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  • When I was a kid (long ago), I saw all four "Herbie" movies, and I can remember being kind of underwhelmed by them even at that tender age. In fact, I thought the last two of the original four were really lame. So I made it a point to avoid "Herbie Fully Loaded" when it came out. But it came on television recently, and I decided to give it a chance since I'd be seeing it for free.

    I was surprised. Now, I will admit that the movie has its share of flaws. It doesn't explain why Herbie, in the time between the previous movie and this movie went downhill as a racer, and why Herbie had been forgotten by the racing community (and its audience) - you would think a Beetle that kept winning races would be remembered by SOMEONE! I could go on with listing its flaws, but I found its charms outweighed its flaws. For starters, the protagonists are very likable, down to earth and not annoyingly goofy. And Dillon's character of the rival racer was not broad and instead more of a realistic villain.

    The special effects are a mix of "old school" effects like the original movies used, mixed in with CGI. I actually found the combination worked, blending with each other well.

    I'm not saying that this is a movie to actively seek out... but if you come across it while in a silly mood, I think there's a good chance you'd find it an agreeable way to pass the time.
  • Repeat the following prior to viewing this movie: "I will suspend my disbelief and dutifully accept all plot devices in order to maintain the sanity that would otherwise escape me were I to process events in the movie from a logical perspective." Because yes, Herbie, an old VW Bug, will compete in a NASCAR race and drive sideways on the fence--as seen in the previews.

    Having said that, this movie is quite enjoyable when watched from such a standpoint. It's fun and innocent, but it carries the typical Disney fantastical vibe as well. I sometimes get annoyed with the cheesy ridiculousness of those types of movies, but then again, when I was a kid I thought they were wonderful. So, take that as you will.

    Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) has just graduated from college and is about to happily embark on her new life as an ESPN writer. Her father (Michael Keaton aka The Dark Knight) and late grandfather own Peyton Racing, a NASCAR team in which her brother, Ray Jr.,competes. Unfortunately for the family, Ray Jr. (Breckin Meyer) lacks the racing talent that his father, grandfather and sister possess, and the team is now struggling to keep sponsors from backing out after numerous crashes and defeats on the track. Maggie dreams of racing for the team, but her father desperately wants her to use her college degree and leave the horrible world of racing behind. We're never really told why her father considers professional racing to be so lowly a profession, given that it produces dozens of respectable sports stars and, oh yeah, lots and lots of money; but, again let's stick to the original "suspension of disbelief" mantra, and we'll have no trouble with his opinion of the sport. Maggie comes across Herbie and quickly learns that the car has a mind of its own and can magically propel her and her family into fame and fortune on the racetrack.

    The movie is complete with a standard garden-variety villain, Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon), a four-time NASCAR champion, who, despite being competent enough to win the Nextel Cup series four times, cannot keep his mind off an impromptu street race that he lost to Herbie. He acts like a jerk, flings insults at Maggie, and generally struts around like he's better than everyone, thus enabling the audience to despise him. Plus, he was like, totally mean to Herbie and called him a piece of junk! You just don't talk about Herbie like that, and I so kept hoping he'd get his comeuppance in the end.

    I did like the movie, however, because from a certain standpoint it is enjoyable to watch. Herbie himself has several humorous moments, and I couldn't help but like him. Given that this wasn't a documentary it's forgivable in its transgressions on reality, which in the end make the movie more entertaining. It's lighthearted and doesn't attempt to beat the audience down with a message (ahem, Sharkboy & LavaGirl). I highly recommend Herbie: Fully Loaded for kids and for those who like cute and wholesome movies—if you're simply looking for a good pick-me up and a fun movie, then this is definitely one that you shouldn't miss.

    Just...don't get caught up in the details.
  • When Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) graduates from college, her father Ray Peyton Sr. (Michael Keaton) gives an used car from a scrap metal yard as a gift, and she takes a 1963 Volkswagen beetle with the number 53. Maggie finds a letter in the glove compartment telling that the bug's name is Herbie and she visits her friend and mechanic Kevin (Justin Long) to check Herbie. They go to a car show where they are challenged by the arrogant champion racer Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon) for a race. Maggie and Herbie win Trip, and the revengeful pilot plots a scheme to take Herbie from Maggie.

    "Herbie Fully Loaded" is delightfully cute and a magnificent family entertainment. The story is predictable, corny, but mainly adorable. The sweet Lindsay Lohan is perfect for this type of role, and Matt Dillon performs a great villain. Take the popcorn, join family and friends and have a good-time watching "Herbie Fully Loaded" on DVD. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Herbie, Meu Fusca Turbinado" ("Herbie, My Turbined Beetle")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So, back when Herbie made his first appearance, I was perfectly happy watching Dean Jones mug away. I only wanted to be entertained for a few hours and eat overly buttered popcorn. Now, unfortunately, I have expectations of a riveting/delightful story whenever I watch a movie, if I'm not on some sort of medication. And this is another good movie for the medicated. There are no major laughs, no complex plot lines, no difficult twists. Herbie Fully Loaded is great for the fully loaded.

    This was the first time I had seen La Lohan on the screen since she swapped places with Jamie Lee Curtis (I thought she was excellent in that), and I can't say I was terribly impressed this time around. Aside from her constantly changing and distractingly unnatural hair color, she just didn't ring true as the kid next door who had spent a lifetime hanging around road racers. Her 'need for speed' wasn't portrayed consistently in the film - perhaps it was elsewhere - she looked older than her part, and seemed to always be looking for something (a party? designer togs? new place to spend money?) off set. I couldn't see any chemistry with Justin Long; that romance seemed obligatory at best. The only time Lindsay appeared engaged was when she was interacting with Matt Dillon, who I thought was appropriately over the top as Evil Bad Guy Trip Murphy.

    It was great to see Herbie again, and I loved the movie intro with material from the old movies. If Disney had popped out with some Car 53 jewelry, I might have worn some just to be loyal. His new feature (?) was a little inconsistent (does he channel the thoughts of his driver? Does he now skateboard?) but whatever. We all knew how it was going to end, but I do wish he had ended up with someone a little less dopey than Maggie. And my head still hurts from that lesson Maggie and we viewers had hammered home.

    What would have made the movie worthwhile? Have the old Herbie in a real story with a real plot - at the very least, Herbie's as good as Lassie - but clearly that's asking too much. Why is it that Disney always goes back to the same well as "Herbie Goes Bananas" and "the Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes" when it comes to innovation?

    I'm sure this was a great movie for kids and those with no expectations. For the rest of's for when you have the 'flu and just can't take the suspense of Rear Window.
  • Lindsay Lohan plays a Los Angeles college grad from a NASCAR family whose graduation present from pop Michael Keaton is the same '63 Volkswagen Beetle from 1968's "The Love Bug" and its horde of cinematic follow-ups. 'Herbie', a car with a mind of its own, not only gets Lohan back on the racing track, but plays matchmaker for her and a cute auto-mechanic as well. Not especially imaginative, but a nice family film with some mild laughs (one which is sweetly in-tune with its '70s roots). The story denouement is utterly predictable, and the performances are all phoned-in (Lohan is so enervated, she barely reacts the first time she realizes her car is possessed). Still, the pace is fast, the music selections bright, and the special effects are good. ** from ****
  • I have been hearing things about "Herbie: Fully Loaded" for at least the past 6 months. I saw the trailer and was not impressed at all; saw the dull poster which also didn't do anything for me. I also have to admit, I was very leery to see this film especially after such a lame trailer, dull poster and hearing about Lindsay Lohan's recent behavior and seeing how she looks like a poor, sickly child from Nigeria. But anyway, I went to see the movie anyway at a sneak preview nonetheless and despite all Lohan's bad publicity lately and the film's lousy marketing campaign, I was actually pretty impressed with the final product of "Herbie: Fully Loaded."

    "Herbie: Fully Loaded" takes off right where the other movies left off. Herbie is now washed up and in the junk yard just about to be made into strap metal but just then Maggie (A healthy and attractive looking Linday Lohan) comes to the junk yard to get a car. Why a junk yard you may ask? Because her dad (Michael Keaton) is a NASCAR Coach and so he knows how to repair cars. So Maggie decides to buy Herbie and before you can say Love Bug, Maggie notices that Herbie has a mind of his own, not to mention has the power to be a race car. And so the cheesy but fun Herbie adventure begins.

    I actually enjoyed this film which came as a huge shock to me. Like I said earlier this movie had some of the worst marketing and advertising that I have ever seen for a film. However, I am very grateful that the film didn't actually suck like the marketing on this film did. So anyway, having seen the earlier Herbie films I was actually very impressed with this one.

    It was also good to see a healthy and attractive Lindsay Lohan again on screen. I have been seeing nothing but this anorectic, skinny, ugly girl on the cover of various magazines for the past month or so. I am really sad that Hollywood has gotten to her head because the girl has talent; she's just falling into the fame and fortune trap of Hollywood. But I don't want to get into my feelings on Lohan right now but just comment on how much I enjoyed her performance in the movie, and how it is probably my favorite role for her since Freaky Friday. Michael Keaton was also very good in his role as the father figure. He also plays one heck of a believable NASCAR Coach. Also I would like to mention Justin Long (Kevin in the film) who is one of Hollywood's new up and coming actors. I really dig this guy in his previous films like "Dodgeball", "Galaxy Quest" & "Jeepers Creepers", along with his role in this film. The guy plays very likable characters and I really liked him as the long lost friend in Herbie. Also Matt Dillon stars as NASCAR Driver Trip Murphy who plays the bad guy with no problem at all which isn't hard since Matt Dillon usually always plays the jerk or unlikable character.

    The film's most enjoyable character is of course Herbie who as long as you can remember is a classic character can still be enjoyed. I liked how they updated Herbie a bit but didn't over do it. It was enjoyable to see the connection between Herbie and Maggie. Herbie of course is extremely far fetched like the whole racing in the NASCAR tournament but you cheer for him because he is the underdog. It's nice to see a simple family movie like this being released into theaters at a time where computer animation films like "Shrek", "The Incredibles", and "Madagascar" are kings. I know this movie doesn't compare to the first two films mentioned but I feel it's just as good as "Madagascar" or a lot of other family films released in the last few years. Like I said, it's a simple yet enjoyable film. It has nothing that would offend any children and is enjoyable for Herbie fans and as well as adults.

    The film's most memorable scene for me was the scene where Herbie just got bought and comes out of the junk yard and Maggie is trying to drive him to the repair shop to meet up with Kevin (Justin Long) but she finds out that Herbie has a mind of his own and Herbie drives her. It becomes very enjoyable from this point to see how Herbie and Maggie share their emotions going through anger, sadness, and the feeling of being unwanted.

    So in the end, "Herbie: Fully Loaded" is much better then the bad trailers lead it to be. It has a lot of heart, a decent story, and is as enjoyable as the previous Herbie Films. Herbie gets a little upgrade and they throw in some corny love bug jokes but hey they are harmless and can be taken with a grain of salt. Overall, I was happy to see Lindsay Lohan looking healthy and enjoying herself on screen along with an old fashioned family film that we rarely see anymore. I think if you're a fan of Herbie you should see this, if you have kids take them and enjoy, and finally if you have nothing to better to do and want to see a harmless, fun film check out "Herbie: Fully Loaded" because although it's pretty cheesy its also a fun and enjoyable time.

    MovieManMenzel's final rating for "Herbie: Fully Loaded" is a 7 out of 10.
  • First of all, let me say that I'm a 41 year old man who saw all of the original Love Bug movies with my mom growing up in Chicago.

    This movie is an instant classic! It captured the fun spirit of the original moves--I felt like very little time had passed and the same magic was present in this movie. It's was fun, zany, cute, and endearing.

    My nine year old daughter and I laughed and cheered through the whole thing. It's a solid 'A' rating and 5/5 stars in both of our eyes. We couldn't stop talking about how good it was after leaving the theater.

    The acting wouldn't win an Oscar but was more than adequate for a kids' movie.

    The story was well written. It did a great job bridging the past to the current time-frame. It was also pretty original and employed modern racing car themes like monster trucks and NASCAR.

    I don't understand why the general public and professional critics are rating it so low. It's a kids' movie and likewise one has to have the correct mind-set when viewing it. I was swept away from the beginning and it kept me engaged. So many other movies these days have various flaws that keep coming to mind when you watch them; this movie was just fine.

    Go see this movie with your kids. It's refreshingly clean and a blast!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first thing I want to say about this movie is that after the opening credits it has about 5 to 10 minutes of THE WORST acting (save Halle Berry's friend in Catwoman). BUT if you wait this out, you'll at least be entertained by the movie.

    Herbie: Fully Loaded is definitely a family movie. If you're not going with a family, or aren't a long-time Herbie fan, wait until it's on DVD. Herbie is chock full of family-friendly humor and a tried-and-true Disney style storyline.

    What's the story in a nutshell you ask? Well, Lindsay Lohan just graduates from college (no that's not a typo, they actually expect us to believe Lindsay Lohan is about 22, not the 18-19 that she looks.) Her father, Michael Keaton, takes her to a salvage yard to find a car for her graduation present. She finds Herbie, Herbie finds her, bing-bang-boom, she street races a NASCAR pro, Matt Dillon. Yada-yada-yada, stuff happens, typical Disney finish.

    Now I had two MAJOR issues with the movies. First of those being that whenever CGI is used it is Blatantly obvious. Sometimes non-CGI effects are obvious too! What do I mean? In one shot where Herbie is doing some tricky driving, an incredibly mannish stunt driver in a ugly wig can be seen doubling (although silhouetted) for Lohan in Herbie.

    Two, there are plot holes galore. I can't think of any off hand, but I remember noticing things that happened that didn't make much sense.

    Also, this movie has some of the BEST MUSIC (compilation wise) I have ever heard in a movie. I'm not good with names of bands and songs, so I'm not sure if the good songs are on the soundtrack, but if they are, the soundtrack is a definite buy for any classic rock fan. If you completely ignore this review and see the movie by yourself (or on a date) SPECIFICALLY listen for the music.

    All in all, this movie is a good family movie. Don't expect it to win any awards. If you can deal with lackluster CGI, a dud of a beginning, and a standard Disney storyline, then you'll be pleasantly entertained.

  • Maggie Peytton is not overly impressed when her graduation gift from her race driver father is a busted VW beetle. Planning to ditch it at a gathering of car fans, Maggie inadvertently finds herself in a promotional street race with undefeated NASCAR champion Trip Murphy. What nobody knows is that this little VW is none other than former sensation Herbie – sadly now confined to the scrap heap of history (literally). When Maggie wins, Murphy is outraged and sets out to engineer a rematch while Maggie tries to work out quite what it is about this little car that makes her drive so fast.

    I think it is important to come into this film as a fan of the Herbie films rather than someone for whom the laws of thermodynamics must be rigidly applied across all film genres. I say this because much of the film is absurd and there will be those wringing their hands about the simply impossible moves that the little car makes, however these same people should also keep in mind that they are watching a film about a mischievous car that is alive. It is important to enter into the spirit of the film and, in fairness, Fully Loaded does help the viewer as much as possible by being wonderfully charming and disarming.

    It doesn't really have a bad bone in its body and I must admit that I found it refreshingly clean family entertainment that was easy to enjoy even if it was just as easy to forget. Of course if you're not sold on this charm and find it grating or silly from the start then you should bail out because it will not get easier for you as it gets sillier the longer it goes on. Director Robinson delivers a good clean script really well, not making it post0ironic but totally hitting the innocent charm that made the character so good in the first place. Herbie himself is quite fun but it is the main cast that do the harder job of getting the mood right.

    Ignore her real-life personae and just watch Lohan for what she does here and you'll find her performance to be quite good and fitting the film. Keaton, Dillon, Long and Meyer are all solid and provide the film with a professional feel in the cast. Overall then this is a fun and clean family film that is surprisingly charming and effective. Getting into the swing with it is important as the action is very silly at times and it is only if you are feeling it that you can forgive it. For me, I was right there with it and enjoyed it for the simple fun it was.
  • I suppose I could just really rake this movie over the coals if I wanted to, but what's the point? It'd be like beating a physically handicapped kid in arm wrestling - it's way easy, but you walk away without really accomplishing anything, and you feel kind of bad afterwards.

    Plus, I'm not exactly part of the main demographic for this movie, and if you aren't part of the demographic, then why would you even consider paying money to see it? What are you expecting? This is a movie about a lifelike car that spits exhaust in the faces of bad guys, leaks oil on their bad guy shoes, and opens its trunk, doors, or glove compartment whenever something needs to be revealed or somebody needs to be strategically hit in a slapstick manner. If those types of shenanigans send you rolling down the aisles in apoplectic fits of laughter then you're in luck. However, if you're like me and aren't quite so easily amused then you might want to veer your hard-earned dollars in another direction.

    Even though I've never been a fan of the Herbie series, and this movie did nothing to make me a convert, there are some positives. The most important being that Lindsay Lohan is looking very good and is in fine pre-anorexia, pre-fake blonde form. She claims her current look (Ode De Skeletal Olsen Twin) is for a movie she's doing in which she plays a fashion designer, and she promises to put her weight back on. I hope so because she definitely looks better with a little meat on them bones! The second positive is that the entire cast is giving it their best. They're not given great material to work with, but at least they look like they're having a little fun. I'm quite sure Matt Dillon is well aware that this isn't exactly a step up from his previous movie, Crash, but he doesn't use that as an excuse to phone in his performance, so I have to give credit there.

    I think they should've renamed the movie though. I would've suggested Herbie: Fully Loaded WITH MUSIC MONTAGES! Sheesh. I honestly don't think I've ever seen one movie with that many montages. At times I thought I was watching a series of Disney music videos. What in the world? Was this a prime example of avoiding dialogue? Oh well. At times boring, and never threatening to entice riotous laughter, Herbie at least moves along at a decent pace and is never quite so stupid that it's intellectually insulting, so I won't be too harsh. I'm sure it's loads of fun for the really young (under 7). However, when I asked my 10-year-old brother what he thought of the movie he replied, "It was OK." When I asked if he thought it was funny he replied, "Kind of. I guess." Not exactly a ringing endorsement but not a total condemnation either.
  • JokerMichel12 May 2018
    First of all , there is no serious plot , and no good script . They made some random poor action movie scenes and that's not enough to create an entertaining and suspensful movie
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005): Dir: Angela Robinson / Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Matt Dillon, Michael Keaton, Justin Long, Breckin Meyer: New generation update of the Love Bug known as Herbie. Family film about reaching full potential as Lindsay Lohan graduates from college and pursues racing, against her father's wishes. A trip to the junk yard leads to the purchase of Herbie and the realization that this car has a mind of its own. Story is thread bare but director Angela Robinson transcends the feel of earlier films. This is a tremendous decline for Lohan after her high point in Mean Girls. Here she takes a backseat to special effects, which is an insult to an actress who is beyond this tribe bullshit. Matt Dillon plays competitive champion Trip and the role is total cardboard. Michael Keaton plays Lindsay's father in a huge career decline. Justin Long plays Lindsay's mechanic friend. Breckin Meyer plays her brother whose driving record is about as bad the media incidents surrounding the film's star. A cast of this nature should be involved in a movie deserving of their talent and this isn't it. The car's ability is never explored but that has been a consistent issue with all of these films. We are just expected to accept the idea that this car can think. Perhaps it could have came up with a better screenplay than what is given here. It is an unnecessary update that deflates like bad tires. Score: 3 / 10
  • In a day and age of films that are just not really family friendly, this one shines in that aspect. It is a good, clean family film. No bad language, no sex, no violence. (Hmm, maybe that is why some people didn't like it.) Do you have to be a real "Herbie" fan to enjoy it? I don't think so. You just have to use some imagination and get into the "spirit" of the film. I think that Lindsay Lohan does a good job at her role in the film, but some of the acting may seem a little cheesy at times. (Could be just the persona of the film.) There were several scenes that could have been taken right out of "The Love Bug" and the like, which some of the older Herbie fans will come to enjoy. So, all in all, I am giving this movie a 9 mainly because of the "family film" factor. If your kids are like "oh yeah right" when they see some obvious unreal effects, like a car "winking" or driving by itself, then it may not be for them. But if your kids just want to have some fun - go see it.
  • aircool31 October 2005
    Herbie was great, he's back with a vengeance! NASCAR, who would have thought? He's a star! Everyone loves Herbie? Owning a vintage Beetle might make my opinion a bit biased, but believe me they do have seem to personalities of their own. Although his may be a bit over accentuated, that's what makes Herbie Herbie. He's is an icon to any VW fan. I remember seeing the movies as a kid and as silly as they sometimes were, you ultimately end up loving him, providing you are willing to suspend a bit of disbelief. It is wonderful to see him again after so many years. Lindsay did a great job as supporting actress to Herbie lets see him nominated for an Oscar.
  • I saw all the Herbie/Love Bug movies as a kid and they did not insult my intelligence as this one did. Believe it or not, the special effects were better in the 60s/70s films because they were not as obvious. Just seeing Herbie pull a sad "face" every time someone insulted his looks or ability to race was enough to make me want to vomit. After the "sad headlights" eyes effect was shown for the tenth time, I was tasting my breakfast rise up my throat, ready to puke it up and out.

    Just as a contrast, in the 1968 Dean Jones original, Dean buys a souped up race car halfway into the movie after Herbie wins some race(s) for him first. Later that night Herbie slams the crap out of the new racer out of jealousy and contempt. It was actually kind of frightening as a youngster to see that scene where a car can "kill" if it is pushed too far, like in a horror film.

    This incarnation is Herbie as a brat who pees oil on anyone who dares to question its ability to perform and win. After a third of this movie, I would have taken a blow torch to Herbie until his "sad eyes" stopped functioning. I don't care if Herbie wins the race. This is not the same love bug from almost 50 years ago. They even give Herbie a "girlfriend" car who also drives on her own. Give me a break. Avoid at all costs, unless you swallowed some poison by accident and need to throw up quickly.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lindsey Lohan has a superficial acting style that may let her fly through Disney movies with her pleasant smile and decent tan, but there is a undeniablly vacuous quality to her. There doesn't seem to be much going on in her head. She has a whiny voice and it seems like she just looked at her lines before filming scenes. Herbie falls into the same traps, it's a collection of barely passable jokes filled with actors who have nothing better to do, a director who seems to have no interest in such a straight money making contraption, and a lazy, obvious narrative that's as out of date as the car. The soundtrack is filled with well known songs in an attempt to give the audience something to enjoy. Stick with Talladaga Nights, at least it's intentionally moronic.
  • This comical Herbie story concerns about Maggie(Lindsay Lohan),recently graduated,she receives a gift from her father(Michael Keaton),instead a new car she takes a magical Wolkswagen Bug named Herbie with a mind of its own from a junkyard.Herbie takes her for a ride and stumbles into ¨Kevin car shop¨run a mechanic(Justin Long),a former friend from her.Maggie,Kevin and Herbie undergo a test drive and takes spontaneously place a race cars against the racer Murphy(Matt Dillon) and results to be Wolkswagen the winner.As always,Herbie the love bug,is helping the young couple find romance but encountering all sorts of hilarious obstacles along the way.Herbie with the number 53 intervenes in the biggest race cars located in Daytona to compete in the Grand Prize, acting as pilot Maggie substituting her brother(Brenkyn Meyer) ,a challenge among top competitors circle the world's most famous racing circuits and quickly slipping in the ranking.

    This typical Disney slapdash film displays great loads of amusement,fun,giggles,race cars and is pretty entertaining.It's an enjoyable movie for kids and for those who like cars racing round and round and bounds and leaps by Herbie.The actors seem to enjoy immensely,Lindsay Lohan,a real star with ¨Mean Girls¨,plays of sympathetic manner and Matt Dillon as excessive villain is top notch.After several years with no rendition is shot this delightful film,the original film turns out to be : ¨The love bug¨(1969)by Robert Stevenson,followed by ¨Herbie rides again,Herbie goes to Montecarlo,Herbie goes bananas¨among others and a TV series followed,the most part filmed by Stevenson and Vincent McEveety and usually starred by Dean Jones. The actual version is amusing and with lots of laughs but is a familiar film .The motion picture is correctly directed by Angela Robinson.Worthwhile seeing ,it's a great fun to watch.
  • I have vague memories of the original Herbie. I do remember it was a VW bug and a young Latino boy called him "Ocho" because his numbers 5 and 3 added up to make 8. I also remember that Herbie was not at all as animated as this latest version. Herbie was more animated than a Roadrunner cartoon. Herbie could have just as well been a cartoon with all of the contortions and movements he made. Sometimes technology and CGI take away from a movie more than it adds to it. Movie makers these days seemed to get carried away with their new found abilities to animate everything.

    Herbie Fully Loaded is supposed to be a fun family movie, but I believe it is more for little children. All in all, Herbie was just too over the top for me.
  • This movie is clearly geared for the preteen, or even under-10 crowd. I'm still wondering why they chose the Herbie series for a makeover, but what's done is done. The film features Lohan in yet another forgettable performance, this time as the daughter of a well known stock car racer, with the racing genes going back at least one more generation to her late grandfather.

    The storyline is simple. Herbie gets revived and gets back into the racing scene. Much like the Herbie movies of 20+ years ago. My problem is with the casting, or more accurately, the acting of the cast. Lohan is dry and uninspired throughout, and this movie desperately calls out a need for good acting. The requisite "bad guy" in the movie doesn't fare much better, either. Predictable and boring dialogue, plot turns that can be called thirty minutes prior to them happening, and lackluster acting all around make this a movie to avoid.
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded is just what I expected from this next installment of the famous Love Bug series. I am not sure how many there were (and I am too lazy to look), but I have seen them all. The same things I liked about the originals, I liked about this one. Same with the dislikes. I am able to suspend my disbelief only so far. However, I do realize this movie is mainly for KIDS and I am able to let go of it's obvious flaws. I did like how Herbie was animated just a bit to show his personality just a little more.

    Ray Peyton Sr. (Michael Keaton) was a legendary racer and wants nothing more than his son Ray Peyton Jr. (Breckin Meyer) to be the "Next Great Peyton". The only problem is that Jr. has a unique problem which causes him to crash for apparently no reason, even when no one else is around. The other thing is, Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) is the more gifted of Sr.'s children.

    After Maggie ends up with Herbie, although she does not really want him at first, he takes it upon himself to take on the current racing legend, Trip Murphy (Matt Dillon), in a street race and beats him. This strikes a nerve with Trip who wants to ruin Herbie and his mysterious driver "Max". Bet you can't figure out who Max is. Anyways, the racing scenes are very similar to the racing scenes of the past movies. I am not sure, but I believe the opening scenes were clips from past movies.

    Matt Dillon is excellent as the antagonist, as he usually is. He plays the egotistical Trip in quite the humorous way. Also, Lindsay Lohan was beautiful and perfect for the role. To be honest, I may not have seen Herbie if she was not starring in it. Also, Michael Keaton has visibly aged here and not in a very good way. Justin Long also puts in a fine performance as Kevin. Also, I did not even realize I was watching a "G" Rated movie. I am not sure when the last time I saw one of those was but it was refreshing to be able to look back at the movie I just saw and not be able to come up with anything questionable about it.

    If you have seen any of the Herbie movies then you know whether or not you will like this one. Please don't be shocked if you have seen them and still choose to go see this movie. If you did not like it, then it is entirely your fault. Maybe movies are too complicated for someone like that to enjoy. 7/10
  • joshening17 July 2005
    A failure. The movie was just not good. It has humor that 5 year olds that will not even giggle at. I mean, sure, some parts were amusing, but most of it is not. Lindsey Lohan is a great actress (and a bad singer,) and she should be working on better movies. The movie should have been aired as a Disney Channel original movie, that is FREE.

    The only thing that was well done about this movie was the music. Nothing like a remade rock soundtrack to brighten up your day. These songs are so good. Especially Alyson and Amanda's Walking On Sunshine and Caleigh Peter's, Beach Boy song, Fun Fun Fun.

    4 out of 10. If I gave it a ten, 9 of that would be the music and 1 will be the movie. Not worth your money, but the soundtrack is.
  • I went to see this movie with my 17 y.o. daughter. I insisted we go the matinée showing, not because I'm a tightwad, but just feeling I had. In the NASCAR spirit, this is a sponser's dream. SO much blatant advertising, it almost qualifies as an info-mercial, if it weren't for the so-called acting. Keeping with tradition, the Herbie franchise continues with its cheesy story lines, the car is only a 'vehicle' (no pun intended)for this cornball of a motion picture. Earlier Herbie installments (although cheesy as well) were produced during more serious times, making them a little easier to digest. Ms. Lohan, Disney's reigning drama queen, has little acting ability. I was surprised that Mr. Keaton and Mr. Dillon would get involved in such a project. Only the snack bar, was a bigger ripoff!
  • I can sit through this movie once, but I doubt I could make it through a second time. Mildly entertaining mainly for the physical presence of Lindsay Lohan. The fun of Matt Dillon(think Something About Mary), and the re-emergence of a more serious acting Micheal Keaton. This is not the fun romp The Love Bug was but it is watchable. One of my main detractions from the movie was the fact that Herbie had evolved into R2D2 antics for the most part. I was bored with the headlight eyes effects about the second time of the 30 or so times they were used and the bending front fender caused the same reaction from me. Go see this with your little ones, i.e. the "single digit bracket" kids and don't expect a lot from this film.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is, without a doubt, the low point of all Disney movies, and I've seen "Lady and the Tramp 2!" Forget the fact that it humiliates the history of the long-running and well-appreciated LoveBug films, this movie does not deliver like my five-year-old cousin said it would, not that I believed her.

    Since Lindsay Lohan is in it, the image is, obviously, automatically shattered, but the terrible acting that she does ruins the movie also. Justin Long is better than this movie so dude, this is the time to spring for the time machine. But the actor who really made a severe downfall through this poor excuse for a film was Michael Keaton. He's a thousand times better than Lindsay, that's all I can say. I am a fan of his, but all I can say is that he must have spent all of his Batman money if he did this movie.

    All in all, this movie doesn't deserve to be aired on television EVER AGAIN. After watching this "movie," I spent thirty minutes screaming "I want my life back!"
  • Herbie:Fully Loaded stars the gorgeous Lindsay Lohan. She's all over the tabloids now a days. But I'm going to talk about her movie. Herbie is the famous Love Bug. I personally haven't seen any Herbie movies, and the only reason I saw this one was because of Lohan. If there was another actress other than Lohan, I probably wouldn't be interested. Oh yeah-the movie! Herbie isn't as bad as some critics say it is. There were some scenes when I did get kind of lost in and I would be asking my cousin questions. I found Lindsay likable but she could've probably done something else.

    Lindsay Lohan's last movie before Herbie was "Mean Girls" written by Tina Fey. That was a really funny movie and it sky rocketed Lindsay's career. The movie was edgier and more for teenagers. But she had to go back and make another children's film, and not only was it rated PG, it as rated G. But maybe she wants to do family films, but what I want her to do is something different. Maybe a horror movie would be good. Okay, enough with talking about Lindsay Lohan, lets go on with the movie.

    Herbie:Fully Loaded is a movie made for the whole family, but the only ones enjoying it are the younger ones. Maybe some older audience will get easily bored. I didn't get bored. There were scenes I found entertaining, but nothing made me laugh, maybe a smirk or half a smirk. But the point is that younger viewers might enjoy this film. Not that I'm saying Herbie is a terrible movie, the critics made it look bad, but it's not. It maybe a good movie for the whole family to watch. Out of everyone, the ones who probably will least like it are the teenagers. I'm a teenager, and I still liked it, there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe kids in Elementart School will enjoy it even more. (6.5/10)
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