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  • blademail9 January 2017
    Hey! We are Number One Hey! We are Number One Now listen closely Here's a little lesson in trickery This is going down in history If you wanna be a Villain Number One You have to chase a superhero on the run Just follow my moves, and sneak around Be careful not to make a sound Shh C R U N C H No, don't touch that! We are Number One Hey! We are Number One Ha ha ha Now look at this net, that I just found When I say go, be ready to throw Go! Throw it at him, not me! Ugh, let's try something else Now watch and learn, here's the deal He'll slip and slide on this banana peel Ha ha ha, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We are Number One Hey! ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We are Number One ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We are Number One Hey! ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We are Number One Hey! Hey!
  • littleburke11 December 2016
    This has to be one of the greatest things I have ever laid my eyes upon. Not only is this anime educational, but it's also filled to the brim with class A actors, including the man himself, Stefan Karl Stefansson, aka, Robbie Rotten. Robbie is an extremely likable villain with character development and a heart wrenching backstory. If all of this isn't enough to convince you that this is a perfect anime, then I think this may do it... Robbie Rotten has a hit song called "We Are Number One." Give it a listen; it may change your life forever... if you allow it to. (Warning: This song may cause you to go through intense emotions that may trigger lachrymation. I have no consent over your emotions, and have no influence over the decision you choose to make). May God bless you all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Greatest Anime of all time. This is so good that it cured my Cancer. If it hadn't existed. Then I would not even be here. Writing this review right now.

    Loved this so much that I dodged Death's punch to my face. I am now crying because I hurt his feelings. :(

    Just a heads up to those who have or will get cancer in the future. Make sure that you stand up to your bullies. Just make sure you don't hurt their feelings. Instead, try your best to be nice to them. Because nobody should go through getting cancer.
  • My daughter is two and a half, and won't eat anything but spaghetti, pizza and vegemite toast. Since she's started watching LazyTown, she has taken to eating apples and carrots, and recently started asking for broccoli! I've watched this show with her, and it's got a wonderful message, is upbeat, the star (Scheving) Sportacus is real easy on a mother's eyes (he can come teach me how to exercise any time!), and the villain, Robbie Rotten, is a master of melodramatic mugging.

    I love dance music, and the show has a very modern soundtrack. I listen to a dance station on FM, and every time my daughter gets in the car, she starts yelling, "LazyTown!" She makes me do the dance at the end with her every time.

    As far as children's shows go, from a Mom point of view, this one gets 10 stars. You can't get a much better package than this one. With all due respect to the first poster, Oobi is creepy; LazyTown is the best!
  • I was first a little skeptical, but after watching my daughter get up and dance and jump around the whole show I changed my mind. I like that it chooses different things to teach. I mean lets face it, we see a million kid shows try to tackle sharing, and manners, but one that talks about getting to bed early to have more energy and that candy only give you energy for a little while, and they teach this in a fun way. When my husband asked our daughter a few days after first watching this, if she wanted a candy bar at the grocery store, she said no she wanted an apple to have energy. She can watch this show as much as she wants. I think it is a great show!!!!!!!
  • When I first spotted Lazytown on Nick, Jr. I could not stand it. The colors are vibrant, the pace fast, the plots silly. However, my sons, ages 2 and 4, were captivated. I gave it another chance for their sakes...and I am very glad I did. The superhero, Sportacus, eats healthy and exercises. The bad guy is Robbie Rotten, who is lazy and eats too much junk food. Although it is about as subtle as a freight train, it is surprising entertaining. My older son will actually say he doesn't want more candy because Sportacus says it's bad for him. Can't beat that for a 23 minute show! Personally, I love the focus on health in this show, but the music is a little too Euro dance club for me. It would be difficult for me to name other new shows that are getting as much attention from the preschool crowd as Lazytown and The Backyardigans.
  • My 3 year old loves this show! I have even sat down to watch it with him. I suppose some think it's creepy, but it's made for small children. If you look at the other shows on Nick JR in the morning - it's not much different. Blue's Clues is a grown man in a computer generated world. So what's so out there about humans in a semi-puppet world? Sportacus not only gets kids up and moving/exercising, but also teaches them good lessons. The song Stephanie sings at the end is simple and easy for my 3 year old to follow and try to sing along. I think it's a fun show for kids to sing along to and learn a thing or two.
  • The best part about this show? At the beginning of every show they encourage children to get up and dance every time they sing.

    I watch this with my nephew, and sometimes I watch it by myself because this is a great show. It's fun, exciting, sweet, hilarious and it teaches children to get up and exercise and play along with the show.

    My nephew loves Sportacus and I do too, because he's a very positive role model for kids. He muscular, a great athlete and he flips constantly, plus when he fights Robbie Rotten there's no violence, just a lot of comedy that kids will love.

    There's the perfect mixture of bright colors, puppets, comedy, drama, and great characters for boys and girls to enjoy. Robbie Rotten is hilarious, Stephanie is adorable, the puppets are cute, and Sportacus is very cool, not to mention the music is a lot of fun to listen to.

    You can watch this with your kids without wanting to vomit, so watch this with all of your children because its one great time, I'm a fan.
  • I would like to give credit to Magnús Scheving for his wonderful work that he's doing for the children, not only of Iceland, but also for the rest of the world. This is a great show, with good values and a captivating way of expressing itself.

    This is my son's favorite show (at 2.5 yrs) and asks for it by name. He also often dons the persona of Sporticus when he's playing and acting out his imagination. I can't think of a better role model on children's television.

    For those that aren't able to sit through an episode and would like to bad mouth the show, are you the one that is supposed to be watching it? Are you the one that's supposed to be watching Blue or Dora or Calliou? These shows are for your kids. You're job is to make sure that the shows are good for them. Not for you. It's not prime-time material folks. It's children's education (and entertainment).

    I'd give Lazytown 5 out of 5, or 10 out of ten, or the max out of the max for as many stars as are available. And that's not just b/c I like the show. But my son does, and he is who really counts.

    Way to go Magnús Scheving!!!
  • this show, is actually pretty good from my point of view...i don't know if its just me and my sister that see this, but Robbie rotten is like Jim Carrey playing the Grinch...thats what i 1st thought when i saw him my sister thought the exact same thing...we're actually 17 and 19 years of age and we love watching this show, it is a good teaching for children about how to go out and play!! I think that the main character Sportacus is a good example for children, hes fun and energetic. I mean come on hes a superhero. Also as far as the color of the little girls hair, its actually quite cute. Its very bright and draws people to watch, to be honest thats why i started to watch in the 1st place. I love all the characters on this show...i think its wonderful.
  • IheartYouTube52724 June 2017
    One of the best animes ever along with Cory in the House, Shrek, Bee Movie, Seinfeld, Married...with Children and Nanalan'. If you want your kids to watch quality anime, you've come to the right place. Plus, this anime features some of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my life, such as "You Are a Pirate", "The Mine Song", "Cooking by the Book", "Master of Disguise" and, of course, "We Are Number One". Watch one episode and your life will be changed forever.

  • Lazy Town is a weirdly garish and colorful show that promotes kids getting out to play and run outside. It also encourages kids at home to imitate their moves while watching, so it's got a hint of a workout video about it.

    At first glance it appears strange to US audiences, or at least my kids, but a search of IMDb showed the stars are Icelandic celebrities, and the show has been produce over there for 10 years. I guess that's the source of the strange Europeanesque look of the show, especially the star's pointy mustache, and rotten Robbie's oddly quirky movements.

    However, just because a little girl wears a short skirt with leggings underneath does not mean a show is creepy or suggestive! Maybe garish and bizarre is just the style of Icelandic kid's shows? I dunno, but Barbara needs to chill out a bit!
  • This is a great show, for many reasons. You can count on a positive message at the end. It's fun and my son likes it. If you have an eye at all for artistic design, the stylized caricature-like production of Lazy Town is appealing.

    The previous review has it all wrong. Dora, while it's a good show, can't even come close to this show on visual appeal, especially for adults. This is a show you can watch with your kids and not be completely bored. Blue's Clues is, visually, a very good show as well....this one's better. Also, the healthy spin the makers of this show have included blow the vapid Teletubbies out of the water. No contest.
  • I find this show absolutely riveting!! Unlike all the other U.S.-inspired kids t.v. shows (which have led to one of the highest obesity rates in the worlds among kids), LazyTown is colorful, musical and exudes energy! The show and its creator should be applauded for what they are attempting to do: get kids off the couch. Anyone who reads adult themes or anything otherwise "creepy" needs to pull their head out of the sand and realize that, although saying "kids should turn off the t.v." is good in principle, kids more than likely WON'T turn off the t.v. I'd rather have my nephews and (someday my own) kids watching LazyTown instead of sitting there unmotivated by what they see. Just watching the show made me want to get up off the couch and do something.
  • waluigi-2333930 December 2016
    Hey! We're Number One Hey! We're Number One Now listen closely Here's a little lesson in trickery This is going down in history If you wanna be a Villain Number One You have to chase a superhero on the run Just follow my moves, and sneak around Be careful not to make a sound Shh No, don't touch that! We're Number One Hey! We're Number One Ha ha ha Now look at this net, that I have found When I say go, be ready to throw Go! Throw it on him, not me! Uh, let's try something else Now watch and learn, here's the deal You slip and slide on this banana peel Ha ha ha, gasp! what are you doing!? ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We're Number One Hey! ba-ba- biddly-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We're Number One ba-ba-biddly-ba- ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We're Number One Hey! ba-ba-biddly-ba-ba-ba- ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba We're Number One Hey! Hey!
  • *gets all of r/dankmemes to give a 10/10 rating*

    "Here's a little lesson in trickery!"
  • lmaceachernsmith6 August 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    For a kid's show, Lazytown is surprisingly sophisticated, it is a positive role model for kids all around the world. It motivates kids to exercise and eat well. It can also thoroughly entertain teenagers and adults, too. The music is excellent. Having grown up watching the original series (Julianna Rose Mauriello), I cannot comment on the new series. But I am sure it is outstanding also. The puppets are well coordinated and very realistic. The music and songs are addictive and well-written and teach children many lessons. The acrobatic parkour of Sportacus is very appropriate to Sportacus' role as a superhero. Magnus Scheving, can perform very well. Stephanie can sing and dance well. Sportacus is performed by an Olympic-class Icelandic acrobat and gymnast, who also created, produce and wrote the show. Magnus, you have something magical here!
  • mduggi31 July 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Words cannot express the emotions I have towards the Oscar deserving television program Lazy Town. Set in the fictional village, Lazy Town, relationships are challenged and hearts are broken as the devilish romance between Robbie Leanne Rotten, Sportacus the Grand and young Stephanie brews. The use of symbolism throughout the program in the form of Robbie plotting to increase laziness expertly highlights the troubles in our own lives, including perverted love. Despite Sportacus only being shown as a superhero, his lust towards Stephanie shows that he is more than a superhero and he is a man, with real human feelings and desires.
  • Candicemomof327 October 2006
    This show is the best kids show I have seen on TV in a very long time! Blue's Clues is educational and my kids loved it but Lazy Town is fun, energetic AND educational. :D I love the focus on health and fitness. :) I have two kids, a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. Both ADORE this show! We dance around and talk about what happened on the show that day. lol My son comes home and asks his sister what happened and looks forward to pd days so he can watch it himself. rofl The kids even ask for "sports candy" (aka apples) as snacks! I have a basket of them on the table for them to snack on and they love it!

    For myself, I love it too! The music is contagious and makes me want to get up and move. If I could find them I would buy every episode on DVD!! hehehe Sportacus is good eye candy for Moms too... rofl ;D I went to the website and found out that Sportacus is the man who produces and created the whole Lazy Town world. :D Two big thumbs up and a hardy THANK YOU to Magnus Scheving for creating a show that gets our kids (and us!) up and moving! The characters, plots, music, backgrounds... they are all captivating and educational! The things needed to help cement the lessons we're trying to teach our kids. :) Everyone should give this show a shot... :D

    p.s. I think that some people think things too hard. Sportacus isn't a strange man to Stephanie. He's a hero... So what if he's not related? We have friends that are close enough to be family and I would let them take my kids camping if that's what they wanted to do. :P There's enough bad stuff in the world today... why create more when it's not there?
  • He was number one. I can't believe he's in a better place now.
  • Okay listen listen Boom Baam Bap Badarbaboom Pow OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    -Hype-Man 2
  • e-098732 September 2018
    Watched this with my nieces when younger and they loved it, I got a few laughs out of it too.
  • orthicone2 September 2018
    Looking back after the unfortunate passing of actor Stefan Karl Steffanson, I believe Lazy Town deserves not only 10 stars for the show itself, but also for the memes
  • I used to watch this show as a kid. So many memories. Robbie rotten/ Stefan shall always be #1
  • I know that it may not be the best kids show. But in memory of stefán karl stefánsson, I rate this show a 10. Making sure this show is Number 1
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