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  • Sleepin_Dragon20 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I feel it's my duty to know politically what's going on in this country. I've watched the Daily Politics show for a number of years, never miss it. I enjoy both core presenters Andrew Neil and the delightful Jo Coburn. Fair to say it's more interesting around the time of General election, but there's always someone interesting on there, and in depth discussions. There's always something going wrong, lack of sound, angry guests etc. You get to see the real side of some of the MP's good and bad.

    I now prefer watching the Daily Politics over Newsnight, and the way it's going Question Time. Worth watching. 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As I live in England for only three months, I was not used to watch that kind of programme in France, and was very surprise to discover that English people were so interested in politics.

    The daily politics is a very informative programme. During 30 minutes people can have a panel of information that permits to understand the current affairs in a very easy way.

    I find the interviews very interesting and most of the subject treated deal directly with society.

    I can only regret that the programme only lasts 30 minutes because sometimes.
  • baronyheritage11 October 2018
    Could someone remind half-Scottish Portillo that there are THREE separate prison services in the UK. Presumably the facts and figures he quoted and the organisations he mentioned only relate to England and not to the other two. He should make this absolutely clear. Incidentally the mention of housing also relates only to England.