Casey Carlyle: [upon learning the truth] Are you happy about my feet?

Gen Harwood: What?

Tina Harwood: I'm sorry, Casey, but your old skates were a mess.

Gen Harwood: You bought her new skates?

Casey Carlyle: Please, like you didn't know.

Gen Harwood: Casey, I didn't!

Casey Carlyle: How can you lie to my face? You're just as bad as she is.

Teddy Harwood: [defensively] Hey, ease up, Casey.

Casey Carlyle: Oh, just defend her! Like you weren't part of it.

Teddy Harwood: How could you think that?

Casey Carlyle: Because it's true. You set me up. All of you.

[a beat]

Casey Carlyle: What kind of people are you?

Casey Carlyle: It is a sport, Mom. It is a thrilling and beautiful sport.

Joan Carlyle: Are you sure it doesn't just make you feel beautiful?

Casey Carlyle: So what if it does? What is so horrible about that? About feeling strong and graceful and beautiful for once in my life?

Casey Carlyle: When I get nervous, I kind of babble a little. It's like this gear gets loose in my head like those Planck diagrams, where...

Girl at Party: You're doing that babbling thing again.

Teddy Harwood: I think babbling is cool.

Gen Harwood: [after doing Casey's makeup] You're hot, but stay away from Brian. He's mine. Teddy... Teddy you can have.

Casey Carlyle: Oh, um... but I don't...

Gen Harwood: You know, I may not be as smart as you are, but I'm not an idiot.

Tina Harwood: [to Gen] Where have you been? You are aware you had practice half an hour ago?

Gen Harwood: Yes, I'm aware.

Tina Harwood: And?

Gen Harwood: And I'm done.

Tina Harwood: Done?

Gen Harwood: I'm quitting.

Tina Harwood: You've got to be kidding. That's ridiculous.

Gen Harwood: No, I was ridiculous for putting myself through this for so long. We both know I don't have the talent.

Tina Harwood: Perseverance is nine tenths of mastering any sport.

Gen Harwood: Do you know what I want? No, you don't know what I want because you never cared.

Joan Carlyle: [about Harvard] You can't do this, Case. You're giving up on your dream.

Casey Carlyle: No, Mom. I'm giving up on your dream. I'm going after mine.

Zoe Bloch: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Leaping Dwarf.

Nikki: It's the Jumping Shrimp, actually.

Zoe Bloch: Like that's a step up?

[about Zoe Bloch]

Gen Harwood: She's got eyes in the back of her horns.

Casey Carlyle: I want you to coach me for sectionals.

Tina Harwood: Why on earth would I do that?

Casey Carlyle: Because you don't have a skater and I don't have a coach. We're a perfect match.

Nikki: I was this close, this close to losing! Where did those triples come from?

Nikki's Mom: Sweetheart, you...

[places her hand on Nikki's arm]

Nikki: [twists her arm out of her mother's grip] Don't you know what'll happen after six months with Tina?

Nikki's Mom: What?

Nikki: She's gonna whip my butt! Someone is gonna pay big time.

Gen Harwood: [to Casey] Look, I don't care if you're here. If you post me on the school website falling on my butt, you'd better transfer to another school.

Tina Harwood: Look, I'm sorry, but when the CIA wants to learn new dirty tricks they observe figure skaters and their moms.

Joan Carlyle: [to Tina] You think you can just waltz away after injuring my daughter?

Tina Harwood: It's Joan, right?

Joan Carlyle: Pulling her away from her studies behind my back? Filling her head with a fantasy that she can skate and sabotaging her chances?

Tina Harwood: I did you a favor. You didn't want this for Casey and you're right. She's not cut out for it. Is she gifted? I'll give her that, but Casey won't fight for it. She's too polite to do what you have to: to push past everyone and everything, and just take it.

Joan Carlyle: So that's the example you set for your daughter: to lie and to sneak around and to cheat.

Tina Harwood: I made my daughter strong, and you made Casey at home in a lecture hall. And she'll do very well there.

Joan Carlyle: So you see, we agree. My daughter's brilliant and will succeed at whatever she does, but she will do it the right way despite people like you trying to convince her otherwise.

Tina Harwood: [turning to a group of students gathered nearby, listening to a fight between she and Gen] If you have any sense of self-preservation, you will scatter.

Lily: Can you try not to like not squish me?

Nikki: [about The Jumping Shrimp] My mom had it copyrighted.

Tina Harwood: [about Casey's triple jump] She figured that out on her computer.

Gen Harwood: Mom, the computer can't make the jumps for you.

Gen Harwood: [about Casey's improvisation in her program] She deviated!

Tina Harwood: And I'll bust her for it. Tomorrow.

Joan Carlyle: How can I not see you?

Casey Carlyle: You see me better than anyone.

Tina Harwood: Take a deep breath

[Casey inhales]

Tina Harwood: ... And then you let it out.

[Casey exhales]

Casey Carlyle: [to Gen, Nikki and Tiffany when they pay for their food] Um... It's $1 .65, $2.35 and $3.35. That's $ 7.30 or if you split it the other way, it's $1.75 and $5.55.

Nikki: Whoa. You can keep it all if you just stop doing that.

Teddy Harwood: [after Casey falls in a ice bucket] Just can't keep off the ice, can ya?

Joan Carlyle: [to Casey] You know what I was thinking, Miss Senior? This is the last first day of school because the next first day, you'll be in a dorm. So I went a little nuts. I made pancakes with white flour.

Casey Carlyle: [to Teddy] I can't have a conversation with anybody I haven't known since kindergarten. So how come I can do that in front of you?

Teddy Harwood: Because you let people see you when you skate.

Casey Carlyle: Tina, I have to do this. I want this more than I've ever wanted anything. I said no to Harvard. I will work harder than any skater you have ever trained. And if I fail, I fail, but because I wasn't good enough, not because I didn't have the guts. I want to know what I can do in this sport and I'm going to find out.

Tina Harwood: [to Gen when she tells announces that she's quitting skating] I'm listening.

Gen Harwood: I wanna stop missing school. I like school. You know, it's stupid and the band will probably be horrible, but I wanna go to the homecoming dance, and I wanna go with Brian. I want to stop feeling an idiot for flunking math because I don't have time to learn it. And I want...

Tina Harwood: All right. All right. I can see maybe we've overdone it.

Gen Harwood: Overdone it?

Tina Harwood: Just a little.

Gen Harwood: Casey's skates, Mom.

Tina Harwood: We'll continue this discussion at home.

Joan Carlyle: [to Casey] Case, what is the shelf life on an ice-skater? Eight years? And then a few years touring with "Has-Beens On Ice." And that's it? That's the end of your life?

Joan Carlyle: Case, there's no shelf life on your mind. If I'd learned to use mine a little sooner, if I'd gone to college when I was your age, maybe we wouldn't be living like this.

Casey Carlyle: There's nothing wrong with the way we live.

Joan Carlyle: I've not been able to give you a quarter of the things I've wanted to.

Casey Carlyle: You've given me everything.

Casey Carlyle: [to Tina] If I wanted to compete?

Tina Harwood: You can't.

Casey Carlyle: Why not?

Tina Harwood: What happened was, the judges saw the same thing I've been seeing all summer. You got some raw talent. That's not enough for a shot at the regionals. You need a coach, a valet, a choreographer, private ice time. Nikki's parents took out a second mortgage to do this and Tiffany's dad works two jobs.

Casey Carlyle: Oh.

Tina Harwood: Where d'you get those skates?

Casey Carlyle: Garage sale.

Tina Harwood: They're falling off your feet. You need custom boots, $600 minimum, and the blades need to be sharpened every six weeks. You get it? I'm sorry. It is what it is. You have to want it. You have to want it more than anything else. It's not something you do on a whim.

Joan Carlyle: [to Casey] I just can't get past the twinky little outfits.

Casey Carlyle: Mom, they're actually very aerodynamically sound.

Joan Carlyle: It sets us back 50 years. If I ever saw you squeezed into one of those things, I'd probably start crying.

Casey Carlyle: This is a lot of pressure for a recital.

Lily: It's not only a recital. It's a U.S.F.S.A.J.S.T.

Casey Carlyle: Earth speak, please?

Lily: It's the first step in qualifying for the regionals. I mean, for us kids.

Casey Carlyle: Oh.

Lily: You don't have to do it.

Casey Carlyle: That's good because it's not humanly possible.

Joan Carlyle: I always tell my students, "You'll know your topic when you learn how to use your eyes."