Elisha Cuthbert got stuck repeatedly in the melting wax bed while filming the final scenes of the movie. The "wax" was actually peanut butter.

In the church where Carly hides, as well as the movie theatre where Carly and Nick are hiding, most of the wax figures were actually extras wearing masks.

Jared Padalecki and Paris Hilton later appear in an episode of Supernatural (2005) together also centered around a Wax Museum. There's even reference to this movie in the episode.

While filming the abandoned sugar mill chase, Paris Hilton was embarrassed by her scream, so the first three times she screamed she had the whole cast and crew scream along with her.

Aside from the title and the setting of a wax museum, this film has no connection to the original film House of Wax (1953) in terms of plot.

Jared Padalecki is one foot taller than co-star Elisha Cuthbert. To make herself appear taller in scenes where she and Padalecki would be filmed together, Cuthbert taped two-inch blocks of wood to the bottoms of her boots. This was only done during scenes where they would be shot from the knee and up.

On 26 June 2004, a sound stage being used for the film burned to the ground during a test of special-effects equipment. The fire, started by a candle, destroyed a studio at Warner Bros Movie World on Australia's Gold Coast. One crew member was treated for burns to his arm, but no one else was injured. The smoke reached a nearby highway, which was not shut down.

Names mentioned in the script but not the film are the roadkill collector (Lester), and Carly and Nick's last name (Jones). Chad Michael Murray (Nick), in a radio interview, was shocked to hear his character finally had a last name, and said that it was an ongoing debate on set.

The town of Ambrose was constructed in 10 weeks, and was modeled after a real town in Eritrea called Asmara. Asmara was built by the Italians in Africa during World War II in the Modern Style rather than the Deco Style, which was more popular at the time.

Before Paris Hilton was cast as Paige Edwards, Jennifer Connelly and Kate Winslet were originally considered for the role. Her "That's hot" catchphrase is spoken by several characters, for this reason.

Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray both starred in Gilmore Girls (2000) together.

This film and Tourist Trap (1979) share similar plot points despite this film being a remake of 1953's House of Wax (1953).

Brian Van Holt's next film (seven years after this one) was Bullet to the Head (2012).

Viewers have stated that Chad Michael Murray should've portrayed Wade instead, due to him having a lot of chemistry with Elisha Cuthbert, who portrays his character's sister. This notion was due to some stating that Nick and Carly's sibling relationship seemed subtly incestuous at times, even though that's not the case.

Though the film takes place in Florida, USA, the film was actually shot in Australia.

Jared Padalecki's first horror feature before ultimately starring in the long-running TV series, Supernatural (2005).

Elisha Cuthbert's first horror movie.

This film is the first horror remake that Jared Padalecki stars in. The second horror remake he starred in is Friday the 13th (2009).

Elisha Cuthbert dyed her hair brown for the film.

Jeff Celentano was once rumored to direct the film.

Released 52 years after the 1953 film and 72 years after Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933), which this film is a remake of both.

There were numerous reports of people cheering in the theaters when Paris Hilton's character was killed.

Warner Brothers granted Paris Hilton permission to sell t-shirts that read "On May 6th, Watch Paris Die" in order to promote the film before its release.

Elisha Cuthbert insisted on using real glue over her lips instead of prosthetics for the scene where Carly's lips get glued together.

The death of Paris Hilton's character was originally longer and featured more gore but it was cut for the theatrical release.

The film originally opened with a character named Jennifer (Emma Lung) stuck on an empty road with car troubles and is attacked and killed by either Bo or Vincent (this alternate opening is included as a special feature on the DVD and Blu-ray). Though this scene was scrapped, Jennifer's presence still lingers in the film. She is the female sculpture that Vincent is working on and is later displayed with a pink dress and bouquet of flowers outside the movie theater.

One of the killers in the film is named Vincent, a tribute to Vincent Price who appeared in the original House of Wax (1953).

BODY COUNT: 7 (1 from the alternate opening) (Jennifer in alternate opening, Wade Felton, Dalton Chapman, Blake Johnson, Paige Edwards, Bo Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair)

The scene where Wade is curiously looking over Dr. Sinclair's supplies before the lights go out show one of the awards hanging on the walls that reveals the doctor's first name as "Victor". This could be a possible reference to Victor Frankenstein.

In the film, it was unclear as to who broke the fan belt in Wade's car. In the bloopers reel, it showed the scene where Elisha Cuthbert, Jared Padalecki, and Damon Herriman filming the scene in which Carly and Wade were getting a ride to town by the roadkill driver to obtain a fan belt. At one point, Herriman started jokingly singing, "I broke fan belt. I broke fan belt. I broke fan belt. Damn fan belt broke." Cuthbert and Padalecki became quite amused. Even Padalecki sang along to the song. Viewers have pointed out that this blooper reel may have revealed that in the film, the roadkill driver was the one who had broken Wade's fan belt, thus luring him, Carly, and eventually, the others to the town for help.

The roadkill driver is revealed to be Bo and Vincent's brother at the end of the film. However, his name is never given. Perhaps, this is to add to the mysteriousness of the character.