Ava Gregory: You are not the only one who lost somebody.

Ava Gregory: You can't just break her door down.

Susannah Rexford: Tell that to the police who know this house all too well.

Nikki Westerly: I didnt even kiss him ok, and after what you did, I'll never get the chance... I hate you!

Jay Robertson: She's thirteen. And you seen the movie.

Beach Girl: Hi, did you just move in?

Nikki Westerly: I live in Kansas.

Beach Girl: Wow! Well, bye.

Amber Starr: Oh my god, Nikki Westerley, you are so naive if you looked it up in the dictionary your picture would be there!

Cameron Bale: If you knew how to use a dictionary.

Cameron Bale: [hits him with her notebook] owwww!

Dr. Simon O'Keefe: Anyone who's under 30 who isn't a socialist has no heart, anyone over 30 who is, has no head.