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  • A smug, aloof dentist loses her job in Seoul and ends up opening an office in a coastal village where she meets Mr Hong, the enigmatic village handyman. She, of course, looks down upon him from the start, but because it is a village, their lives become intertwined in unexpected ways. The character of the dental assistant is a standout. There is even a neat reference to Ms Eom (Uhm)'s movie 'Marriage is a Crazy Thing' for which she won the Korean equivalent of an Oscar in 2002.

    This is a true gem, motion picture comedy at its best: Clever subtle script; brilliant direction, editing, acting and photography; outstanding music. It bears repeated viewing. In the same league as 'My Sassy Girl', 'Someone Special', 'Too Beautiful to Lie', 'My Tutor Friend', and 'Scout'.
  • Atavisten7 October 2005
    You know how it goes, and how it ends, this is no exception. Somehow, maybe because they speak korean, I watched it through and even enjoyed it a bit. Maybe it was because of the Hye-ju and Mi-seon? Or the friendly townsfolk?

    Hong Ban-jang is truly a strange fellow. The way he treats Yun Hye-ju is not a good way to pick up someone, or treat someone in general. OK, she has a bit of that big city arrogance, but she never did deserve this kind of behavior..

    Anyway all ends good, she gets accepted in the community and she gets a surprise of both her own and Hong sshi.