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  • Het Eiland, another great TV series directed by the amazing Jan Eelen, who can't stop delivering some great television.

    Het Eiland tells us the story about 3 friends(Guido, Franky, Michel) who work together at the administration in Cynalco Medics. When Alain 'protput' Vandam(a great role by Tom Van Dyck, just look at him and u start to laugh :D) arrives at Cynalco Medics to work with these 3 friends, the whole situation gets out of hand. Franky can't stand 'protput' (as he calls him) and continuously makes fun of Alain, who has always been a very different (his laugh :D), unsure type of person. This series gets so hilarious at times, unbelievable.

    After 'Buiten De Zone', 'Alles Kan Beter', 'het Peulengaleis', 'In De Gloria' and even 'het Geslacht De Pauw', 'Het Eiland' is another great Belgian comedy you don't wanna miss.
  • It's not easy to describe a series as this one! I think 'hilarious' is the best possible way to label it. You shouldn't ask yourself to much what you're watching at. Just enjoy the nice acting-work, the crazy mimics and the 'amazing' plots. I believe these series have the same spirit as 'In Den Gloria'. Not only because most of the crew-members are identical, but also because the kind of humor. You can laugh a lot watching the film, although there is something dramatic in the characters. Sometimes you just feel sorry for one of the characters, when he, once again, does something stupid. I have noticed that the Flemish public can be divided in two groups: Some people really don't see what's funny about this kind of 'over-acting', others consider it to be 'funny as hell' and really enjoy it. Maybe it's like 'Fawlty Towers' in a way: You like it a lot, or you don't, but there's no way in between..
  • This one is great. One of the best comedies made ever. You have to like the style. All the small things in it makes it a great series. Every character has something special. Alain has a great laugh. Sammy Tange is his best friend, and when those 2 are laughing together, you have to laugh too. The story begins on a normal workday. The boss of the department is fired, and someone has to replace him. There are three friends working on the same 'working-island', and one of them is going to be boss. That will be Guido. That results in a new employee to replace Guido (Alain is the replacer), but he is not welcome at first. This all results in very strange situations you cannot imagine. They think that Sammy Tange is the devil. Frankie wants to introduce games like 'helicopter' (spinning on your chair). Guido is not able to handle his new job. Sammy Tange can talk backwards. And so on... In the 2nd series, there is a new guy introduced, called Bucky. When he is around, all kinds of different situations are created, and things get worse and worse everyday.
  • alphonsesclessin17 August 2017
    When you're a Belgian or Dutch speaking person you got to love this. Great acting, fantastic script and unbelievably funny! I don't know if there's a subtitled version for non-Dutch speaking people and if the special kind of humor would be understood by everyone but I can only advice everyone to give it a try. Do not expect anything you're used to but see this as a positive feature.