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  • g_nitegracie15 June 2006
    The only reason Summerland didn't make it was due to the network moving it all over the place. It's hard to watch a series that every week is on at different days and times! No one could figure out where to find it! It's an excellent series with great characters. Very wholesome, family oriented show that was warm, funny, real, and made you smile. The actors were all great. The subjects it dealt with were real problems we can all relate to. I'd compare it to "7th Heaven" and "Gilmore Girls". When it comes to premise and likability. it's a solid 10! I've waited and waited for it to come off hiatus...please, Bring it back!
  • This is an awesome show because it is family oriented, but not lame. It has aspects to entertain all types of audiences, and it's one of the few shows families can watch together. The plot of the show was entertaining and different from most shows in its appeal, though I can't truly explain how. Lori(Ava) is just as great as she was on Full House, and the younger actors are great, too. I think Kay Panabaker is a wonderful young actress, and she plays Nikki Westerly well. I wasn't a fan of Jesse McCartney, but because of this show I am. All of the actors play their parts very well, and they did a great job in making this show amazing! I hope the show starts up again, sometime soon.
  • I love this show, it is a very family oriented show. It reminds me of 7th Heaven a little with how many people live in one house. I like all the characters in there own way. But I think I like Bradin the best, because Jesse Mccartney portrays him very well. I like this show a lot because Lori Laughlin plays in it, and I loved Full House which she also played in. Another reason I like this show is because of Ryan Kwanten who is very hot, but also portrays his character very well to. This show is a great show of faith, as 7th Heaven is one of the only true family oriented show left and it's going to be over soon, because of the fact that not a lot of shows last more than 7 seasons and 7th heaven is going to be starting it's 8th. So with this show being as family oriented as it is I sincerely hope it lasts a while.
  • rabydallas25 December 2004
    I started watching this series simply because it replaces Smallville for the summer. I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. I really liked it because I liked to imagine myself in the characters shoes. They live RIGHT on the beach in a beautiful house with all their friends. They characters all have something about them that makes you like them and want to know more about them. Each episode usually focuses on one or two of the stories in the series. So sometimes there is a little bit of discontinuity. The only disappointing thing about the series was that it leaves you hanging. After all 13 or 14 episodes you want to know what happens next.
  • omg, i love this show. i can't get enough of it. the episodes are so amazing that i really just can't stop watching it. this is a truly must see show. the story and characters are so well presented. it is about three orphans who are taken in by their single aunt who lives in California. she live with her friends, one of which is her ex-boyfriend, are all having to learn to deal with each other. the youngest son starts off having a really difficult time getting over the death of his parents without understanding tries to find a way to be with his parents again. the middle daughter has problems getting along with her aunt because they are both trying to fill the mother's shoes but eventually learn to deal with each other. the oldest son stays quiet at first but finds his way by learning to surf. if you haven't already seen an episode of this show all you need to do is watch one episode and you will instantly become hooked. there are notable performances by Lori Loughlin, formerly of Full House, and Jesse McCartney, as the oldest son Bradin.
  • When Summerland came out last summer, I was completely pleased! It's a show that I can feel comfortable watching with my mom and not worrying about language or anything else. The fact that three kids have to try and adjust to not only a new place but also a totally new family situation provides for interesting and different plot lines as each of the kids have such distinct personalities and they have to deal with so many new things! Lori Louglin does such a wonderful job as "Aunt Ava" after watching her for so long in Full House. Jesse McCartney has totally just exploded onto the scene and is so much fun to watch on the show! It's just a really well put together show and totally a must see!
  • soccerchica213 July 2006
    Well, i started watching Summerland in 2004, and i got hooked right away. When i heard it had been Canceled, i was very depressed, and i started watching it again on the N on Noggin. the story is that Ava Gregory (Fashion Designer) now has the responsibility of 3 kids, Braiden, Nikki, and Derrick Westerly. When their parents Died, the Three Westerly's moved all the way from Kansas to California to live with Ava, Susannah,(Ava's working partner), Johnny(Ava's ex) and Jay(a family friend). The three Westerly's cope with their parents death differently. Braiden, the oldest, learns to surf, and ignores the fact that his parents are no longer with him. Nikki, the middle child tries to fill in her mothers shoes and argues with everyone. Derrick, the youngest tries everything he can to be with his parents again in anyway possible. And in the end, They all work it out and become a really big happy family.
  • I really enjoy Summerland. It is feel good family program that still has drama and both adult and teen angst, but not overkill on the sex department. Sexual theme programing is a legit genre, but it is always good to have a little break once in a while. I Don't think it is fair to compare Summerland to past WB hits such as Buffy and Angel because those two shows fall in quite different genres. If anything compare this show to a little 7th Heaven, and little Dawson Creek, and even a little One Tree Hill. These three shows are not very similar, but I believe Summerland takes themes from all three, a feel good family drama, that still has some adult and teen, even younger appeal, where fans of all three, or pick or choose of the three can perhaps enjoy something together.

    Rating 7 1/2...8 out of 10
  • Guys I love Summerland! It is the best TV show by far! I love it! Wait, have I already said that? Yeh... anyway Jesse McCartney is hot! I love him! Anyway back to the show. I don't think it is a sexually based as shows like The OC are. I mean, don't get me wrong I love the show to bits, but lets face it, the whole thing is based on sex. Not that thats necessarily bad but Summerland has other themes and issues incorporated into the show, which is what makes it great. The rivalry between boys, jealousy, love, sex, drugs, surfing (I love surfing!), relationships, dating, fighting and other such things are involved into the show whereas shows like One Tree Hill (which I also love) do not have these issues but have different issues which will all depend on the show itself. Summing up, if you don't watch this show, your almost as dumb as a post! (just joking!)
  • This show, I have to say, is so completely fantastic! It's new and fresh and I never wanted it to end... never. I didn't see it when it first air because it didn't air here, where I live but now, spending probably 3 day watching, I find myself completely captivated. There should be more shows like these, about family and all that comes with it. Everyone living under the same roof was a good idea and loads of embarrassing moments that comes with being a teenager. as for the actors; i never was one for full house but i have watched and I will say that i think this show was actually better. but that's my opinion, feel free to hate it if you want! and Lori Laughlin does an amazing job, doing this roles, it's like it was made for her and her only. And the ones playing the kids; Jesse, Kay and Nick are absolutely fantastic and they make their roles so believable. A lot of roles that gets played now a days, and i'm not just talking about TV-shows but movies too, are not believable, so thats a nice change. I just really wish that the show should have gone further than it did and it's so sad that it didn't. And last but not least; everything about this show is great, even the slightly cheesy lines that they worked in the script. But overall... wonderful!
  • Summerland is another one of the best teen dramas on The WB! Ava Gregory (Lori Loughlin) is living the perfect life. She is single, has a nice beach front home along the Southern California coast, and works as a fashion designer But that all changes when her sister and brother in law die in an accident. Ava is left with the responsibility to raise her niece Nikki (Kay Panabaker), and two nephews, Bradin (Jesse McCartney) and Derrick (Nick Benson). Ava gets help from her close friends Johnny, whom she used to date. Johnny (Shawn Christian) takes on the father figure role, but is a man who is unsure of the direction in his own life. Jay (Ryan Kwanten) is single, and lives to surf. He guides Bradin into his exciting hobby. Susanna (Merrin Dungey) is Ava's business partner, and the two have complete trust in each other. Bradin is the oldest child at 16, and has his own angst to deal with. He has a crush on his surfing instructor, Erica Spalding (Taylor Cole). Nikki is 13. She is often very difficult about the fact that Ava is filling in for her mother. Derrick is 8. He has the most difficulty adjusting to the fact his parents are no longer alive, which results to many troubles. I like the acting, story plots and I think Taylor Cole is a hottie! Summerland premiered on The WB back in June 2004.

    User Rating: 10/10

  • I am a native of California and "SUMMERLAND" is exactly how surf life and beach life is in the local beach's like Long Beach, Newport Beach, Rincon, etc... Just like "THE OC" is exactly how the rich part of Orange County is... This show was god and should never have been canceled, it ended before it even was given a chance. When the DVD collection of the show comes out I am so there, though canceled it can still live on in our DVD players..... That is IF they ever get it out on DVD, everything else comes out so why not this? A lot of people would buy the set at any cost because thats how good of a show it is.....

    And perhaps we can look forward to syndication of this program? Never know, someone might get smart and bring it back where it belongs!!
  • linzijay8730 May 2006
    I really love the show and I've just finished watching it on living TV, does anyone know when it starts again please i really need to know!!!!!! I'm really loving the relationship between Ava and Jonny its so sweet the show is not the same as any other its refreshing to know not all shows are about sex. The cast are GREAT!!!!! and the story lines are what people can relate to, and of course it doesn't hurt having a good looking cast either. The writers for this really deserve an award. so please please please somebody let me know when the exciting story carries on. LOVE YOU SUMMERLAND!!!!!!!! P.S: This makes me sound a little sad (never mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) xxxxxxxxxxx
  • smocarlos30 July 2006
    Summerland is an excellent show. I loved it. It had hot guys in it, real life questions and lots of people could relate to that show. All my friends like this show. At first it looked like one of those cheap reality shows, but it was really cool. I love a show that is sad and sometimes funny so this show is great for me. this show also answers questions people might have about life, guys, friends and parents.this is the type of show that i would go to the store and buy the seasons on DVD. I could watch them over and over. And no this show isn't all about sex. That's what i think about this show. It's the best show i've seen in a while.
  • This show is the best show in the world!!!It's not just about Bradin(Jesse McCartney) dating girls and surfing.Its more about how 3 kids who's parents just died live with their aunt and her friends and all the problems kids today face in life.This what I think the show is about.Everyone has a comment on everything.This show might not be good to some people but its my favorite show in the world.The are a lot of people that like this show.So for those people who don't like it don't tell people that has not watch it yet that it's not good just because you didn't like it.My comment my not be useful to some people, but remember everyone has comments.
  • I don't no what you people are talking about! Summerland is a great show I know so many people who love watching it including me. It just happens to be one of my favorite shows all because you don't like it doesn't mean its not a good its just your opinion so stop putting down the show and actors because your not proving yourselves to be any better than they are. May be your all just jealous that they get to make the money and have stardom while you sit at home on your computers dissing them! When you prove yourself to be better than them then you will have the right to put them down but look at you i be your sitting on your computers eating donuts getting fat.. if your not already
  • This show is yet another attempt to capture the attention of Americas impressionable youth with an unrealistic concept of teenage life. Its another show where all the characters are cast with attractive young teens, with minimal acting abilities. Its writing is shallow and predictable, with dramatic plots coming right out of the book. Lori Loughlins attempt at returning to the TV could have come on a better show, but then again with her claim to fame being full house, her career was over before it started. The biggest issue I have is watching kids get their life lessons about the real world from shows like these. If this is the impression they get, than the next generation is doomed to a very hateful and plastic existence. All of these teen shows need to either get real, or disappear Worst show since Degrassi.
  • I don't think I have missed a single episode. This show is so great. It has a little bit of everything in it. There's Ava and Johnny who everyone knows are supposed to be together, but they won't admit it to one another. Then there's Jay who is just kind of there. He is always dealing with things. Especially Erika Spalding who is perfect for him in every way. She is exactly like him in relationships. She gets scared and runs off....and so does Jay. Plus they make a cute couple. They are my two favorites on the show. Susanna is the most mature out of the four adults. She doesn't really know where she fits in and she still tries and does her best. She is really good with the kids. Braidin is the oldest. He gets into more trouble than Jay does. He has a thing for Erika who is his surf coach and has gotten into many fights over her. Some were even with Jay. Then there's Nikki. She is the typical 13 year old girl. She gets into trouble over guys and stuff like that. She is 13 after all. The last of the Westerlies is 9 year old Derrik. I personally think that he's pretty annoying, but that's just my opinion. I think this show rocks. It has lots of drama and lots of laugh moments and even some cry moments. I think it's one of the best TV shows on!!
  • I absolutely love summerland! This show is for all ages over 8 I would say! If your a high school musical fan... Zac Efron is on it (he looks really young!! :) haha) and also if your a full house fan... Lori Loughlin is the main character in the show! I live in California... and I would say this show is a great depiction of what life is like in CA if you live by the beach! This show goes through every mood possible... at one moment your all depressed and the next your mad and maybe a little after that really happy! The really good thing about this show is that at the end of each episode, it keeps you guessing! It currently airs on "the N" Monday-Friday at 10:00 PM!
  • one day i was ill and there was nothing on TV then i was summer-land so i started to watch i got addicted and now i love it i hope they make a 3rd season but the bad thing is i have never seen the 1st ever episode : ( but that doesn't matter my favourite person in it is Nikki shes so kl and i fell the same way she dose but my parents are dead he he well not he he never mind and i think Jesse McCartney is SO buff i love the bit when he has just taken drugs and is like sweating aw so buff-Nessi sorry that is my way of speaking well anyway i love summer-land and I'm never going to stop watching it every! i wish so much that the 3rd series would come out now xx summer-land fan!!
  • It is wonderful and once i saw it i was hooked. I LOVED the characters and Zac Efron's character Cameron bale makes it even wonderful. I was always wondering will she choose Simon or Johnny? Will Bradin ever get together with Callie ? Will Cameron and Nikki get back together? I really want them too! Will derrick and Martha get back together and what about Erika and jay? What Happened to Sarah? What will happen to Callie is she pregnant? I LOVE this show and it is so wonderful and filled with Love, Lust and Drama! I will always love this show because of its great choice of people for the characters, its drama, and it's just the best show ever! You can always watch this show my little sister even loves it!
  • I am not sure why I gave this show a chance at first, but I watched it since its release in Brazil, running after school once a week to get home in time to see it. This is definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen. Stories of the kids who lose their parents are usually very dramatic, with eternal grief, which makes most of them depressing when they're very good. But this is so not the case of Summerland. The characters of Nikki, Bradin and Derrick actually handle it in such a realistic way, you forget you're watching TV, and actually feel close to them. This is amazing considering how young they are, to pull such complex characters, and that's just in the first episode.

    During the first season you have this lovely miscellaneous of kids struggling to grow up and adults trying to figure out their lives. Like in real life, like me and my mother, like a family. They have a very sensitive point on father and mother figures, which can certainly mess the head of kids living with their aunt and her roommates (which is what they are, despite the friendship), and how this mess up the adults heads too. It's a lot about learning from your mistakes, and they make as many mistakes as anyone does.

    The second season, sincerely, was very good, but it was really kinda disappoint somewhere through it. It has all the elements that made me watch it in first place, but there were some more, I didn't felt so much. Like Bradin's surf thing, in such a level, lost a lot of the real feeling of it, and he became a quite annoying character, not at all as I expected. Ava's travels and success in business also seemed sudden, even though this was an year later - somehow, I felt like this would take a much longer time to happen. Susannah's character as "the glue" (as Johnny says) had quite a turn too, when she passes from Ava's friend and everyone's adviser to Ava's sidekick, in the end of this season, which was kinda frustrating.

    Maybe all that's just perfect, I don't know, but that's how I felt. For these which I consider to be slops, I'm somehow happy the series didn't go further, or it could be more disappointing.

    But even though my opinion in the end seems sad, this is a show I love with all my heart, and I say everyone should watch it.
  • I have only started watching Summerland a couple of months ago but I think it's great although i won't be able to watch it for a while because of school i'll still be able to know where the story is when i'do watch it. I think that aunt AVA is doing a great job as an aunt because the children look up to her like she was their mum.when i first watched it i thought that she was their mum. And the beach scene fits in really well. nearly everyone surfs well the older ones. i really enjoy watching it and how how so many people live in the one house even though some of them aren't related. such as johnny treats the kids as his own thats rally nice. Yours truly Saabi Stewart.!!!
  • i absolutely love Summerland. it has definitely got to be my favourite TV show. i think one of the reasons why i like it so much is because it's about real life situations, and things people really deal with, and there isn't that many shows out there that are-there either far fetched or just all about comedy. i think every actor/actress in the show are brilliant and the story line is just also brilliant. every episode, without a doubt has me wanting to watch the next one straight after! i honestly can't understand why it supposedly got such bad ratings?! its brilliant. its must see TV! there's been episodes where i've laughed, episodes were i have cried, but there's has never been episodes where i haven't thought it was good. its one of my favourite things on TV and if it was up 2 me i would have the producers demanding that it was on TV every night. I can't wait to see if there's any new series coming out-which I'm hoping there will be. looking forward to seeing some new episodes-with every one of them back on screen (especially Jesse McCartney and Zac Efron) to some it up: BRILLIANT!
  • bran4222 June 2006
    Summerland was great and i would to know how it felt to see your (parents) die right there in your yard? Do you think Sarah is a little mean now and then? I do she seems like a bad influence for Jesse to go out with. I love Summerland and i think the only reason i watch it is because of Jesse McCartney. I think hes the reason anyone watches.I didn't like the part where Jay was trying to help Jesse (Bradin) and he gets mad at him. And Nikki needs to loosen up a little bit on aunt Ava.I think Bradin is a pretty name where did they get it from? My brother is playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and he cant believe you are the voice of Roxas. So do you know all the other voices?
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