not write or execute search warrants, and they do not make arrests . In real life they are directed around the scenes by the detectives and supervisors, not the other way around . Detectives are commissioned police officers . CSU's are civilian personnel, not sworn and do not have the same arrest powers as police officers . At the conclusion of each case the culprits almost always confess their guilt to investigators that would most assuredly not be the people interviewing . The expert team is headed by Detective Taylor , masterfully played by Gary Sinese , he steals the show as an intelligent and resourceful Inspector . He heads a group of investigators who work crimes amid the rough urban ambient . Taylor is the last member of the NYPD hired during Rudy Giuliani's term as Mayor of New York City and his wife was killed in the 911 attacks . This character was originally offered Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta , but both of whom declined the role . Melina Kanakaredes as the Greco-Italian Stella Bonasera , her legalistic mind allows little gray area in cases , until she is forced to fight for her life , this alters her reaction to cases involving abused women . Stella has a close relationship with her CSI partner , Lab Supervisor Mac Taylor, with whom she shares a deep trust and respect based on endless hours of work , and literally saving one another's lives over the years . Edith Cahill as Detective Flack who bridges the gap between the old-school NYPD and new generation of CSI , carrying with him an intense hatred of the "bad guy" , his approach to solving crimes , while sometimes borderline , is nonetheless always effective . Hill Harper as Sheldon Hawkes , he started the show as a medical examiner, but moved over to field duty as a CSI . Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer who is married to his co-worker Detective Lindsay Monroe , Anna Belknap , whom he calls "Montana" because she was born and raised there ; they have a daughter named Lucy . And Robert Joy as Sid , he is the quirky, crazy, funny ME or Medical Examiner .

    The series formed by 197 episodes develop his own peculiar style , full of action tension , thrills , chills , twists and turns . It is with plenty of suspense , restless movements , violence gore and guts . The action moments are compactly made and fast moving . The robbing , kidnappings , heists , and murders deliver the goods filled with non-stop action , shocks , intrigue and suspenseful . The series follows the C.S.I Las Vegas wake and its sequels and rip-offs such as CSI Miami , CSI Cyber , CSI immortality and CSI NY.
  • In my opinion, NY has emerged, by the end of it's sophomore season, as the best of the franchise. The characters are all likable and believable, with flaws that make them more human (much better than the holier-than-thou Perfect Grissom. Ugh). This show started giving character background and development much earlier than the other 2 shows, so I found it easier to get to know and like them more, right from the start. Sinise of course is terrific as the tough minded but fair Mac, and I'm glad to see him less stoic in season 2, and allowing some dry humor to show through. Kanakaredes, Cahill, Giovinazzo, Harper and Belknap round out the rest of the very good cast. Belknap, in my opinion, is the weakest link, but I don't dislike her, either.

    The story lines here are slightly darker and grittier, and once again, I like that too. Sometimes the plot lines on the other 2 shows seem almost cartoonish or lampoonish, but I haven't felt that, with NY. I'd like to see more one-case shows where the entire team is working on the same thing rather than splitting into two crimes/groups, but that's something that we see on all three CSI shows, so it's a rather minor quibble.

    This is definitely the main CSI I'll be watching next season. I'll tune in once in awhile for Miami, mainly because the locale and cinematography is stunning - and the writing has become so lame on the "original" CSI that I don't even bother with that stinker, anymore. But NY has me hooked, and hooked for good!
  • kathy-carlson111 October 2006
    CSI New York is as good as the other CSI shows and follows in their footsteps as not being for the squeamish. If you like the intrigue and the puzzles of the original, you should like this one too. You get to know a little more about the characters than the original, yet it is not as dramatic or glitzy as the Miami show. It is really a nice balance with different writing but the same interesting stuff. Some of the graphic detail is less on the scientific side and more on the gruesome, man-we-live-in-a-screwed-up-world side. It does get annoying that someone always has some bit of knowledge that cracks the case. They rarely have to do any real digging. In the real world, I am sure that most cases do not pose much in the way of challenge, yet when they do I am also sure that there is some serious research going on. I gave it a score of eight because it is really good. It is not the best show I have ever seen in my life, but I watch it every week. I watch maybe 4-5 hours of TV each week, and one of those hours is for CSI New York.
  • Every Saturday I just c'ant Imagine missing an episode of CSI New York I just love watching CSI New York I think its a great show just like the other two but CSI{crime scene investigation}is the best the first time when i heard that they were doing CSI Miami I told my self that i was never gonna watched the shaw. But now i am totally hooked on it and i just c'ant wait for season three to air on T.V.. I think the problem with CSI new york you just have to get use to it and specially you have to give the characters a chance because i think they really are doing a great job specially you can see the way they are really working really hard to please their fans for me in the show Gary Sinise's character is really good. For me there's nothing wrong with this show I love it.
  • I think, of all 3 shows, this one has some style: As each CSI show has, over the last 9 years, developed a kind of personality - I like the way the graphics are done in the "discovery" shots (The little "bridge" shots that show the various CSIs working and the evidence being collected) - As Danny always says, "Boom".

    Stylistically very contemporary, I love the way the viewer can expect to see various items from "real life" - a Treo 700, a Dell Inspiron 6400/1505e laptop, Blackberries and I-Macs and sometimes even IBM Thinkpads- All the nice goodies that you can buy at the computer store... You can always tell which year each episode was made just by the electronic equipment that is being toted, and so the Dell 6400's were probably episodes from 2006... The Treo 700s probably 2007, these apparently insignificant things are all indications of not only the year, but the month or even specific day the episodes were filmed.

    You can do this with any show that uses contemporary electronics as part of the storytelling "device"... And as a semi-spoiler/goof, I can say with pretty much 100% assurance that some of the things you see Danny-Boy doing with his Dell Laptop or his Treo 650 or 700, I know for a fact cannot be done- Because I have the exact versions of these items, I am using them now for instance- And although the Dell Inspiron is a fine machine, it simply has speed and productivity limits that unless the laptop o' Dannys is hiding something a lot more powerful than the Centrino Core Duo T2300 under its Lid, some of the things he does with it are basically impossible. Aside from that, I do know that the functions that are being depicted are possible on a more powerful desktop workstation, so I always let it not bother me.

    I like the cast of this CSI better than the others, especially Stella, who on one hand is a pinstripe-posing woman of professional standing, and does she stand... On the other, a voluptuous beauty, when we are lucky enough to see it revealed- Which happens every 5th episode- Like when she decides to date that sculptor. You think that eventually she'll end up with Mac, but then Mac would not be able to date all of the MEs with British accents.

    I miss Aiden, and I finally saw her final episode, and it was sad but in the end her goal was made a reality thanks to Mac. I thought her interaction with Danny was better than "Montana"/Lindsay - Who kind of bothers me cos of her cherub face-straight-from-a-Reuben-painting, but the character has a lot of good "character." I don't think it was ever blurted out in any episode, but there are indications that something happened between old Danny boy and Aiden - Who at one point indicated to Danny that she was way out of his class.

    Mac always makes me think of either "Apollo 13" or the film "Impostor" - And he is actually playing a character very like both of the roles he played in those films- A very tenacious, methodical, and mysterious person, whose past is revealed in small chunks when appropriate to the flow of episodes. I like Mac.

    No CSI is compleat without your resident genius, in this case Hill Harper as Hawkes, who appears to be too smart, honestly, maybe there are guys that are as smart as Hawkes, that would be nice: They all ought to be hired as CSIs.

    Eddie Cahill is great especially when they are digging cell phone sim cards out of his chest cavity, you think he was imported straight from Law and Order, I don't know the actors Bio, maybe he did come from there. He's like a younger Lenny from L&O.

    I like the rapid-fire delivery of each episode, first the murder, then the CSIs collect evidence, then they process it, then they question suspects, and finally they nail the perp right on the head, and always there is a Perry-Masonish twist, except that there are no Perry Masons and Paul Drakes suddenly entering the courtroom to deliver smoking models of volcanoes as evidence at the last minute (A joke from a Benny Hill skit)- So it is more realistic... Except for, I always ask... Can they REALLY do that, that fast.

    I thought I saw on a discovery channel show... DNA can't be processed in 15 seconds, can it? I thought it took weeks to run some of these tests.

    And so, even though in this show, they highly fictate these tests, I still like the general Murder Mystery, and each ep, as I stated for my comment of the original CSI... Is a miniature Jerry Bruckheimer/Tony Scott flick run at 78rpm speed.

    Everyone who loves murder mysteries can love CSI:NY - Or any CSI. The MacDonald's Happy Meal of Crime Drama, it goes by quick, but sometimes, you get a very substantive meal.

    I can honestly say, there is not one CSI:NY ep I have not highly enjoyed, especially the ones detailing sufficiently grisly murders, mummified bodies, organ extraction, and just plain pre-meditated murder.

    I wish in real life the CSIs of real police departments could be as successful as these guys... And due to these shows, I think it is just slightly harder to get away with it than it was in Perry Mason and Paul Drake's days, and even those were highly entertaining.

    I love this show... to deth!
  • At last a mystery TV series which intrigues you and pushes you to guess the assassinate!! i was a passionate viewer of profiler and now -even though with many differences- CSI:NY has made my Sunday nights as exciting as the time profiler was broadcast!! the cast is fantastic - Melina Kanakaredes is also Greek, Gary Sinise is better than ever . I must admit that the other spin off is at least disappointing (what kind of crime can you find in Miami except or drugs?. I don't find a reason for watching the Miami spin off when the NY is great and makes your mind work.!!!

    keep up the good work guys
  • lvb5324 December 2006
    All I can say is WOW! I can't stop watching this show! Many of you guys don't agree with of what I say that CSI:NY is better than Las Vegas and trust me, it is. I've seen four seasons of CSI Las Vegas and so far CSI:NY is much better than CSI:Las Vegas.

    This spin-off is much more modern and there is always something special with the cases. Las Vegas is just the basic murder-investigation-interrogation-revelation, but this is something more. It's much more easier to hang on to and it's more fast-paced episodes. You can't just get enough of CSI:NY. Gary Sinise and others are all brilliant actors!

    I can't wait to see more episodes!
  • CSI: NY is better than CSI: Miami and at least as good as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas), I think.

    I like Detective Mac Taylor (not as good as Horatio, in his humorous (and unexpected by the writers, I think) dimension, but more realistic), who is a great character, like the other lead roles of CSI. I especially like the actor, Gary Sinise ("The Stand", Of Mice And Men, ...), who is a really great actor.

    Flack (Eddie Cahill, seen in "Friends"), Danny (both very appreciated by the girls), Stella, Lindsay (pretty), and Dr Hawkes are very nice too.

    A fault however: humor is a bit missing... But it's a good show with a good scenario, like the two other CSI.

    So, watch it !
  • This show is so dumb it doesn't deserve to be related to CSI. The characters are as wooden as Pinocchio, and the performances are worse. I live in NYC, and I have NEVER met anyone with the accents of Detectives Danny Messer or Don Flack -- seriously, I don't care that both of these actors were born here, their accents are so heavily affected they're ridiculous. But even worse than the accents is the unrealistic technology these detectives use. The NYPD barely has computers built after 1990 and they absolutely don't have Dick Tracy video phones, 3-D video projection, spacious offices with glass walls, and time to spend days on a single case. Yes, it's only TV, but it has absolutely nothing to do with New York City or the NYPD.
  • elfishor12 April 2006
    it a great movie.i don't know why i like it so much,and why it has such a big seems that people don't watch anymore love or comedy movies(felicity,friends etc),i mean those kind of movies has they're watchers,but people are more and more attract to thrillers,crime, to go back to the movie Cs NY...its good but sometimes its absurder the way they find clues(finger prints,dust etc)but..what a hell nothing its perfect so in the big picture its a good movie for those who like those include:)when i watch a movie for the first time ,it must be something..a person or something who must make me watch Cs NY is Det. Mac Taylor,and in Cs Miami is Lt. Horatio Caine.what can i say,they make me watch the movies..and the crimes of course :))
  • LiZard1515 May 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had begun watching CSI the original and Miami a little over a year ago and was happy to hear that a third addition to the great television series was coming to CBS. After watching only one episode of CSI:NY I was hooked and I haven't been able to stop watching. This CSI brings in new eliminates into the picture such as having a loss cannon. Some people may think that it's just a cheap spin off which it really is not!

    The actors are phenomenal in their parts and the stories are nothing like the other two. The characters are nothing like the other CSI characters on the other shows. Each have their own problems that are brought up so briefly in the episodes that it leaves you wondering what happened, why is he/she like this?

    This new chapter of CSI is no doubt my favorite and I can't wait to see how they do next season.
  • re_al_zidane17 August 2006
    Gary Sinise is very fit for this serial and thanks to him it all works, the serial it's successful.He's the star and he gives a little bit of his magic to the serial...I actually love it, I love the serial and I would watch it constantly.The actors were very well chosen (except the cop, in my opinion).Gary, Anna, Carmine and Melina are acting with class, making the show realistic, and Eddie, but he is...starring too much at those bodies...

    I don't agree with the statement that the others are surrounding Mac all the time. He's the boss, the best, but they are all working in teams of two, always changing the pair.It's how it's supposed to be.They are doing their jobs and they know what they have to do, without Mac telling them something each second.
  • jmorrison-219 August 2005
    I continue to be amazed at shows like this, that seem to be popping up more and more. The original CSI was, for the most part, good and gripping television, with a unique look at law enforcement procedure. Whether it was necessarily realistic was a question that was easily avoided. For the most part, the original CSI stuck to the premise of evidence gathering and processing as a key factor in developing a criminal case. The bits with crime scene technicians questioning suspects while the assigned detective (who actually has investigative authority over the case) sat silently by was a little much, but didn't seem to overwhelm the overall show. That is clearly not the case with CSI:NY, nor it's sister show, CSI: Miami However, with CSI: Miami, and this show, the plots seem ridiculously contrived, and the technicians carry themselves with an overblown, overbearing authority that doesn't really seem to fit their actual role. In CSI:NY, we have a technician whose "New Yawk" accent has seemed to steadily increase with each succeeding episode, and also seems to come and go, with varying degrees of thickness. He has also cultivated the goateed look, probably to enhance his look of business-like toughness. We have a female technician whose prime acting ability seems to be puffing her lips out; another female technician who, in one episode, handles weapons like a deranged Rambo figure, to convince us of...what, exactly? Gary Sinise, normally an excellent actor, as a blank-faced, authority figure (the obligatory former-Marine).

    Any white male suspects get talked down to, and treated with humiliation at every opportunity, to convince us of...what, exactly? Any character who hints at white, lower-class criminality is treated with utter contempt, unless the character is a soft-spoken white female, who is a victim of a lower-class, white male petty criminal; thus the violins start, and she then becomes the "victim", regardless of any choices she herself made which put her in this position. It's someone else's fault. Meanwhile, the drug-gang, car-jacking, street-thug world is strangely absent, or treated with kid gloves. Is this supposed to show us how "diverse" and "not racist" we fancy ourselves to be? This show, along with CSI: Miami, are not network dramas made to entertain. These are shows produced and written with someone's political and social agenda in mind. This is not the business of these television dramas. I find myself cringing at some of the ridiculous dialogue; the moral posturing, cheesy one-liners, mock-hip slang and insulting behavior of the characters. You end up having to question the motivations of the characters: did you pursue this line of work to genuinely help people and society, or to take advantage of the power and authority your position gives you over people you clearly see as beneath you? There isn't anything remotely likable about these characters, nor is there anything interesting about the ridiculous coincidences and bent and twisted science which allows these characters to neatly wrap cases up. I don't believe for a second this is even a decent, realistic look at crime scene procedure. There seems to be an underlying attempt to socially "educate" us.
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