Three songs from the show gained particular popularity as internet memes: "You Are a Pirate"; "Cooking by the Book" (via a remix with Lil Jon's "Step Yo Game Up"); and "We Are Number One". The latter's popularity coincided with Robbie Rotten's actor, Stefan Karl, undergoing treatment for cancer, and so fans managed to raise $100,000 for him.

In mid- to late-2016, the song "We Are Number One", a song where Robbie Rotten is teaching his underlings about villainry, quickly gained popularity after it was revealed that Robbie Rotten's actor, Stefán Karl Stefánsson was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. Remixes of the song, including "We Are Number One except everything is net" and "You Reposted in Lazy Town" ran rampant on YouTube, leading up to and following Stefán's operation. He has since performed the song with his original crew of minions in honour of the meme. Remixes are still made, often emphasizing the sound of the branch being snapped in the song.

Initially, Magnús Scheving (a multi-awarded, skillful acrobat) performed all of Sportacus' various leaps & jumps himself, but when he tore a muscle while filming in summer of 2007, Nick Jr. executives immediately stepped in and insisted on bringing professional stunt men to perform some of the character's biggest stunts, or they'd pull the plug on the show altogether. Scheving claimed it was a minor mishap that only took him a few days to recover from and wanted to keep doing his thing as normal, but as he said during an interview "they're the ones with the money", so he gave in to prevent the show from being scrapped. (Source: Interview with Magnús Scheving on Icelandic TV news)

Robbie Rotten's actor, Stefan Karl, and Sportacus' actor, Magnus Scheving, met at a party and were instantly drawn to each other

'Shelby Young (I)' was the original choice to play Stephanie but had to back out because of union restrictions.

Stingy, the arrogant and self-centred snob, often dons a pair of black square glasses. He says they help him read.

The lyric "And this instrumental break is also mine" in The Mine Song was improvised by Stingy's puppeteer Jodi Eichelberger

A stuntwoman can clearly be seen performing some of Stephanie's more energetic moves in a frame-by-frame examination of some Lazy Town episodes.

Magnus Scheving and Stefan Karl Stefanson are the only actors in the TV show who also performed in the original LazyTown-Plays.

During the entire running time various parodies of famous paintings are visible in the background, including: "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Jan Vermeer "Napoleon after his abdication in Fontainebleau" by Paul Delaroche a portrait of Elisabeth I of England from 1580 by an unknown artist a portrait of King Louis XIV by by Hyacinthe Rigaud a Portrait of King Henry VIII by Joos van Cleve "Portrait of Juan de Pareja" by Diego Velazquez "American Gothic" by Grant Wood "Sunflowers" by Vincent van Gogh "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère" by Edouard Manet