Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: I want to be like everyone else.

Madame Chose: Thank God, you never will.

Raymond Beaulieu: [to Zac, in the car] I don't smoke or drink or swear anymore. Fuck! I left my bag of weed at the pub.

Gervais Beaulieu: Be a man for once in your life and tell the truth!

Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: What do you want to hear? That I'm gay? A fag? That I suck cock? Yes something happened but not with him. You know with who. Nothing happened earlier. But I would've fucking loved it if something had! Fucking right!

Gervais Beaulieu: [about gay people] You've got to be sick to keep your penis in someone else's ass!

Laurianne Beaulieu: [pause] Hmm... You have bad memory.

Gervais Beaulieu: [pause] Well... that was different...

Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: Do I look like a fag? Do I talk with a lisp? Strut like a peacock?

Psychothérapeute: Nice idea of homosexuals you've got there. They're not all like that.

Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: They all become that way. Sooner of later.

[lighting a cigarette]

Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: This is a waste of time. I'm not a fag. I'd rather die.

[looking at the shrink, uncomfortable]

Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: It's just a fugure of speech. Isn't it obvious? Being happy and healthy, or miserable and fucked-up. It's a no-brainer.

Paul: [after Brigitte learned him that Zac was gifted] You can stop your girlfriend's monthly bleeding, too?

Laurianne Beaulieu: [to Zac, after his accident] Thank God you were dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: You seem to be sniffing a lot for someone in detox.

Raymond Beaulieu: Socking cock's made you a prick.

Zachary Beaulieu 15 à 21 ans: [reminding Raymond his journey in jail] Your ass must've been raw after prison.

Raymond Beaulieu: You would have enjoyed that, huh?

Zachary Beaulieu 6 à 8 ans: What's a fairy?

Laurianne Beaulieu: [surprised] Nothing. Hogwash.

Laurianne Beaulieu: [in the parking lot] It's what he wanted.

Gervais Beaulieu: So? It's not up to him. You want to turn him into a fairy?

[looking at Zac's toy]

Laurianne Beaulieu: Stop it, he's only five!

Gervais Beaulieu: He's almost six and looks seven.

Laurianne Beaulieu: Oh, come on!

Gervais Beaulieu: Never mind 'come on'. Now return it. Go on.

Prêtre: Stop the singing! Ok, the midnight mass is too long, lets finish it now. Everybody go home and unwrap your presents.

[Everybody cheers]

Gervais Beaulieu: Sometimes I wonder why we pray to a long-haired guy who hangs out with a bunch of guys in robes. It's fishy. Honestly!

Raymond Beaulieu: [to Laurianne] I missed... your delicious ironed toast.

Antoine Beaulieu 21 à 27 ans: [after he surprised Zac imitating Bowie] You done imitating that fucking fag? Huh? You're making us look like a bunch of idiots.

[shows Zac people down the street watching him]

Christian Beaulieu 24 à 30 ans: [laughing at Antoine's hockey fight] You got beaten up by Tremblay's little fag.

Antoine Beaulieu 21 à 27 ans: What, you four-eye fag?