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  • Roy Karch made many a Couples film for Adam & Eve, with this Keri Windsor starrer a minor but satsifying entry.

    She plays a jealous girl friend to Steve Hatcher, overhearing his plotting with her busty pal Renee LaRue in such a fashion that the viewer will be way ahead of her in figuring out what the duo are really up to (and how innocent it all is).

    But certain that some cheating is going on, Keri goes to her friends for counsel, leading to the usual five sex vignettes that make up an Adam & Eve release. Cast of four bosomy blondes including lovely Zana and Calli Cox is augmented by the talented Mia Smiles getting down in her jacuzzi with inevitable cast member Chris Cannon.

    As in other features from this period, notably "Quality Time", Karch emphasizes a positive message, investing the movie with a "soft" attitude today's hard-boiled pornographers rarely attempt. Cast is quite effective and stay in character, rather than lapsing into porn tropes and behavior.