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  • Very pretty movie - I stumbled into it on IFC. While at times, it seems a little trite, the movie more than redeems itself at the end, and is visually a stunning experience.

    The Alan character brought me back to my own dissolute youth, and hit it right on, in terms of the confusion that I felt in that struggle between popularity and my own belief system.

    And Caroline was the cutest little girl ever, although a bit annoying at times - though I guess that was her role.

    Upon researching their DP, I saw it was Frank Demarco from Hedwig, so I guess that explains why the visual was so strong, but these two guys definitely had a cool vision of their own.

    Definitely worth the watch.
  • Johnny Cenicola is amazing as the boy Alan, from his jittery excitement to the slack hopelessness he displays at seeing his parents through the only means possible -- a video cassette. This is the first I see of him, but now I am sure it won't be the last time. He is interesting and beautiful, especially in the capable hands of cinematographer Frank G. DeMarco, who really made this into quite a gem. As the previous comment here mentioned, the film stumbles a few times, as is often the case when portraying young points of view, but ultimately is redeemed by the very idea that gives this film life -- that Alan could merit such scrutiny, and learn to spread his wings beneath its merciless light.