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  • Warning: Spoilers
    No doubt you've read all the hate mail for this series by now from die hards who loved the 90's Batman TAS.

    I loved that series also, great writing, good animation.

    I grew up in the 60's and was running around in my favorite T-shirt with the batman logo on it and watching the "bam, splat, zonk" as Adam West bopped the bad guys and kept himself and the boy wonder form being made into everything from giant frosty freezes to the Mad Hatter's latest fedora..

    Then I watched the cartoons patterned directly on the Adam West live action show, then the incredibly hokey superfriends of the early 70's when cartoons were heavily censored and couldn't have any violence of any kind for any reason, all the way through the "some violence is OK" superfriends of the 80's..

    So yes, I've watched the TV Batman evolve considerably..

    This new series to me is very enjoyable and contrary to some critics I like the portable computer linked back to the main system. "Batwave" is true to 21st century technology and will surely spawn fond memories in the kids getting their first taste of the Bat :) I also liked the new penguin. The added depth of the family history in my opinion give this Character more realism than I've seen in previous incarnations. That whole angry heir to the fallen fortune thing right down to the jealousy with Bruce Wayne for still possessing his family fortune and having a Pennyworth for a butler in my book counts for some very talented thought behind the storyline.

    I must admit I stopped here and took the time to register just to write this because I was sadly disappointed after having watched this series for four seasons now to see it ripped to shreds by 20 somethings who are mad that this isn't "their" batman that they grew up with on Saturday morning back in the 90's.

    This is Batman, 21st century style.. High tech gadgets.. Personal on-board computers in hand, Master criminals that are not only intelligent but can hold their own in a fight and are very well matched to this incarnation of the wealthy orphan raised by the butler that has more than his own fair share of personal issues after having lost his parents to street thugs as a small child..

    This series really seems to bring that fact home very well but you'll need to watch it for awhile before you see the lengths to which the writers have gone in the development of the title Character.

    You will not get that depth if you just watch a couple of episodes.

    Granted, as one previous reviewer had mentioned I was getting a bit weary of Joker in every episode there for awhile but the writers grew out of it and have started a storyline for the kids of the 21st century that they can grow up with and be inspired by.

    Some of them may actually get the message that I did from Batman.

    That with self discipline, education, physical training and a little ingenuity even an ordinary human can be a superhero.

    Perhaps more importantly so that if one choses the life of a vigilante there is a mighty fine line between hero and villain.

    Of course the money doesn't hurt :) I really liked the way Batgirl was introduced in this series with a home made costume and home made Bat gear until she earned the respect of the big guy enough for her to be brought in as a true team member. The most realistic introduction of that character I've seen to date.

    Hopefully at some point they'll take the time to watch the TAS from the 90's which I;m sure will remain as a classic for many decades to come.

    In my viewing agenda "The Batman" is a regular feature and I enjoy it immensely :)
  • themohels4 September 2007
    I fought this show for a long time. I would have been like all the others complaining about what they did wrong and this looks like jackie chan yada yada yada and hey I loved batman TAS as much if not more than everyone else bashing this series. I'm not going to write a book here but just consider the DC comics "elseworld" series. It take a different look at batman, superman etc. no one complains about that. Try reading dark joker the wild, batman red rain, gotham by gaslight all these show batman and the joker in a different light so why the harsh words here. Can't we just enjoy the show? If you can just get past TAS this cartoon really is not that bad.

  • Batman is Batman - let's get that straight. Now for details - The Batman cartoon is a brand new animated incarnation of The Caped Crusader. The biggest difference between this take and Batman: The Animated Series from the 1990s is that this show relishes being a cartoon, and relies on action, while the previous Batman cartoons were heavy on story content, and wanted to be taken more seriously than the average cartoon.

    People have a right to make comparisons, but this cartoon is great in its own right. Batman/Bruce Wayne is in his late twenties, and some of his foes are younger too. Wayne Manor looks like its in Gotham City and not on the outskirts. There's no Commissioner Gordon, but there is Chief Rojas. But all of the things that define Batman are present: the costume, the Batmobile, the Batcave, etc. This time around, Batman has his own operating system - The Batwave, that powers his headquarters and vehicles.

    Rather than downing this version of Batman because its doesn't appeal to a mature crowd, take the time to see it for yourself. You might enjoy the show.
  • Dear fellow commentators(especially the bad ones) I think that you should be ashamed of yourselves how you commented on The Batman. Really, can't you people not understand the meaning of hard work to make The Batman great in its new fashion. This Batman shows a lot about Bruce's life as a young civilian. I'm not saying the older Batman series were uncool but this one is better to some and equal to other people. Why do people of the new generation behave this way. Batman has been a great legendary hero for years. Now that it has been brought to life after these long years why do people complain. How would you feel to be born since the 1930s and never get to see much of these series. The Batman series is an excellent way to display Bruce Wayne/Batman in his younger age. It also focuses on the other characters equally. This series even show where and how he got his technologies. I mean did the other Batmen before showed this quality. I've always wanted to know how Batman met Batgirl and the great attribute about this show is that the cops actually pay attention to Batman as a vigilante. The art and color are quite interesting and the music is spine chilling. The action, now This I like. I love the new Bat weapon the BatBot. This weapon's really cool. The villains are awesome especially Bane, The Joker( His jokes are funny and at least this time he puts up a fight),The Riddler and ManBat and Penguin. Now for Batwoman. Her costume looks really stupid but when you think about it she's a young kid. I mean really do you think someone who lives in an ordinary home design something like this costume. This show also portrays a lot about Bruce's past and present life. Also Alfred is now payed more attention to for once or maybe,actually twice but still. My last words are that this show is great and people should pay more attention but then again the show was made for children. 10 out of 10. Excellent plan Warner Bros.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've heard all kinds of insults thrown at The Batman, and its just getting tiresome. It can't be the original series because its been done and as much as I love BTAS, its time to try something new.

    This is not the Batman of the 90's, 60's 40's whatever. What we have here is an up to date Batman in the 21'st century. New gadgets, new suit, new Batman. Bruce Wayne, he's doing what he's supposed to being, being a playboy bachelor and acting as if he hasn't got a care in the world, while as Batman he's not at his darkest yet but he's getting there. He's still the serious Batman, just hasn't been pushed to his limits yet, give it time.

    Alfred has more to do in this series this time around, appearing more in the episodes, getting involved with some of the villains and even getting some time in sub plots. He also has changed since first season. He no longer burdens Bruce about his alternate life but rather encourages it.

    Batgirl, though not my favorite character has an interesting introduction to the story and tends to add some simple comic relief to the story here and there but shows she's a good partner.

    Then we have his Rouge Gallery of villains. All right, some like 'em, some don't and I won't argue with your opinions. Though as I said, this is not BTAS. To recreate a famous story, you gotta makes some changes in both the plot and characters, change outfits and looks, give them new motives, keep it original. Joker, I do miss his suit and his entire figure, but that look has been around for over 60 years. When you think of Joker you think "insane", right? Well you can't get anymore insane then that and the motive is still the same, he's always a thorn in Batman's side. Or is that the other way around...?. Mr. Freeze has become more hi-tech and has gone back to his earlier roots as a average thief turned into a creature with a temp. below zero (with a small hint of his former wife). Bane, with his venom is a thug for hire and more dangerous than before with his gain in hight and his intelligence. Catwomen more or less is still like her BTAS self, now sporting an outfit inspired by her 80's look. A personal favorite is Ethan Bennett, the new Clayface. ******SPOILER****** Sporting a smaller body and new attacks, he wanted to get back at Joker who was the cause of his mutation but wanted his former boss dead for his harshness and his "Zero Tolerance for Freaks" rule. ******SPOILER****** There's many others I could go on about, Clue Master (One shot deal, not a great bad guy), Ragdoll (haven't seen that episode yet), Poison Ivy (Cool design, and her tie in with Batgirl's interesting), and the Riddler (don't mind the design to much, though great writing and voice actor) among others but you get where I'm going with this I hope...

    This is not trying to be BTAS, this is trying to be its own show, such as The Teen Titan's. And an anime rip off? Yeah, its inspired by the style but tell me exactly what style its ripping off. Not one I can think of I'm afraid, besides they could have had a much worse style. And the childish writing? I've seen worse, and even BTAS had a some child friendly writing ("I've Got Batman In My Basment" and as much as I like Riddler and the episode to introduce him, "If You're So Smart, Why Arn't You Rich?"), but lets not forget the darker and more mature story's ("Feet Of Clay/2", "Clock King", "The Man Who Killed Batman", "Two-face/2", "Perchance To Dream", tell me when to stop). They both have some childish writing, but have some darkness throughout.

    I don't care if its not like the comics, not like BTAS, not like the movies, was it ever trying to be? Its not the greatest thing ever, but its at least worth a look at. And even if you do despise the series, at the most give Batman vs. Dracula a chance and see how dark it can be. The Batman, 8/10
  • Other than the strange character designs, I don't see why so many people are bad-mouthing this show.

    This is the lay down: Millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (good voice work from Rino Romano) witnessed his parent's brutal murder by an unknown gunman, and vows revenge against crime by donning the scary image of a bat. This series depicts Bruce in his third year as The Batman. The police still do not recognize him as a hero, but a criminal vigilante and are trying to capture him and find out who he is.

    The famous James Gordon has yet to appear in the picture, so the GCPD is headed by a non-nonsense police chief named Angel Rojas (played by Edward James Olmos), whose top priority is to capture Bats. Batman is also pursued by police detectives Ethan Bennet (Steve Harris) and Ellen Yin (Ming-Na). Bennet thinks Batman is a hero, but Yin thinks otherwise.

    Since this is Batman's "early years" as The Dark Knight Detective, the "costumed freaks are just now showing up. Our caped hero finds himself clashing with the likes of The Joker (brilliant voice talent from Kevin Michael Richardson), Mr. Freeze (a cold-hearted Clancy Brown), The Penguin (Tom Kenny), and Catwoman (Gina Gershon) and other familiar bad guys for the first times in his career.

    The journey goes on as Batman struggles to elude police capture and save the city from evil rouge villains.

    "Bring On The Batman!"
  • Ever since the 1992 animated series of Batman, I've watched every single appearance he's made on the TV since then. From the Animated Series to The Adventures of Batman & Robin, to The New Batman Adventures, and yes even Batman Beyond and the two incarnations of Justice League. I can safely say that The Batman is nowhere near the level any of those shows.

    The problem is, even judged on its own merits, The Batman falls incredibly short. But I tried to put all that aside and remain objective about the show. I mean, it's Batman right? Nope, it's not Batman. Rather than follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, The Batman ignores all the Batman cartoons that came before it, which is well over a decade's worth of animation.

    The series starts off with the third anniversary of Batman's birth and we are introduced to a much younger Bruce Wayne, this also marks the first confrontation between the Joker and Batman. Unfortunately, everything that should've made this a memorable first encounter is lost in favor of silly action sequences, lame dialogue, and one of the worst artistic revisions of a villain I have ever seen.

    Another problem is that's pretty much the summary for most of the episodes, even though the series is around its third season. While the episodes have improved slightly, it's a very small evolution and a good 90% of the episodes boil down to Batman versus the villain of the day.

    The sad part is the show actually has a bit of promise, such as a decent revisioning of the Clayface character. But otherwise, every other part of the show is weak. I'll start with the character designs. Now we can all say we'd like some new and improved designs for the characters, something we haven't seen before...but there are some things that are just sacred, for instance, the Joker.

    There are so many ways I can describe how awful the design is, but I think I'll go with this: he looks like a rejected Street Fighter 2 design for Blanka. The first time you see the Joker your eyes will immediately hurt. Not only that, his puns are horrible, for some reason he knows kung fu (along with every other villain, even the Penguin), and his plans are pointless and silly along with a voice that doesn't fit at all.

    The rest of the designs are just as awful including a bizarre-looking Bane and a Marilyn Manson style Riddler. Yeah, I'm still trying to figure that one out too. And Batman resembles some weird looking bird more than a bat as well as having an unsuitable voice. The characterizations are off as well, showing both Bruce Wayne and alter ego Batman as boring individuals.

    The animation just doesn't suit the show and never gives off any kind of a dark atmosphere. And the funny thing is, there are twice as many fight scenes in The Batman versus all the other animated Batman shows, but they come off as pointless, hollow, and inexplicably boring.

    Batman relies much less on his detective skills and more on stupid gadgets that only serve a purpose for only one or two episodes.

    Batman: The Animated Series was the highest point of Batman's animated career, and while it's arguable which of the spin-offs will be ranked below it, I think we can all agree that The Batman will be at the very bottom. A low point for the Dark Knight that years from now when the series is over will be spoken only in hushed whispers.

    "Oh, THAT Batman cartoon" they will say with a disgusted tone.

    From the animation, to the characterization, to the story lines, and even the action--The Batman fails in every regard. The series stands as a testament to the creative genius and hard work, along with superb voice acting by the likes of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, that went into the creation of Batman: The Animated Series and its subsequent follow-ups. The Batman merely serves as a brief footnote in the bat's history that dishonors all those that have come before it.
  • Argh, It's like so many people had done so much work for nothing.

    Since the "Batman" TV show in the 60's, there has been an ongoing effort with comic book artists and even a couple of filmmakers to return the Dark Knight to his roots, rather than the "Pow!, Bam!" stereotype Howie Horwitz gave him and pretty much all comics. In such efforts, these people had brought up some of the finest pieces in fiction, the extraordinary stories by Dennis O Neal and Neal Adams, "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller, the first two Batman films by Tim Burton, and of course the fantastic "Batman: the Animated Series".

    So now I look at the new "The Batman" on WB, with Adam West and Frank Gorshin as regular voices, all of the old voices and character designs thrown out in favor of the stylization from "The Jackie Chan Adventures" and ostentatious gadgets and vehicles that scream "Toys Toys Toys".

    The methodical pace of "TAS"(The Animated Series) has been replaced by a rapid-fire quick change motif, suiting ever increasing attention spans, I'm sure. While in TAS, physical action might sometimes take a back seat to the stories,"The Batman" overflows with Kung Fu, Slow Motion, and Dramatic rapid-Fire Jump Cuts.

    The Characters have been "Updated', Batman is no longer square jawed, but has a triangle for a head, Comissioner Gordon is gone. The Batcave has gone back in time about 35 years and is complete with Batpoles and the Apple-red support beams that were prevalent in the old Adam West TV show. The Joker now sports a colorful straight jacket and hair the size of Beachball rather than his stylish purple suit of years past.

    While the 'Extreme' approach may appease those with no exposure to engaging storytelling, I prefer TAS, which had strong, character driven stories, a cinematic style complete with orchestrated music, references to the best of all the batman representations, not just Adam West, and most importantly, looked like an actual movie, not a toy commercial.

    'The Batman' has flashy animation, color keys that don't variate, CGI, and a ton of flashy camera techniques. But I say that it's all frosting and no cake.
  • In 92 WB produced Batman the animated series. In terms of style, content and storyline it was revolutionary as far as (american) cartoons were concerned. Kevin Conroy WAS and IS the voice of Batman. It was deep, commanding and capable of great range and he has continued being the voice of Batman through all the animated incarnations of the character until this one; from the sub-par Batman Beyond (I still count Bruce as Batman even in that series) to the superb Justice League. Indeed, so strong was the style of TAS that it dictated the tone of all DCs animated heroes, again, up until this show.

    The problem with this show from the start is their decision not to use Conroy as Batman. It speaks volumes that they did not. It says, "we don't want this to be just like the other Batman cartoons". And it isn't, that's the problem.

    While I don't deny people the chance to reinvent or reimagine, there is a simple truth to storytelling which is this: the further away you stray from the core concepts of the original story and character, the less attractive and watchable that character is and the poorer the result. This show proves that.

    A younger Batman fighting crime and meeting his signature enemies is fine, but its been done and with considerably more style. The artwork is bizarre, not necessarily a problem in and of itself, but this Batman doesn't carry the gravity he requires- he's a guy who actively tries to terrorise criminals and you don't do that with neon-glowing gadgets as the dire Schumacher Batman movies proved eloquently.

    The biggest problem I have is the characterisation, and that grates on me severely. The actual scripts are terrible, with cheesy, unfunny quips being made at every turn. Every character except Batman, Alfred and (possibly) Catwoman has been taken away from their roots, mostly so they can add some pointless fight sequences. The Joker is the biggest example, and he's been singled out many times for just this reason. The Joker is not good in a fight. He relies on henchmen and insanely well-prepared plans to achieve his ends, he does not leap around like something out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Penguin, while he sometimes fences with umbrellas is also not a hand to hand combatant. He relies on henchmen and his wits to try to stay ahead.

    All in all, this reminds me less of Jackie Chan as others have mentioned, mostly because that looked so awful I avoided it, but of another terrible show, the new He-Man cartoon *shudder* Lots of gimmicky cuts to other scenes, a lot of empty space and bright colours and all the characters seems to spend half their time in mid-air with speed lines zooming past them. And the same three bad guys behind every single event.

    I agree totally with others who have marked this as disappointing. It is the weakest thing to come out of the Batman franchise since the execrable Batman & Robin, and while not quite on that level of crappiness, it does count against the good work that was done in Batman Begins, a film I would expect this to try and stay as close to as possible given the proximity of their release and the inherent similarity in concept.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I heard a lot of you out there are hearing terrible reviews of "The Batman". Some of the critics here call it "Schumacher all over again. If "The Batman" were Joel Schumacher all over again, this kind of stuff would be in it... 1. Nipples and arses would be on Batman's, Batgirl's and Robin's suits. 2. Mr. Freeze would be yelling out ice puns ALL THE TIME. He did a few lame one-liners in Season One, but don't let that stop you from at least renting it. 3. Robin would be super-whiny, asking for a Robin-signal in the sky, or reversing Batman & Robin to Robin & Batman, etc. 4. Batgirl would have been Alfred's niece. 5. Commssioner Gordon would have been a wimp. 6. Poison Ivy would do stupid things like spout one-liners while flirting with Batman. 7. Rino Romano would have played Batman gay. 8. Ther would have been giant statues of naked men ALL OVER THE PLACE! 9. Mr. Freeze would have hid in a neon-lit ice-cream factory, conducting his henchmen to sing "I'm Mr. White Christmas, I'm Mr. Snow." 10. Batman & Batgirl would have used some pieces of shrapnel from Maximillian Zeus's ship they cut an acetylene torch with to make flying surfboards.

    Fortunately, none of that crap happens. Let's see what we've got. 1. The batsuit is just fine, your cape-and-cowl with the tights, utility belt, and boots batsuit. Only different thing is the emblem, which in my opinion, looks pretty dang cool. Batgirl's suit resembles the 60's Batman show a little bit, save the yellow cape. It's actually cool how she used her athletic wetsuit as her batsuit. Robin's suit totally resembles B:TAS, give 'em points for the lack of short shorts. 2. Mr. Freeze seldom uses one-liners after his debut in Season One. 3. I don't really care for Robin's actor for most of Season Four, but he gets better from the Season Four finale to the very end. 4. Batgirl is the Barbara Gordon we know, and her actress is good. 5. Commissioner Gordon kicked butt in a few occasions, but he's still not a wimp. 6. Poison Ivy's about 16 in the series. Batman's overaged for her, Robin's underaged. 7. Rino Romano does not play Batman gay. He's actually a very good voice actor, and is the highlight when it comes to voice acting in this show. 8. There aren't. Thank God. 9. He doesn't hide in a freezer factory, for cryin' out loud! 10. No, they don't ever do any type of crap like that in any season.

    On a few more notes, Kevin Michael Richardson is no Mark Hamill, but he's in-character as the Joker. Any out of character Joker is a sane Joker. Alastair Duncan is a good Alfred. Also, why so many complaints about the new designs of the villains? Isn't that what you Obama fans want now? Change? Well there's some change for you! Mr. Freeze can shoot ice from his hands. The Penguin has an awesome laugh. The Joker lacks shoes. These are changes. They wanted to be a little different. Some are good, some are lame. The Batwave isn't dumb, it makes sense! It's a computer connected to everything in Batman's equipment that was electronics or computers. If you like action scenes, get this series. They are really cool and actually put B:TAS to shame in the categories of action scenes, animation, and fighting. And I have watched B:TAS. It's really good, as long as the dozen of stupid episodes like "I've Got Batman in My Basement" don't count. *SPOILER ALERT* All seasons have episodes worth getting for. You wanna see a whole Bane-centric episode where he has more than 3 minutes of screen time? Get Season One. You wanna see Batman take on the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler at the same time almost without getting hurt? Get Season Two. You wanna see Batman take on a cyborg 10x as powerful in strength, speed, agility, and mind? Get Season Three. You wanna see Batman take on a vigilante that captured all the villains, then take on all the ticked off villains next? Or Batman teaming up with Martian Manhunter to stop a global alien invasion? Get Season Four. You wanna see Superman, the Flash, Hal Joran, Green Arrow, and Hawkman in action? Get Season Five.

    This was a fun series to watch. Every time I turned it on, I enjoyed it. Can't we just sit down, kick back, relax, and enjoy this show while drinking a soda? Why can't we just quit bashing it, get into a restful state, and watch "The Batman"? Because most of the people here are like bitter old farts who scream at youths on how they did it their day on the front porch. They want B:TAS back. I liked B:TAS once I started ordering DVDs with better episodes. But, as I have an opinion, I like "The Batman" better in a few ways.
  • sketchyninja11 November 2008
    Batman has a more slick animation in this series that focuses more on style and snazzy moves and action rather than heavy storyline. The Clayface storyline is one villain that is more in depth as far as plot and is well done taking a few twists and turns. Most of the villains he comes across know some martial arts which make for more formidable opponents. It is a change from Batman TAS and manages to have faster paced action and a few reinterpreted villains yet still maintains Batman's struggle to fight crime yet maintain his sanity. As one that loves Batman TAS, i still find The Batman lots of fun as it focuses on the action and gadgets a lot more and i find it quit amusing to even see penguin have a few martial art tricks up his sleeve (he does have an explanation) and i like his cronies. The series later turned a more camp style with an intro that sounded like the 60s Batman TV show which i wasn't too hip on yet the series still had some excellent episodes. I say quit fighting about which animated series is better and just enjoy both for what they give.
  • I'm 26-year-old and when I was about 10, there was a cartoon on Saturday mornings about some teenage kid, who whenever he ate something hot, a pepper or hot sauce, he would turn into a red talking Corvette. I'm not sure what the name of the toon was, but let me tell you, even at that age I knew the show sucked ... yet somehow even now I'd much rather watch that piece of crap than "The Batman."

    The direction of this series and writing (Dear god what have you done to the Joker!?) are about as fresh and good of an idea as putting nipples on the batsuit.

    I'm not really sure at what point it was deemed necessary to make every cartoon resemble Anime or why the fights and characters in this series all resemble Pokimon crap ... but seriously WB just stop it. I know you're all about the money, but now especially with the new Batman movie coming out (and it already looks dark and good) this is the time to turn it back around and make the cartoon dark and gritty again. Get Conroy and Hamill back while you still can. Leave the Japimation card dueling, wrestling, hong-kong fooey crap cartoons for the kiddies.
  • It's been an interesting run for this series.

    In the 1st season, there were maybe 3 or 4 really good episodes, a few that were OK, and a few that were just terrible. The second season did a little better about not being bad. Then, in the 3rd season, they introduced Batgirl. Incidentally, the show started to get really bad. Save for the "Criminal Mastermind" episode, the season was filled with disappointment.

    Then, at the beginning of the 4th season, they introduced Robin. My initial reaction was "considering how bad the show got when they brought in Batgirl, the introduction of Robin couldn't be good. But it was. The show started to pick up, and has become much more promising and watchable.

    What I said about the show when it started, and I maintain I was right, was that the show needed a while to really settle into it's stride. If you watch the beginning episodes for "Batman: The Animated Series," Batman and Joker start out with a slightly more playful relationship, and Batman isn't nearly as dark. This show did take a while, but it seems to have gotten to a point where they can entertain people who are old enough to remember the first show.

    The show is really intentionally different from any other incarnations of the characters, as obviously evidenced by the Joker redesign. I thought that making the Joker the version they did was such a bold statement, and the character still works.

    The show is so different, that a lot of die-hard fans will be disappointed. But the show has gotten better, and is less of a guilty pleasure for me to watch now.

    7 out of 10. Shaky start, but on more solid ground.

    P.S. For all my tolerance of the extreme character redesigns, I will never be okay with the Mr. Freeze they settled on. Clancy Brown can't save it, it's just a stupid, poorly-written character with a pretty lame design.
  • I think that can sum up this show about as well as anything. Batman TAS may be the worst thing to ever happen to cartoons based on comic books because everything that comes after will be compared to it and nothing has measured up yet. It's just too damn good. Was Batman Beyond good? "Yeah, but it was no TAS." Is Justice League good? "It's not too bad, but it's no TAS."

    The Batman is certainly no TAS, either, but I won't hold that against it. It would be unfair and besides, it has plenty of other problems with it.

    The concept of a younger, less experienced Batman fighting crime is a fine one, and at times the art is very nice. But all of the rest of the time, the art is worthless Americanime, and this betrays a lot of the flaws of the show itself. It is paced, written, and designed like an Americanime. If I wanted to watch Jackie Chan Adventures, I'd watch Jackie Chan Adventures. Or I could just bang my head into a wall any time and get the same effect. The Joker is a homicidal, mentally unstable clown in a suit who uses his wits, unpredictability, and clever gadgets to fight Batman. When he is forced to fight hand to hand, he will either resort to something cheap or be totally outmatched. He is not meant to be a monkey with dreadlocks who knows kung-fu and can leap into twenty feet into the air, accompanied by speed lines. If they had wanted to do that with a villain, there were other less important characters they could have used or *gasp* they could have created a new one entirely. And it's not that re-imaginings are a bad thing, don't get me wrong. TAS (there I go again) took Mr. Freeze from your standard icegun-wielding B villain and made him into a memorable and morally complex character. Of course Freeze wasn't exactly a classic villain at the time and they performed an upgrade, but the point stands. What The Batman does is it takes everything you liked about Batman comics and lore and takes a large, smelly dump on them. Guess what? They were eating corn.

    It's obvious this show can't stand against TAS but stand it on its own legs and it still doesn't work for me. The plots aren't good and they don't develop any better. They've been written for the demographic of children under twelve. Should children be able to enjoy a show? Of course they should. This shouldn't be an adult show with swearing, nudity, and gratuitous violence. But the mark of a truly good show is that it can be enjoyed on different levels by all ages. This show misses that mark.

    Is this show a TAS? No, of course not. The problem is it's not even a JLU.
  • One of the biggest disappointments to people is this show's animation and the radical looks of some villains (mostly Joker).

    The animation was done very slick in a Japanese anime style to catch new audiences that are used to it these days. Let's be honest and remember that old DCAU shows changed their animation from "The New Adventures of Batman" to "Justice League" for the same reason.

    The reason for more action is because of that stupid 65 episode rule. This gives limited time for story which I find disappointing, you can tell they were going for a story that would lead to a Dark Knight Returns kind of arc. The show seems campy at times(because of those damn rules child broadcasting has), but has more dark moments like it should. You can easily tell from the first two episodes that they had planned for a mob story-arc similar to Batman:Year One. Each season pretty much starts with a story that grows to a nice climax at the end(the same technique is done in Marvel's new series "The Spectacular Spiderman"). If you continue to watch the show, you can see how his detective skills grow over time. Remember we're watching a young Bruce growing into the Dark Knight the city needs him to be.

    In BTAS he's been at it as Batman for a couple of years already, he's known as a detective, and is accepted by the police. This show has him on the vigilante side and Gordon doesn't come in until later. I love how we get to see more of Bruce having a social life and protecting his alter-ego, where in BTAS how do you not know he's Batman!? Kevin Conroy's awesome but his voice doesn't seem to change in and out of the cowl. The creators of the show took their own liberties to pay respect to BTAS and the shadow it will forever cast. The use of villains is good too, I like how they use the lesser known ones.

    The visuals are stunning in the fight and chase scenes(you can tell they were pulled right out of Batman comics), sound quality is top of the line for an animated show too. You have a sense of life from Gotham too. Where in previous DCAU shows there would be so many fights in the city you'd ask yourself "where are the people?". I personally think Clayface was done well, but nothing beats how Dr. Hugo Strange is portrayed. I personally think this incarnation of him is used best (even better than BTAS portrayal). The fact that the villains can stand a fighting chance to Batman was always cool to me, I like how each one has their own fighting style. As a Bat-fan I disliked how the villains would do nothing but plot and you knew in the back of your head that in the end of the episode all it's gonna take is one punch from Batman to end it. Joker is always a subject of debate among people who see this show. To me not liking this Joker is like hating Heath Ledger's portrayal(his Joker was so radical that his skin wasn't even bleached), they both do a great job nonetheless. Personally I think Mark Hamill forever nailed the role.

    Everything else was because of legal issues really. Robin appearing after Batgirl(because of Teen Titans ending), Batman not having a square chin and Kevin Conroy not doing the voice(because Justice League was still on at the time, Rino Ramano did a good job as a young Batman though), Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Ra's Al Ghul not appearing(because of them being in the new movies).

    In a time where good cartoons are hard to find these days the creators of this show worked with what they had and did a great job at it.
  • milkshakeboom11 September 2004
    I commented on this when it first debuted and gave it a "thumbs in the middle" review, remarking that I'd give it the benefit of the doubt beyond just the first episode. I've seen a total of six episodes now up to this point in June 2006. And as a lifelong Batman fanatic, I can say without hesitation: this show is utter crap.

    Everything's wrong with it. Everything. Getting past just the lousy animation and design, the stories are ridiculously convoluted and with no character development or apparent interest by the writers of this dreck to give any substance to any stories.

    And for God's it just me, or is the Joker in EVERY EPISODE?? Is Gotham that much of a revolving-door justice system? Or, again, is it just a complete lack of interest in the writers to put any effort into other villains (see "no character development", above).

    And to make matters worse, every single Joker tale is the same 3-part formula.

    1) Joker gasses people.

    2) Joker sets out to gas the whole city.

    3) Batman saves the day.


    There was one episode I saw that wasn't a Joker story. The title escapes me, but the villain was that nefarious Cluemaster...the "Think Thank Thunk" episode with the quiz show. That was the single-worst Batman story I've ever seen, heard or read. Yes, worse than "I've Got Batman in My Basement."

    I can't really say what I feel this show is because it's probably against the ToS, but it starts with "B" and rhymes with "fastardization". Thank goodness for the existence of the Timm/Dini/etc. era of Bat-entertainment, back from the Fox and Kids WB days. Stuff that good, and I should have known this, just couldn't possibly have lasted forever, unfortunately.
  • I'm 23 and I grew up on Batman: TAS, but I have to say: I really like The Batman. I was sad when I heard Season 5 was its last. First off, I think each series of Batman should be judged without thought of its predecessor. It isn't meant to be a copy of it, but an adaption of the comic.

    With that in mind, my only real complaint is The Joker, but after the first couple appearances, I started to like him and saw him as a different character from the one in TAS or even his comic counterpart. I didn't really think of him as The Joker as much and it made it easier to like him, I thought.

    The animation isn't great, but it affords a faster paced series with really nice fighting. This and Spectacular Spider-man have some of the best action sequences I've seen in an American cartoon. And I know action isn't everything, but it's pretty important when it comes to superheroes. A nice fight sets off a story quite well, especially in the superhero genre and The Batman does that nicely, so the animation is easy to forgive because it means better fight scenes.

    The writing created a freak of the week setting, but it's nothing new in this genre and it handled other villains nicely. Mr. Freeze, while great with the tragic backstory, goes back to his Bob Kane roots in that he's just a criminal who freezes things. It was actually TAS that implemented that idea.

    The Riddler wasn't bad. Freddy Kreuger (can't remember the actor's name) did a nice job with him, but I didn't really like the long hair look. This Riddler would be my second favorite version of him. (First being TAS version.) Penguin was his annoying self. Clayface added depth to the show in that he was a bad guy who was conflicted. He's a tragic villain.

    I could go on, but my whole point is that the show is a lot better if you aren't always trying to compare it to other Batman versions. I know you are supposed to do that with an adaption, but it is its own show. Please treat it as such.

    First season--7/10, Second season 9/10 (watched the episode with the Riddler several times because it's the best episode of the series, in my opinion), Third season --9/10 (I like this version of Batgirl the best, except for Cassandra Cain's in the comic) Fourth--9/10, Fifth 7/10--(Wasn't crazy about JLA added to it.) On last thing: Rino Romano did an excellent job as Batman. His voice isn't deep and dark like Kevin Conroy's, but it did give the youthfulness that the series demanded. I've really only know three actors to pull of Batman AND Bruce Wayne (rather than one or the other) and Romano is one of them. (Conroy and Bale being the other two.) Good series, I'm sad that it ended so soon. I looked forward to it every Saturday Morning and bought the DVDs so I could watch it when I wanted. Well worth the money.

    8 out of 10 stars overall.
  • okay, so i haven't watched most of the Batman 1990's series. I've watched the movies, and the original series, the one with all the 'Wham! Bam! Shazam!' stuff. And in all honesty, i think this is the better one of all. Why do i say so ?? Mostly because the characters designs look better here than they ever did in the comics and series. Take the joker for example. In the old series, after a few minutes of analysis (for none batman fans), it was obvious that he was kinda crazy. But in this one, it takes it to another level. His looks, his style of speech, the way he dresses, etc..all make him look even crazier than most of the other series have portrayed him. Same goes for The Riddler. For those of you who don't know, he has a disorder of some sort. Obsessive compulsive disorder i think. And in this series, its shown a bit more than in the others, with his 'goth look', and his more cryptic voice. This version of the Batmobile is even better than most of the others as well. Instead of having that 'tank-like' look that the other versions had, this one has that 'extra high-tech, but still a car' look. Its like its sleek, but still an awesome weapon.

    Sure, its a kids show. But don't let that stop you from watching the series. Its very good, the artwork is flawless, the animation is even better. I think you should give it a try before just saying 'Jackie Chan art style ? Bah'
  • I have to admit, I really love this series. I really love the style of the show, it's so memorable in my eyes that I can never forget it.

    I actually tried to watch this show with sound, but I always afraid that it will ruined my experience with the show. from the first i saw pictures from the show, it always felt different from other superheroes cartoon shows. it just felt special, it has awesome animation with awesome design, awesome action, very good stories, and many action that happened. this show has really my favourite batman. and sure like any batman incarnation he has trust issues, he always obsessive with his passion, and he cares about the people and fight crime, but he was more humane , friendly and most of all kickass(in my opinion). and I like the idea, that every season of this show adding something new, even if it's different. also, i think the joker in the series was awesome, and so all of the villains. i really love this show, i have no other words other than that it started awesome and at the same way it ended. definitely one of my favourite cartoon show.
  • mchollandmatthew13 August 2012
    this batman story is all about Batman's Early and young days as batman from worlds greatest detective to partner ship with dick Grayson and bat girl and how he met some of the justice league characters i always watched this when i was a wee five year old to 9 years old and now I'm 13 and i still like this TV show every day i couldn't stop watching it its so action packed and has tons of villains in the batman Sega also some cool hero's in this TV series jokers very evil looking quite cool and banes all red when he presses his button which was a good change to bane and also some new villains or maybe there from the comics or so awe ll but i still watch this some time this was on cartoon network from 2004- 2008 wish they made more but at least there's a batman the brave and the bold and beware the batman coming out next year and the 1960s series and the 1990s overall 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show isn't the most reliable comic source like the Batman Animated Series but this was developed to entertain the audience and introduce a new generation to Batman...And to cash in on the success of Batman Begins.

    The show is colourful and bright with some good fight scenes; the audience is introduced to some new villains like Black Mask who has never made a television appearance until now and Dr.Hugo Strange, more memorable characters like Joker and Riddler are given a radical make over which keeps the show fresh and new. The only thing that is a little annoying is the character development, its too rushed and not all characters are explored and a lot of character origins are screwed up....I found the episode 'Grundy's Night' very interesting.

    A show that you can watch in the afternoon or on a Saturday morning...
  • The Batman is okay but I liked the 1992 Batman cartoon and Batman Beyond better. Because this version on the other hand is totally different! Like this series is somewhat like Bruce Wayne in his younger days like in his 20's. Bruce Wayne is younger in this series and is trying to trying to establish himself as Batman, protector of Gotham City. He is in his mid-twenties, just finding his way as protector, defender and Caped Crusader, while balancing his public persona as billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne. Living in Gotham, a metropolis where shadows run long and deep, beneath elevated train tracks, this younger Batman will confront updated takes of familiar foes - meeting each member of his classic Rogue's Gallery for the first time. From the likes of Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Riddler and Man-Bat, among others, the war on crime jumps to the next level with a new arsenal at the Dark Knight's disposal, all operated and linked by an advanced remote-controlled invention he dubs the "Bat-Wave." I hate the way The Joker looks in this cartoon because he looks like It the killer clown and second of all The Joker fights like Toad from X-Men! I like the old way The Joker looks which was wearing a business suit instead of dressing like a clown! The Penguin looks mostly normal except for his teeth which are sharp. Catwoman looks okay. Mr. Freeze looks pretty cool except for the thing with his ice powers coming from his hands instead of a ray-gun. Bane looks really cool! I'm not sure about the other villains yet. Rino Romano (also did the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Spider-Man Unlimited) is not bad at Bruce Wayne/The Batman at least he sounds rough when there are scenes where Batman is fighting crime. I wish Rino Romano could have done the same thing when he did the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in "Spider-Man: Unlimited". Some of the other voice actors are okay but some need to be replaced. But the animation design of all the characters are totally different compared to the 1992 cartoon. OK but the last two Batman cartoons were better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've read a lot of criticism and they all say the same thing "It's not the Animated Series with Kevin Conroy." Of course not. And they're not trying to be. This show is a response to Batman Begins just as the original cartoon was a response to Tim Burton's Batman. It's trying to take a different spin on the classic idol. If it did try to copy the original cartoon people would only complain that it is coping it. Joker could never do what Jack Nicholson or Mark Hamill did because they did too good of a job being the Joker. Everything on the show is trying to do something different and unique. Something we haven't seen before. Whenever someone does another version of something we already know you just have to let go and accept it for what it is. Batman Begins restarted the Batman movies and The Batman restarted the Batman cartoons.

    The problem I saw with the original series is that it just ended. It was a great show but it just got absorbed by all these other shows. I loved Batman, his allies, and his enemies but I want to see just them. Justice League is a good show but Batman is just a co-star. I want to see what happens to just Batman. Teen Titans is fun to watch but Robin is just too good. I want to see Robin be Batman's sidekick and mess up as he's supposed to do. Batman Beyond was great but it showed the end of everyone. I want to see the battles of Batman and the villains not the end (I mean they showed how Joker and Mr. Freeze died and why Robin and Batgirl quit). It's refreshing to see a show focusing on just Batman and how he began. It's a little different but you can't always show the same thing all over again.

    I like this show. The animation looks good. The stories are interesting. I like how not all the gadgets work right and Batman doesn't always know what to do. It shows that he's still learning. That he wasn't always the great hero who did it all. He made mistakes and learned from them. It's nice to see him learn how to do it all. Alfred stills has to help Bruce along. He's still learning to deal with Bruce's nightlife himself. The police haven't learned to trust him yet. It's not the "everyone is fine with Batman" that the original series became or what Justice League is. It gives it a better sense of reality that not everyone trusts him right off the bat (no pun intended).

    Now I do have my complaints. I don't like Mr. Freeze's far less sympathetic beginnings. He's more of a common thug than a scientist gone bad. Bruce's friend became Clayface and instead of trying to get help he's out for revenge. Then he became pure evil with no chance of help. Too many episodes with Joker and Penguin and not enough of the other classic villains. Instead of having Bane come back Joker just took his technology. Commissioner Gordon just appeared after never being seen. Once they introduced Batgirl they focused a lot less on Bruce and Alfred and more on her. But the show is still good regardless.

    Die hard Batman fans can complain all they want but really only the comics will have the comic's stories. No show or movie will have those stories exactly. Something will get lost or replaced at some point no matter how hard you try. I can see a lot of new fans being introduced thanks to this show. If it wasn't for the original cartoon I never would have been into Batman. And I'm sure many youngsters will have the same thing to say about this show. It's light enough so children can watch it. But still dark enough so fans can enjoy it too. Batman is still pretty dark and mysterious but not dark enough to scare kids. So on Saturday mornings just sit back on the couch, flip on The Batman, and relax. It's a good show for everyone to enjoy if you just give it the chance.

    8/10 A good show that has some room for improvement.
  • I have to admit that I liked the old Batman The Animated Series better. This one tends to operate on the thinnest shreds of plots with little to no attention given to the motives and back stories of the villains. It is not good mystery or "literature in animated form". It's plot-light and gadget/toy-heavy.

    But you know what? It's fun.

    The dialogue is very rarely painful, which makes it a winner by cartoon standards, and it's littered with fun pop culture allusion treats like yachts driven by "The Skipper" and his "Little Buddy", bars from old songs, and Scarface quotes. The visuals are beautiful, the fight animations are excellent and plentiful, the theme song opener is well done, and I'm just in love with the sinister looking life they give batman's cape.

    Yes it looks different, and it's more Adam West than Tim Burton, which is kind of disappointing, but that doesn't invalidate it as Batman. Giant props and cooky gags were a mainstay in the comics for decades, up until Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. And I have to admit that if I were trying to follow one of the best cartoon series ever made, I would try to look and feel as different as possible as well, so that even if it came out poorly it would be in some way my own and not a cheaper knock off of things past.

    Anyway, I'd say 7/10, it's easy to take or leave, but if you give it a fair shot you just might like it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I cant believe some people actually like this. Yet still call themselves Batman fans. Even going as far as to say it's better than BTAS. Which it's not. It should be plagiarism for them to use Batman's name for this piece of crap. It's not Batman.

    The whole premise of the show is ''if you cant defeat someone get a bigger weapon to help you'' Batman isn't all about weapons. He uses his batarang and grappling hook and Batmobile, thats it. He doesn't come up with some new ingenious tech every time he cant beat someone. I don't know where the hell they got the idea for a Batbot. or whatever. They have ruined all the villains. Mr. Freeze has gone from a sympathetic scientist to a petty criminal who fell in some cryofreezing thing. Catwoman is now a 40 or 50 year old woman with a dumb costume. Penguin is now a ninja with a 50 ft. tall top hat. The Ventriloquist is now called Scarface making the Dummy the whole centerpiece for the character. They even got a dumb idea to make him a giant! wtf? and the two worst character changes are that of The Joker and Riddler. they have changed Riddler to a Gothic/retro teenage freak. and The Joker to an acrobat with dreads. He looks like a bob Marley wannabe. they have completely and utterly ruined batman even moreso than B&R did! i wish i could meet the creators and or writers and animators of this show so i could whack them in the head with a metal baseball bat.
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