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  • I've always like many Disney channel original movies, but I've got to admit, a lot of them have always been cheesy.

    This movie was different. We got to see what it was like for a girl days before 9/11 and how she really needed her dad back home. It was extremely touching to see her helping little kids who were as scared as her.

    Major acting chops for Hayden Panettiere! Excellent job and I see a future for her in the acting industry.

    Even my brothers, who hate Disney Channel, enjoyed this movie. So did my dad! Disney needs to have more serious movies like this and maybe older kids will take them more seriously!
  • Where Disney movies have been cheesy in the past, Tiger Cruise is definitely an exception. It follows a Navy Brat's journey on a "Tiger Cruise" only days before 9/11.

    I think this film really captures the emotion of a lot of people who were involved in this atrocity, and really helps people understand how hard people had to work to keep themselves calm.

    It was a stunning performance by Hayden Panettiere who is a star in her own right, and her brothers acting was on par to hers. I would like this film to be shown on other Disney Channels, ie Disney Channel UK, as I reckon it would help people understand 9/11 a lot better. A brilliant, wonderful, and touching movie.
  • sga-49 August 2004
    I was most impressed with this latest Disney original. I have found many Disney movies to be fun and entertaining, but this one is phenomenal. The story is well written and both entertaining and emotionally intense. The acting is exceptional. Bill Pullman did a great job in this movie. The child actors were right on the mark as well. Troy Evans's portrayal of Mr. Horner was both intensely dramatic and enjoyably comic. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it sparked interesting conversations with my children. It was a great angle on the 9/11 story and was based on factual events. A friend of mine whose son is in the Navy was actually on a similar cruise on 9/11.

    All the themes addressed in the movie, patriotism, obedience, loyalty, compassion and sacrifice are values that are too often ignored in our society today and especially in the movies. Although it doesn't have a snowball's chance (political correctness and all that) should win SOME KIND of an award...Best Made for TV Movie?
  • Simba711 September 2005
    What I found interesting about this movie was it was part of OUR WestPac '01 Deployment.

    The USS Benfold (DDG-65) was part of the USS Constellation (CV-64) Battlegroup while I was still in the U.S. Navy. Most of the movie is true. We had "tigers" on-board our ship when the 9/11 attacks hit. The sailors, along with the "tigers", were both shocked. I, initially, thought it was a movie. I found out a few minutes later that it was definitely real.

    I am glad that our Battlegroup was based on a rather good movie. I know some of the "tigers" on-board our ship wanted to help out when the towers were attacked.

    A big thumps up and a Bravo Zulu for Disney.. and Thanks for your support.

    Sincerely, SN Shaw, J., USS Benfold (DDG-65) - Apr98-Jan02
  • Warning: Spoilers
    High School Musical, pure torture and ear-bleeding singing. Jump In, utterly forgettable, but good none the less. Here comes Tiger Cruise. The best made-for-TV movie, and unlike most Disney Chanell movies, it doesn't do extremely serious situations and joke on them unsuccessfully (Dad caring only about his sons basketball skills in High School Musical, etc.) This takes serious topics and portrays with, ummmmmmmm, seriousness.

    The film begins with a girl who eagerly awaits her father coming home from being a captain on a navy ship for so many years. And this is at the beginning of the school year of 2001, so you can guess what will happen from there.

    This is perhaps a career highlight for almost everyone involved, including Hayden Paniterre and Brenda Song ( who would later go on to be on TV's awful 'Suite Life') this is the perfect film for kids so they can understand what happened on 9/11. A good film.
  • Tiger Cruise teaches you about what sort of things went on around the time of September 11, 2001. Also at the same time, teaches you about the importance of family. The audience enters the story through the eyes of a young girl, who's father is a Navy captain. All she wants is to have a normal family, and living in one place. She goes on board a tiger cruise, hoping to convince her dad to come back home, and while on board the ship, she discovers something about her, and her father that she never knew. The cast for this film is a fairly new one, but also including some familiar names like, Bill Pullman, (While you where Sleeping, Lake Placid) and Hayden Panettiere.(Remember the Titans) New cast includes: Bianca Collins, Nathaniel Lee Jr., and Jansen Panettiere.
  • My family and I really enjoyed this movie. It showed different views of the 911 attacks. A man with a son who is directly involved. A child who live in NY and had friends who might be hurt. A daughter of a Navy man. It gave kids a feeling of what it takes to be a military person. It also showed how the families of military people also must sacrifice. How in times like 911 we review our own feelings and what we must do for the good of all. There is a lot of room in this movie to discuss a number of topics on duty and doing the right thing. I would suggest the whole family watch this movie and talk with their kids about what is happening. As a Disney movie it is something that kids will enjoy also.
  • I'm an Army Brat. A 55 year old Army Brat. (Once a Brat, always a Brat.) Dad had two tours in Korea during my childhood. We lived in Germany for 3 years. Apart from that, we moved every year. I attended 6 different Grade Schools before Dad retired. In my eyes, Army Rules. BUT. I had never realized that Navy Brats whose parents serve on a ship pay a greater sacrifice than did I. My father was away for extended periods occasionally and for brief periods often. But for Navy Brats, according to this movie, extended separations are a way of life. I have a much greater respect for Navy Brats now. For me, growing up as a Brat and even now, long after Dad retired, identifying myself as a Brat, hearing her last words, finally accepting and acknowledging that she really was a Brat was a more emotional moment for me than the 9-1-1 aspect. Freedom ISN'T free. And Military Families pay a cost too. But we were paying it long before 9-1-1 ever happened.
  • Disney's Tiger Cruise is a fantastic movie in which a young daughter of a father, who is in the Navy, goes on a Tiger Cruise during the September 11th attacks. A Tiger Cruise is when family of personal on a navy ship is invited on board for a cruise to see their relatives in action, doing their duty. I would definitely recommend this to ALL families with kids to tune in and watch this movie. However, this movie is not necessarily focused on the September 11th attacks but more focused on how the family of the navy personal cope on board an aircraft carrier, waiting to get home to family and friends.

    Some ideas recommended by the Disney company themselves are to sit and talk with kids who watch the movie but do not necessarily know what happened on September 11th or do not know it even happened.
  • Somehow typical flag waving patriotism from Disney to the point of being almost sickly.Of course 9/11 was a terrible event,but this teenager rallies the troops and her father is a hero for doing what? The ship was never in any danger and he was only doing what he was paid for.For goodness sake,give me a break.Although the acting was very good,some other aspects of the movie left me wondering out loud----the kids were allowed to wander all over the place unsupervised and unescorted,the heroine actually gets to go on the bridge? An absolute no-no in real life.Some of the scenes were so unreal it was almost embarrassing,especially where the kids just stroll onto the flight deck unchallenged,there seemed to be a total lack of security on this vessel,contrary to all the statements by the Commander that it was ready for battle.
  • podemos21 October 2007
    Well, maybe I don't get this movie, because I'm not American. But this movie had more than just a few laugh-out-loud-so-awful moments. It was pure propaganda and in my eyes just not suiting the occasion it used as a pretense to prepare the American people for a next gulf war. By the way, it was totally predictable and I felt embarrassed in some scenes to have to watch it. I think it is highly questionable if you should employ kids for the sole purpose to make propaganda for the Navy. I mean, in the end it is cruel, that the girl accepts her fathers decision to stay in the navy. Isn't it totally unnatural and crazy, that the filmmakers try to convince us that CHILDREN should accept the fact, that war and sacrifice, involving their loved ones are necessary?
  • The only thing funnier than the obvious propaganda which makes up the bulk of this film is the fact that it seems to have been bought hook line and sinker by the Disney-watching American public. It seems there is likely to be at least another generation of cannon fodder forthcoming.

    I especially enjoy the emotive music which starts playing every time one of the heroes start educating children about their patriotic duty.

    Bill Pulman trying to keep a straight face in the serious moments is worthwhile viewing also.

    Disney urges parents to "Make an informed choice as to whether this is the right movie for your family to watch." I wholeheartedly agree. This film is a real dog... although I do leave it with a disconcerting urge to unfurl an enormous flag on my way to the recruitment office.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have a special interest in propaganda films and how they're made. Unlike a film made to merely entertain or distract, a propaganda film has a specific and identifiable goal. It is concocted to get an audience or at least a part of the audience to think and act in a particular way. I am interested in relating the films to each other- to compare the various WW2 propaganda films from different countries and to distinguish the various sub-types- propaganda films used to stimulate civilian domestic production efficiency, for example.

    TIGER CRUISE is the first example I've seen of a Navy recruiting film aimed at teen-aged girls. The story is this: A "tiger cruise" apparently is the last days sailing of a ship after its been rotated out from a long term deployment. In this case the super carrier Constellation is sailing back after have been in "the gulf". On these tiger cruises relatives of the compliment are invited along on the last leg. (Did anyone realize that we paid for this?) So the story opens with the relatives preparing for their flights to Hawaii to meet the ship in Pearl Harbor. Ominously the first date superimposed over the action is "September 2001". I know. I kept thinking about the HMS Hood too.

    The story centers one one teen age girl, apparently a member of the Disney teen age girl assembly line, the greatest kitch-pop teen queen production outside of Japan.

    Her father, Bill Pullman, is the Executive Officer on the Constellation and she wants him to quit the Navy and come home so they can be a real family. He insists that this is his job. It takes 9/11 to convince her that her father's work is more important. Of the some 800 relatives making the trip the only identifiable people are teen queen's (she actually has the blond corkscrew curls popular in barnstorming melodramas of 125 years ago) circle of two friends, a Hispanic girl and an African-American boy and a little boy played by the actress's brother. An older man visiting his son, a baker, provides a sub-plot which stresses the importance of even the peripheral jobs in the Navy even though dad promises his brother in the Pentagon could find him something more important. The brother is killed on 9/11. The other girl, not as pretty, is there because her big sister (what a knock out even if more than a little bit butch) is a jet fighter pilot, so I guess who says girls can't do that? The boy is an undisciplined tearaway who learns the seriousness of things because of 9/11. Meanwhile there are tours of the ship and the various jobs and tasks on display as well as the amenities. Exhibitions of patriotism are frequent and taken for granted.

    It all reminded me of the episode of The Simpson's where Bart joins a boy's band whose existence is merely a front for a Join the Navy campaign. If a certain number of teen age girls who see the picture are inspired to join the navy and prepare biscuits five or ten years in the future then the picture will have done its job. Except for some really cheap rear projection work meant to show the ship at sea, Disney has certainly come a long way in the 50 years since they spent a season on the Mickey Mouse Club showing how cool it was to fly TWA coast to coast. (And that airplane was a Constellation too.) After all, propaganda is just advertizing for a concept rather than a product.
  • I think overall this movie was a very good idea. I'm glad that this was a chosen storyline, and pleased with the outcome of this premise based on the events occurring on a Navy ship from September 9 through September 11, 2001. Tiger Cruise does inform the viewer of many aspects of a Navy ship, as well as emotions taking place during the time of 9/11.

    There are some pretty cheesy parts, and the scenery continues to bug me as it looks like a cheap backdrop, but the acting is enough to throw me over the edge. Performances are surprisingly filled with emotion that can bring a tear to your eye, from a teenage girl who suddenly realizes it's OK to be called a Navy brat and experience hardships at home and school in sacrifice for the bigger picture, to a father visiting his son (a chef on board, yay for showing that sailors need to eat too and that chefs are crucial below deck!) and the pair of them suffering a loss together as a result of the Pentagon being attacked as well at the World Trade Centers.
  • I want to give this film a ten, but since ten would mean perfect, my instincts would only let me go so far. I couldn't believe how much this movie changed my life...and my family's.

    September 11th is one thing that I remember every single day. I've written so many poems and stories about that day, and yet I still wonder...why? This movie is far too hard to watch without tears spilling out of your eyes. My favorite Disney Channel movie, perhaps, of all-time, I was taken aback at Hayden Panettiere's touching role...And I love the way the story was laid out. Just as her father says that he will come home, she realizes how important his job is.

    Tiger Cruise gets 9.9/10 for me!
  • This movie shows the struggle of families of those in the military. While the teenage girl and the situation with her father are at the for front there are many other stories that touch at father son relations, growing up, and having courage. This is a wonderful movie to talk to kids about the situation on 9-11 because it makes it personal without making it to violent. The girl in the story has always struggled with her father being in the military her first purpose is to ask her dad to retire. After the attacks she sees the courage and passion her father has for what he does and it is inspiring to her. In this movie she is given the chance to help other and that is where she truly learns her lesson. The movie shows all of the emotions that we all felt on that terrible day/week shock, sadness, depression, and the uncomfortable feeling after you laugh for the first time after the attacks. An all around great movie unlike most made for TV Disney flicks
  • BreezyBlue886 August 2004
    I have been looking forward to this movie for weeks. And after finally being able to watch it , I loved it. This movie teaches us not to think only about ourselves but the others around us. I think that a lot of kids should watch this movie. Its probably for kids 8 and up. Kids younger then 8 probably wont get the plot of the movie and all of the emotions. There are funny lines in the movie but it does have a serious point to it. We see how people react when they hear about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center , Pentagon, and the field in PA. This movie makes you be very thankful. Hayden did an awesome job of being silly, cranky, and responsible. Jansen (Hayden's little brother) will probably be in more movies and TV shows. The cast was really good and got the point along.
  • elcee198713 September 2015
    First, this movie is an excellent demonstration of Hayden Panettiere's acting prowess. She carried this movie, even when no one else did. Conversely, I was disappointed in Bill Pullman's acting. I'm pretty sure he just phoned it in and showed up on payday. After seeing his inspiring leadership performance role in Independence Day, I was expecting, we'll, anything that might indicate a pulse. He failed to deliver. The plot was fine, but there were a lot of little holes that the movie glossed over in the interest of time. Like how the kids became so close so fast. From the foreshadowing on the plane ride, I expected there to be a bit more friction between the kids, but in the next scene, they were best friends. Hayden and her brother had cute chemistry but it was also a little unbelievable considering they apparently didn't know each other before the trip. Overall, the movie is worth watching. Just don't expect any life from Bill, and prepare to be amused with the cheapskate backgrounds used, particularly the unmoving sunset and repeating wave movement from the back of the ship.
  • grahamn-56 June 2009
    I watched this movie with my 4 year old son on TV and would have preferred that the 9/11 bits were not included, as it transformed the movie from a nice bit of pleasant fluff, to what seemed to me to be thinly disguised recruitment for the US armed forces - where the US is the guardian of truth and justice and the armed forces are only used as a last resort against the evil in the rest of the world.

    I realize that this viewpoint will upset a good many readers, and I was content to let my son (at 4 y.o.) marvel at the airplanes and 'boys toys' - however, if he were of an age where the more subtle message would get through to him - I would have had to explain to him that the world, and the armed forces, is not like what this movie would the viewer believe. And the world won't stop turning because one mid-ranking naval officer decides to put his family before country - like he should have.

    Having said all that, its an movie with competent acting in undemanding roles - much like mass produced kids TV.
  • September 11, 2001 was a sad day for the whole country, i'm glad they made this movie (reminds us (one's who watch Disney channel) to never forget September 11, 2001) but to remind others, they need to air this movie on ABC, CBS, NBC and other stations.......i'm glad I taped this because who knows when it will be shown again.


    The makers (disney i think) need to put this on DVD or VHS

    I got a little teary when I watched this for the first time.

    If the makers read these comments PLEASE PLEASE PUT THIS ON DVD OR VHS!!!!!!!
  • This movie was nothing but a movie that took and sad and heartfelt story into a movie about how Americans did nothing and the big bad guys came to pick on them, American is a big bully country and other countries need to band together and stand up to the bully. The American people are suffering from two horrid rulers and need to free themselves from an evil dictator, or as he has been compared to as the Anti-Christ. I only hope that people who has notice this can teach there kids that though the story is sad, they still need to be taught to have a non-biased way of thinking and that the mistakes in the past must be kept in the past. A prime example of a mistake being remade is the Berlin wall, is being remade as a fence along the American borders. What is our world coming too?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My husband was an integral part of the security (as an MA) on the Connie at this time. He wasn't part of the Tiger cruise due to his need to set up security for its homecoming. Well the course of events on 9/11 changed EVERYTHING. Although the events that occurred are NOT exactly accurate, they are close enough for civilian eyes. And enough to let others have a good glimpse, without being at all a threat to the well being of the sailors (and at time civilians!) aboard ship. Yes, its true that kids wouldn't have been running around wherever they wanted unescorted. BUT there would have been areas were they WERE allowed to run around. I am sure that changed just a bit after 9/11. They had to. The part of H.P. belittling her father for his outstanding service is ridiculous though. With his being in for as long as he was, she would have been MUCH more familiar, and therefore, more comfortable with Navy life. In fact she wouldn't have known much different. All in all though i think they did a fair job at trying to portray how teens/tweens would feel about military family members in general, and how they would also feel about sudden and tragic world events. It was definitely patriotic. I notice several comments (many of them from non US citizens) about how it was all propaganda, how awful it was etc. The worst was the one about the 2 leaders, and one being the Anti-Christ and the Berlin wall crap. Pffft. Easy to lob stones from a country, ironically enough, that itself doesn't even allow freedom of speech, in the same way the US does. The men and women portrayed in this movie, are the same ones who fight and die for the rights of their fellow citizens to keep the ability to say nasty things about the military. Go figure. *shrug* So it irks me when they not only have to put up with those ungrateful bunch, but others from elsewhere that do NOT have *first hand knowledge* of what it means to be American. Sorry for the semi-rant. Good movie. Good for kids. Good for kids to watch to remind them of the tragic events (lest we forget! and NO we shouldn't bury our heads in the sand and leave the past in the past, as suggested by, I believe, a Canadian, go figure!). Sorry it wasn't filmed on the USS Constellation which my husband was PROUD to serve aboard as a Chief Master at Arms. He and I both will never forget that particular tiger cruise... and hopefully this movie will help others too.
  • Tiger Cruise is an absolutely amazing movie probably my favorite Disney Channel movie ever made. However on September 11th, 2008 this movie was not broadcast on Disney Channel. It's like they don't care anymore. Just because this horrendous catastrophe occurred 7 years before the date, that doesn't mean Disney should just pretend it never happened. Thousands of lives were lost and they deserve to be remember. I was only 6 when it happened so as many other people I learn as much as possible about it and depriving children of learning about what happened is horrible. I think we should all speak out against this and get Disney to play and make movies like this more often.