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  • Gazzman, a talented filmmaker who has made hundreds of okay porn movies over the years, was sent on a fool's errand by Euro porn company Private: shoot this feature on location in the Alps, to combine sports action with XXX sex action. Private began as a magazine and that mentality of varied features is at work here, but it doesn't work.

    What we get is striking vistas of mountains and ski runs, and lots of hardcore outdoor sex featuring European beauties. Major drawback, which sinks the project immediately, is the absence of any real sports competition.

    Instead there is a sex competiton. Tony De Sergio runs the Snowboard School for Babes and has his three new instructors ("Mickey" Blue as Gunther from Germany, Ramon Nomar from Spain and Brit porn stalwart Steve Hooper) compete for a bonus pool concerning who can hump the most (and prettiness counts too) female students in a week. In fact, the all-female student body changes every week, a clear case of planned sequelitis.

    And also in fact, no teaching of skiing or skateboarding for the women occurs, only sex. Several professional skate boarders do brief and unimpressive stunts pretending to be the principal actors.

    Virtues of the project, meager though they may be, hold up well 20 years after: all-natural beauties (no silicone), with no tattoos and no piercings, quite different from subsequent porn trends. They don't do dialogue, merely English pornspeak, and anal sex (no condoms in sight) is emphasized. An annoying Private-ism has them constantly looking at the camera to make "contact" with the viewer.