Critic Reviews

  • 88
    Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald
    An exuberant, disarming entertainment.
  • 88
    Rick Groen The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
    The reality measures up to the rep.
  • 80
    Fantastic performances, sharp wit and a raw honesty breathe new life into the rites-of-passage drama.
  • 70
    Michael Rechtshaffen The Hollywood Reporter
    Although Vallee's remarkably assured film, which clocks in at more than two hours, proves that it's possible to have too much of a good thing, Canada's official Oscar submission for best foreign-language feature still manages keep up the entertaining yet emotionally satisfying pace sufficiently to earn audience accolades.
  • 70
    The whole family can feel comfortable watching C.R.A.Z.Y., Jean-Marc Vallee's bouncy coming-of-age tale that coasts along on a terrific soundtrack and a spot-on feel for period detail. Story of a tight-knit Catholic family and their sexually confused son never goes near anything that might make mainstream auds uncomfortable, sticking with an old-fashioned tone balanced by inventive lensing that gives only the illusion of dipping its toe in risky waters.