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  • Warning: Spoilers that the makers try to have it both ways. Adultery is wrong know when a woman is lonely or bored or just wants to spice up her life then it is OK. The cuckold husband comes off as a wimp or befuddled, stupid or whatever. Only in movies where the husband is unfaithful do we get black and white lines drawn. This is terrible, how awful what a monster he is. In the movie the wife has supposedly been affected by her fathers infidelity ( aha!! We knew a man provoked this) but by the films end she condemns his affairs harshly while her own indiscretions go by with out any judgment by herself or open honest admittance by her. 5/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I kept being surprised all through this movie at how it took a somewhat distasteful subject, marital infidelity, and made you feel the pain of the person who is driven to look for love and validation outside of marriage, even when there was plenty of both inside the marriage. This movie explores very convincingly the tug-of-war that goes on inside a person who has absorbed the wrong values of one parent and has mistaken the martyrdom of the other parent. Frankly, I don't know how the married woman was able to resist having sex with that hot young man, but the fact that she didn't is all the more testimony to what an unusual and non-exploitive look at the issue the movie was able to present. Catch it if you can. It isn't the usual god-awful Lifetime fare.
  • You may recall the film with Richard Gere and Diane Lane, "Unfaithful", as directed by Adrian Lyne, in 2001.

    This film has similar elements, intelligent woman, troubled marriage, dead-end affair.

    For an LMN movie this is well-acted. It takes place in New Orleans, and several good performances with Kyle Secor, as Dana Delaney's husband and Cristi'an De La Fuente as the ubiquitous lover.

    What is nice about this film is it does not preach, people are emotionally troubled in their marriage, and seek an outlet. We see Dr. Monteys (Delaney ) relationship to her gigolo father, whey she reacts and enables his affairs the way she does. Overall an interesting film with good performances. 8/10.
  • First of all, this movie is somehow (little or more) same as "unfaithful 2002". but here the wife already has a lover and no kids. the movie has some Flaws too. But anyhow its TV movie, so the performance is really decent for tv movie and its production quality.

    The story plot is not that new, there are several movies like this ( before 2004) in every era. its about husband n wife , husband is middle age with decent job and caring person. and wife is a shrink but she has a lover too who works in bar. In start movie feels like she is IN LOVE with other person. but it doesnt seem like it later.

    The movie has some happy ending but its a very bad ending . because " once a cheater always a cheater / or / adultery always ends bad , it destroys relationship".


    A MAJOR flaw, how the affair stars? and another major flaw is , in the end when wife said that she never slept with anyone ? .wtf.. .really? .soo she just make out like foreplay or something , nothing sexual. its a dumb idea here.

    another flaw, she was pregnant in the end, but in the end scene (after 3 months) her belly isnt grow even a little bit. strange.

    The bad Ending.... in the middle of the movie, when the wife talks to her own shrink , she said , she already cheated in her marriage before. and then she cheated again. and still loves the husband? . and even in the end husband knows that. once there is a adultery happened in marriage , then its broke. it cant be repair or rekindle or reconcile. never.