Robbie Rotten: Have you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window?

Trixie: Nuh uh.

Robbie Rotten: Would you like to?

Robbie Rotten: Who wants a badge for ignoring the girl with the pink hair and the bad attitude?

Pixel: Robbie Rotten moves a lot. But that's only when he's sneaking around.

Robbie Rotten: [disguised as Dr. Rottenstein] Isn't that the good-looking guy?

Stephanie: No!

Robbie Rotten: Yeah! In a "bad boy" sort of way.

Sportacus: I'm Sportacus.

Robbie Rotten: [dressed as Sportacus] No, I am Sportacus.

Sportacus: No, I'm Sportacus.

Robbie Rotten: Me, too!

Robbie Rotten: I did it! I beat Sportacus!

[does a maniacal dance]

Stingy: This is mine, and this is mine...

[comes across ladder]

Stingy: This isn't mine... but it could be my father's!

Robbie Rotten: [repeating line] It's disguise time.

[repeated line]

Sportacus: Someone's in trouble.