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  • I've bought this movie from one of those London's Erotica events.. I won't say more about it in case the kids reads this.. But I must say, I was lucky enough to meet Jesse Jane there..

    Anyway, back to the movie.. This one is all about Jesse Jane playing Heather who witnesses a murder which leads to a vicious crime lord. With two cops on her side, they work together as they try to investigate the whole scenario and conspiracy behind the killing.

    With that in mind, you got an action flick blended with so much eroticism. Well, that's basically what you've got there..

    Nic Andrews is a type of director who wants to make porn movies close to mainstream stuff.. ..And this is his example.. Anyway, he did a good job. The DVD had a lot of good features on there which I can't mention. Anyway, if you ever see this movie.. Enjoy it, that's all I can say. STRICTLY FOR ADULTS ONLY! 8 out of 10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What is great about this movie is that it actually has a plot!It's a cop buddy movie at heart with all the sex left in...The plot involves a car theft ring run by Tyce Bune; Tyce thinks he is being ripped off so he takes out Lee Stone who plays Jesse Jane's boyfriend. Unfortunately Lee brought Jesse along for the ride and thats when the action takes off. The bad guys come after her but she gives them the slip and hooks up with the cops played by Barrett Blade and Eric Masterson. Blade and Masterson are just like an old married couple which provides a good comedic turn to this still hardcore adult flick. We even get a cameo by porn legend Mike Horner. The thing that is different with this movie is the great care with which Nic Andrews shoots and ultimately edits his movie; There is a fluid feel to this movie that is difficult to describe. It is artful and well done. Kudos to all involved but mostly to Nic Andrews and Barrett Blade who is the adult genre's version of Mel Gibson. This is a movie which transcends the adult genre!!!