Izuko: Welcome to the Gate of Rage. I am Izuko, Guardian of the Gate. You have died. You exist only as a spirit. To the Gate of Rage come those dead of misadventure, or murder. Here you may choose one way to proceed, out of three.

Mina: Three ways?

Izuko: One: Aceept death, ascend to Paradise, and prepare for rebirth. Two: As a ghost, forever haunt the realm of the living. And three: Curse one living person, and bring about their death. One who kills, however, falls into Hell... to suffer eternal torment.

Mina: What's all this about? What are you?

Izuko: You haven't accepted it. You were murdered.

Kanzaki: I'll go to the gate.

Kishi: Huh?

Kanzaki: It's the only way I can stop Kudo...

Kamiina: Yes. Is that your choice?

Unknown: What are you talking about? Are you both crazy?

Kanzaki: Crazy as it may be... if it's the only way to save Mina, then I'll go.

Kamiina: [hands Kanzaki a gun] Take this.

Kanzaki: [Kanzaki takes the gun, and looks at Kishi] Shoot me.

Unknown: [Kishi hesitantly raises his gun to Kanzaki] Don't! Death is the end of everything! Kishi! DON'T!

Kishi: [lowers gun] I can't do it!

Kanzaki: Kishi...

[Kanzaki faintly smiles, while he and Kishi exchange looks, then Kishi raises his gun, and shoots Kanzaki]

Unknown: NO!

Mina: Go, then.

Rei: [Rei and Kamiina are sword fighting] Kill me and you go to Hell, too.

Kamiina: Shall we continue there, then?