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  • I just watched this on Sci-Fi last night. It's about a group of Navy SEALS who are sent to rescue some sort of CIA operative from a ship, where she's being held by terrorists. Afterwards, the terrorists flee to some island, still with their prisoner, and the SEALS pursue. The SEALS get the CIA person back, but by then they've discovered that the island is overrun by raptors.

    Much bad CGI and firing of ammo follows.

    Actually, there is some good CGI in the movie, like when they're in the cave which is the "incubator" for the raptors. That looked pretty cool. But most of the raptors that are running around in the woods, well, they look a little worse than the ones in The Lost World TV show, and when the SEALS shoot at them and blood starts spurting out, it's straight out of a video game. You will not be able to stop laughing at some of those scenes. And the raptors just stand there, totally oblivious to the fact they're being shot. One of them takes about 50 rounds to the butt, which is really hilarious because you'd think he'd turn around and see what's going on back there, but he doesn't.

    Another thing that's annoying is that the SEALS suffer from a complete and utter lack of peripheral vision. A terrorist can be crouched behind a small tree as a soldier walks by, then the camera pans down and you see the terrorist, and realize there's no possible way that the soldier could have not noticed him. And, since they chose to call these guys SEALS, which makes one think they're highly trained, why do they never aim their weapons at anything? A raptor can be right in front of them and instead of aiming at it, they spray rounds back and forth in a wide arc.

    The whole movie is full of such silliness. After being instructed to conserve their ammo, they fire an extra fifty rounds into a raptor that's already dead. It's all this inattention to detail that makes it abundantly clear throughout the film that you're not watching a "real" movie.

    But, the last one minute of the movie almost makes it worth it. Some pretty cool CGI, and the best line of the whole movie is the last one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I mean, come on! The CG is terrible. An amateur on his home computer could make better dinosaurs. The actors are horrible as well.

    First off, I'd like to give some reasons as to why the story sucked.


    First off, two forces from different nations, caught up in a fight next to the island was a poor way to get a few people killed by dinosaurs. It lacked creativity.

    Second, a plane crashes, causing radiation to spill on to the island, turning the creatures on the island into these raptor creatures. I would like to inform the makers of this film, that nuclear radiation in 40 years will not turn back time. Lizards will not become Raptors of the dinosaur age. Therefore one of two things has happened here. A) The idea behind the story defies evolution, or B) These aren't real Raptors.

    Whoever told the actors where to shoot, obviously didn't speak before hand with the FX guys, because the actors shoot all over the place, and never hit the raptors. I saw a shot, where 5 raptors were directly in front of a guy, and he shot the tree to the side. He constantly shot the tree, and never the raptors. Also, whenever a raptor is shot, red gas comes out of the hole, then a bit of blood drips out. What are these things, balloons?

    One more thing. Whenever the raptors bite or slash someone before eating them, the person disappears, and there's only a few drops of blood. Not bodies, and gushes. Totally un-realistic. Bodies don't disappear.

    I hated this film. I went into it hoping to see a movie with dinosaurs that did not steal from Jurassic Park. I was very disappointed. The raptors looked like the Jurassic Park raptors, and the big raptor looked like the Carnotaur from Disney's Dinosaur.

    I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It down right stank.
  • BumbIeBeetuna13 December 2005
    I happened to have just finished watching Raptor Island, and my god it was awful! Now I'm usually very glad to watch horrible B rated movies(Frankenfish was my favorite) but this was crap! CRAP! The acting was terrible. There was one part where one Navy Seal TRIPS OVER A LOG AFTER HE LOOKS BACK AND SEES IT only to be eaten by the raptors. Oh what they aren't raptors! They're mutated dinosaurs! Not only are they the fake st things i have ever seen, they get shot and ignore the bullets! Its like a video game. They shoot the "Raptors" an the bullets disappear to leave no wound. And when a "Raptor attacks someone, in less than two seconds there's nothing but a blood stain! Way to go Sci Fi! Way to go!
  • Went straight into my bottom 10 movies of all time.

    It's not even so bad it's actually funny.

    It sets whole new standards of how bad a movie can be. Horrible pacing, awful editing, bad acting, and that's without mentioning the "Dinosaurs". I've met 16 year olds who could do better CGI & compositing than exhibited in this stinking mess.

    It has no artistic merit, and wound me up so much I actually finally got around to registering after using this site for years simply so I could post this dire warning..

    Avoid at all costs.
  • Horrible CGI, horrible effects, and horrible acting. When I first saw the raptors, I was immediately reminded of Turok. When the raptors got shot, I was reminded of horribly crude video game violence and paintball combined, and then their wounds magically disappeared. When a guy got eaten, their bodies became puddles of blood and a few clothing fragments... no bones, no organs, no nothing. And they sounded like the lions in Zoo Tycoon.

    Another thing I hoped was that they would make the raptors smarter than this... when hunting, they stood there and watched the people as they fired at them.

    Dinosaur fans and raptor fans... go watch JP instead. A 4/10 movie.
  • This move was a 10.5 on our Cheez-o-meter, the highest ranking possible, thanks to the earthquake movie of the same name. We knew we were setting ourselves up for a lambasting with "Raptor Island", we just didn't realize how badly.

    OK, so the movie is made on the super cheap, with crappy CGI, models that scream "REVELL!!" and an utterly ridiculous plot scenario. I can get past a lot of cheapness necessitated by TV movie budgets, but what I cannot accept is the flagrant carelessness of the director. C'mon, people, the story takes place on an island in the South China Sea: so why are we looking at boreal forest, replete with ivy-covered trees, in what is obviously fall? During the scene where Hack and Jamie are holed up in the plane wreckage, their breath is clearly visible when they speak. Sorry, folks, no matter how you slice it, British Columbia can never stand in for a tropical island.

    And what was with that weather at the end? The captain says their "socked in" "in this pea soup", but the island is having a lovely red sunset. Cut to helicopter pilot guy, shown in the cockpit with a raging ocean behind him. Cut to island sunset. Cut to helicopter flying over wrecked zodiac - it's night. Cut to Hack and Jamie, fighting off the bad guy, in full daylight. Cut back to pilot, shown in cockpit with that same raging ocean behind him. Cut to sunset. WASN'T ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION? Could they have at least TRIED to seem as though they were trying to be credible? Though this one was ripe for Joel and the Bots, we had plenty of fun of our own. Sublimely silly and purely ridiculous, there is no excuse to watch "Raptor Island", unless you're socked in by pea soup. Which we were.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ...but then what is? Here it is 2006 and I've just gotten around to watching this "movie." Yes, it was high on my "must-see" list. I kid! I kid! Just bored on a Saturday afternoon and during my channel-surfing I come across this flick and decide "what the heck!" It should have been "what the hell?!" The fact that Lasagna, er, Lorenzo Lamas was the star should have warned me, but I'm a glutton for punishment.

    I agree with every other review about the horrible effects. The things that made me laugh the most was the NAVY S.E.A.L.s' poor shooting ( the trees in the woods come out on the bad end of that ), Lorenzo throwing his machine-gun about a quarter-of-a-mile across a lava chasm to the CIA girl, the Russian agent and Lorenzo shooting at each other with machine-guns at POINT BLANK range ( Lorenzo on the helicopter, Russian on the ground ) and missing each other! This movie is full of wacked-out jollies like this. But still, I could not look away. Something about the Sci-Fi Channel and their crap movies compels me to watch. Watch, but only if you want to make fun or truly enjoy cheese, which I admit, I do. "Frankenfish" is still the best Sci-Fi movie yet, IMHO.
  • Pretty sorry effort. I'm not sure who did a worse job, the director, the CGI guys, or Lorenzo Lamos... Lamos, who's never been that good, just really sucks this time out. It looks like he isn't even trying....

    A good director probably could've made this a halfway decent B movie. The CGI wouldn't have been nearly as bad if they'd not held the shot for so long and had planted a few squibs in the forest to add to the illusion that they were actually getting shot. I presume this Navy seal raid had to happen in the daytime simply because the production couldn't afford to light a night scene, but I guess these guys have never heard of shooting day-for-night.
  • longj652 May 2005
    Like others have said about this movie, I think this has to rate the worst I've ever seen. Well, maybe it's tied with another worst one about some Leprechaun. Both movies have terrible special effects (which aren't so special at all). My son does stop-animation on his home computer with Playdough figures that are more realistic and entertaining than the dinosaurs in this movie. And when there's a fast-paced action scene, the cameraman shakes the camera wildly to try to give the effect that the action's more realistic and scary than it really is. And Navy Seals? You've got to be kidding! I'd be really ticked off if I were a real Navy Seal and saw the shameful way these guys were portraying the Seals. And the fantastic "hunks" that other commenters mentioned that give some merit to the movie don't impress me at all. I fell asleep watching this thing and don't know how it ends, but I'm sure the last half hour was as bad as the first part of the film. Don't waste your time on this. The bad CGI isn't even funny to watch (like the old dinosaur movies pre-Jurassic Park period), and the acting on the part of the humans in the movie is, like I said, just plain awful.
  • As with most SyFy movies, I wasn't really expecting much, as while a few of their movies are tolerable a lot of them range from bad to bottom-of-the-barrel quality. But I wasn't actually expecting Raptor Island to be this bad, not their very worst but it is down there. The acting is pretty much non-descript, I couldn't remember any of the performances after watching, that's how bland and awful they were. They aren't helped by stereotypical, annoying characters, a lifeless, humourless and tense-less script and a story that is not just dull and ridiculous but one that you can guess exactly where it was going. Aside from the dull scenery and choppy editing, it was the effects that single-handedly ruined Raptor Island, crude, artificial and lacking completely lacking in menace they are some of the worst effects I've ever seen. Overall, laughable acting, bland acting, a ridiculous story, annoying characters and embarrassing dialogue made Raptor Island an absolute joke of a movie. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • rockbandlover2221 July 2009
    This movie was horrible. I couldn't stand it. The computer graphics looked like they belonged in a cheap video game and the fight scenes were the worst i had ever seen. The people couldn't shoot worth crap and when they did manage to get some hits on the raptors, the corny blood spat out and there wasn't even an entrance or exit wound. In the scene where Azeer was killed by the three raptors they ate his entire body, bones, organs and all, in about 2.73 seconds. I think that's a record. Also whenever the people would start shooting the raptors the raptors just stood there like nothing was happening until they decided to run away. The acting was bad but the plot was okay. I rate movies half on how much I enjoyed them and how well they were made. I give this a 2/10 and that is the worst i give. Go watch a better dinosaur movie like Jurassic Park or something instead of wasting your time watching this.
  • MartianOctocretr520 March 2007
    Some of the cheapest looking CGI creatures you'll ever see attack some of the most poorly trained mercenary troops to ever brandish fake looking weapons on a bogus "South Sea island" set (in Canada). The goofs are endless, the script resembles mangled Swiss cheese, and the story is pretty much a chaotic maze of nothingness.

    The Raptor attacks are priceless. Usually they stand around, hanging out in groups doing nothing, as nitwit Green Beret wanna-be's pepper them with hundreds of rounds, and they just kind of stare in stupefied apathy as the useless bullets shower them. One of two things always happens: Either they get sick of being shot at, and they gang tackle the victim and then some animated blood spurts around; or a poorly done CGI red blotch appears on the poor confused Raptor and it drops over in a heap, never losing that silly grin they always seem to have. The chronological order for the victims-to-be is so obvious, they might as well have had numbers painted on their faces.

    Viewers definitely need to "turn off the brain" for this material. The writer, director, and cast certainly did.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ...and believe me, a 3 is very generous and based solely on my affinity for all things dinosaurian. First of all, these "raptors" look pretty lame. They are hardly raptorian, in the strict Velocirpator sense. I don't see any of the Velociraptors' infamous toe-claws on any of these things. They look like your typical, run-of-the-mill small predatory dinosaurs that would be more likely to attack small lizards and birds than human beings. To be honest, the Navy SEALs really should be able to beat these raptors senseless. Or just shoot them once and kill them. Lorenzo Lamas gives a typically bad Lorenzo Lamas performance. Not only is he a really bad Navy SEAL, he's a really bad actor. The girl Hayley Du Mond is attractive and keeps your interest for awhile, there's some sort of Allosaurus-type beast that appears from time to time to lessen our boredom. Overall, this is a pretty bad movie.
  • bill040434 March 2006
    Wow this movie has the worst special effects I have EVER seen! In the opening sequence I was looking for the strings on the airplane. The raptors getting "shot" was a joke. And the shooters were so freakin' stupid!! Haven't any of these people ever even held a real firearm? We're supposed to believe Seals shoot from the hip? I guess you could expect that from the untrained "bad guys", but any 12 year old with a BB gun knows better. And the spray and pray was just as bad. I won't even talk about how fake-looking the smoke and flames were. We're talking 1950's technology here.

    The whole thing was pathetic. Whoever did the technical advising on this film should look forward to a great career in the food service industry. "Want fries with that?" I'm going to have to go look up the director's name so I know whose films to avoid in the future.

    I think I've voted on over 100 films here, this is the first time I ever gave a "1".
  • Warning: Spoilers

    This movie was a horrible film by any standards, But what got me the most was how bad the special effects were. Now when I say bad I mean by today's standards, if the film was released 25 years ago it might have been received better. But still with a little help from my buddies I could have made the films digital effects three times better! other then that the film was still one of the worst films I ever saw Sci-Fi channel produce, (and they have made some bad ones). The raptors were funny to watch simply because when ever they would get hit with a bullet it would make a really unrealistic blood splat and then just disappear without a bullet hole or any mark at all. I believe in a couple scenes the raptors would actually ignore getting shot, which at that point the film turned into a comedy for me. However the film (at least to me) was so bad that it made it enjoyable to watch.
  • trutru26 August 2004
    Well honestly i didn't expect too much from this movie. The previews for it didn't even show the raptors for obvious reasons. This movie is just plain terrible, probably the worst movie i have ever seen. If you are looking for a good comedy movie this has to be it. the acting is bad, (just watching the guy struggle to trip over a log thta was on the ground took awhile), the lines are just as bad. I feel bad for the actors, they will never get another job again. Now for the worst part of the movie,the CGI. It looks like a Nintendo game from the 80's. from the beginning to end the cgi is terrible. just terrible. honestly horendous. the raptors look terrible, especially when shot at, apparently the effects are similar to the video game DOOM where the blood splats occur for a second and disappear. don't watch, please spare yourself, unless you want to laugh the entire movie
  • Decades ago, a crate filled with weapons grade plutonium crashes on an island and soaks into the ground. Today, a team of military men are sent to track down a notorious terrorist (of ambiguous national origin) and they track him to this polluted island. When their raft is destroyed, the team must spend the night on shore, but soon discover that the plutonium has done something awful to the island -- it has called forth hundreds of bloodthirsty velociraptors.

    Let me start this with a lesson: don't lend a movie to your friend before you've seen it, especially if you are supposed to be reviewing it for the internet's finest horror movie site. It took me almost a year to get this film back, and the person who borrowed it still had not watched it (though we ended up seeing it together). And a second, more important, lesson: when you do watch this, keep your expectations as low as humanly possible. Because this film ranks among the worst I've ever seen.

    My acting in 8th grade was more convincing than the seasoned actors who appear in this film (Lorenzo Lamas, Stephen Bauer). Line delivery is very fake, and the words themselves are poorly scripted. The opening words come from a man checking out his gun's scope: "Boom. Dead bad guys." Yes, that's pure genius at work. The only conversation with any depth has two main characters explaining their histories. But it, too, seems unnatural and a poor attempt to provide character background and to fill time. We didn't need to know anything about their histories, so why bore us with it? And if you think the conversations are bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

    The lighting is atrocious. I generally don't notice lighting, but my friend (a former film school student) was practically vomiting in rage at the way more often than not shadows fell on the actors' faces and the light would be in the background, focused on nothing in particular. Most lighting looks like a spotlight in a dim room, and many of the scenes involve a deep, subterranean cavern -- which you'd then expect to be poorly lit, but had lights coming from all sorts of random angles. Don't ask me why.

    The plot was pretty bad. Some films can take the idea of military men chasing a terrorist and make a convincing film out of it. Cat and mouse stories are riveting. Well, not here. The terrorist is really not even part of the story, just an excuse to go to the island. And the raptors? And the allosaurus? Sure, they came from the plutonium that soaked into the ground. But if that makes sense to you, please explain it to me because I have no clue how radiation brings dinosaurs back from millions of years of extinction.

    By far the worst part of "Raptor Island" is the animation of the raptors. That's right -- the selling point of the film is the worst aspect. The animation isn't just bad, it's subpar. I can't even express the hilarity of cartoons this cheesy. And when they get shot? Red splats like one would see in an old video game. Even the airplane, helicopter and Navy ship are cartoons... how hard is it to get a model plane? Please don't see "Raptor Island" unless you need a good laugh or want to get sickeningly drunk. Sure, you probably want to see it before you see "Raptor Island 2" (which seems to be getting better reviews). But just avoiding it entirely is your best bet. The closest thing I can compare it to is "Pinata: Survival Island", and unfortunately this film makes the pinata look good by comparison. You have been warned.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Man, seeing the previews of the movie hyped it up, but when I clicked on it to watch it it was painful to watch. First off, the guys who produced it were too cheap to get a real aircraft or even use CGI for the plane, instead they used a poorly made model of it. Then, without warning after the crash, it went all down hill from there. The Raptors, which looked to be CGI, had like really poor intelligence. They stood there being shot, and didn't even move to kill the person shooting them. Instead they stood over the body, which they killed in a Tyrannosaurus or big hunter sort of way(never once did they use their Terrible Claws). The only good CGI Dino was that Tyrannosaurus look alike, which looked like a amalgam of T-Rex and Carnotaurus. The acting, if you can call it that, was just plain horrible. Huge plot lines in the story, you could drive the Titanic through them. Even the location was wrong for a Dinosaur flick. This movie was just as bad as the Carnosaurs trilogy, and that is saying a lot. Jurassic Park III was a low point in the Jurassic Park series, but no Dino flick is as bad as Raptor Island in my book.

    3/10, stay far, far away from this movie.
  • What an odd choice for SciFi to want to make this crapfest of a film. What would urge them to want to go-ahead with this project?

    Nothing about this movie fits. The SEALS do not move or act at all like real NAVY SEALS(i'm not an expert. But I do know that they don't move like a bunch of spazes when in danger!) I mean tripping over a log? come on. And they went on a mission over water without actual swimming equipment. They went in under the cover of daylight(I found this very humorous). You could have seen them coming from four miles away -- a small black rubber boat, filled with a bunch of guys all wearing black. This is not hard to miss when the sun is shinning. Unless we're are dealing with stupid terrorists, which in this movie's case -- everything is stupid. Even the dinosaurs.

    Now on the subject of the dinosaurs. They moved in packs of three. Which probably meant that they could only afford to put three in one shot at a time. The bullet holes disappearing into them as they were shot was funny. Don't think I have seen they since I played DOOM a few years ago.

    The movie is riddled with bad acting, no-name faces, and Larenzo Lamas(!) who does not have a magnificent track record with movies, as far as i'm concerned. Though I did love Mike Nelson doing him on MST3K. But that's beside the point. He's just not a good actor in my opinion. Is that relevant here? apparently so, because he does a good job at acting horribly through this. The rest I have not heard of, and most likely will never hear of them again, until another action movie is churned out from SciFi.

    What I think of the plot/point of this movie is: running from goofy dinosaurs and shooting at them. There was some sub-plot about the SEALS rescuing some lady, or something like that. The main point like I said was to see guys run from dinosaurs and eventually hide from them in a cave.

    In closing...This was bad movie from the beginning to the ending credits.
  • I have seen several movies that involve "dinosaurs", and I have to say this movie had the worst special effects ever. Why would anyone waste their money on such a bad movie? I agree with several of the others who have posted their comments that the plot, the acting, the scenery and especially the graphics were so bad that it was worse than a B-movie. Don't waste your time watching this film. Usually what I have seen on Sci-Fi, has been worth my time, but this time I should have watched the news. Lorenzo Lamas was the only part of this movie with any redeemable quality and that was his good looks,not his acting. If they ever decide to try to emulate another dinosaur type movie, get a better CGI group to work for you.
  • Never before have I ever thought that a movie could be as bad as this, but this one is!!! The story line is OK, the acting is tolerable and I totally adore Lorenzo Lamas and Steven Bauer (they are totally hot!!!), most of the other actors parts were "ok" for me, but the CGI is so horribly done that it insults everyone involved (actors, producers, directors, FX people, and especially the viewers to the point where this is the worst made film I have ever seen. For instance: when you shoot an animal with an AK-47; blood is SUPPOSED to spurt out of its body, not just disappear into thin air and it supposed to at least flinch a muscle or two from being shot. If you have seen this movie, you know what I am talking about. Through out the entire movie where you see raptors, it is tooo apparent that they are very poorly done CGI. The special effects person should NOT put this movie in their resume'!!! I love almost all sci-fi movies and dinosaur movies like "Jurassic Park" (all of them), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World", etc... and am a very forgiving person when it comes to graphics, scripts, and even acting, but everyone involved with the making of this movie should be VERRRRRY ashamed of themselves for ever allowing their names to ever be associated with it. Thank God I saw it on cable and didn't have to pay to see it (only the 2 hellaciously long hours it took for it to finally end). The only frightening moment about this movie for me was that I was totally mortified that blood was going to shoot out of my own eyes just for watching this piece of crap!!! But Lorenzo and Steven are still two of Hollywood's Hunks that are always very easy on my eyes!!! I rate this movie a 2 out of 10 (one for Lorenzo and one for Steven!!!!) They are the ONLY reason I kept watching this abomination. If they weren't through out the entire movie, I would have shut off my TV 5 minutes after the CGI effects started!!
  • I consider Lorenzo Lamas to be one of the top 10 douche bags in Hollywood and I STILL felt sorry for the guy being in this horrible flick. It's one of those typical God awful movies they play on Sci-Fi channel when it's "Dinosaur Week." Terrible on all aspects- script, acting, CGI effects (on par with the Xena or Hercules TV shows from a decade before). Just all around BAD. The next time it's on TV you may want to watch a few parts just for a laugh but trust me, you will quickly be flipping the dial to the Home Shopping Network or some such dribble. Probably best just to stay away from this one... Seriously, anyone giving this film more than a 2 (and that's just for the unintended comedic elements) needs to see a shrink fast!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Raptor Island is a Sci-Fi Channel movie. It's very funny because it has a dumb story,bad acting,bad visual effects,bad direction,and enough plot holes to make a small cemetery.

    It starts out with a fake looking Chinese Aircraft getting struck by lightning. THE FILM IS ABOUT A GROUP OF Navy Seals that are on a mission to rescue an agent from terrorists led by Steven Bauer who was in Scarface with PACINO. They follow the terrorists to an island with Raptors. That's where the bad visual effects come in.

    This movie is hilarious in its awfulness. Oh and the Plot Holes "I don"t think he'll make it through the night. In the next scene that man is up running around. Why was a Chinese Aircraft holding American chemicals
  • bkoganbing22 July 2007
    Raptor Island is a Science Fiction channel revival of all those dinosaur films from the Cold War era where radiation is responsible for all kinds of strange beings.

    In this case a cargo plane crashed some time during the sixties on a volcanic island in the South China Sea, spilling radioactive material on the island.

    Fast forward to the War on Terror and a Navy SEAL team group headed by Lorenzo Lamas is trying to rescue a CIA agent Hayley DuMond from a group of Moslem terrorists headed by Steven Bauer. The terrorists, the SEALS and the CIA agent all wind up on that same island where in thirty years, raptors have returned to life and are multiplying exponentially.

    All the clich├ęs from those Cold War films are carefully preserved and recycled for the War on Terror. Despite the even more sophisticated weaponry of 2004, I can't believe how any of them survive. They should all have been raptor puppy chow as Lorenzo Lamas puts it.

    In terms of special effects, Jurassic Park it ain't. And the players can barely keep a straight face. Raptor Island is worth a few laughs.

    And if you can believe it, the Science Fiction channel has a sequel for this film, Raptor Planet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ouch. I find it very rare that a movie comes about that has no apparent intention of being good, nor pulling in a crowd for that matter.

    Of course this could be because it's a TV film.

    We join our heroes, the Navy Seals as they pursue some rather naughty terrorists to a lush volcanic island in the middle of nowhere. Soon after arriving on the bit of land we are introduced to a lame one-liner leader and a group of passive raptors that only strike those who scream very loudly and fire their guns inaccurately.

    The terrorists soon garner pity and then sad looks of disgust as one by one they are devoured and reduced to small piles of stained leaves and shoes. Sometimes not even that! The raptors have grown so hungry that clothing and combat boots seem just as appetizing as flesh.

    Then there's the fact that they aren't raptors at all...., but actually small lizards exposed to chemicals that have made them big and immortal against the 70+ rounds that barrage their bodies, spraying up fun amounts of CGI gore.

    The already stinking pot of this film gains more ingredients as the stupidity progresses. Raptors stand and take the abuse of hundreds of shells without so much as a flinch and people act like abandoned infants that need their diapers changed.

    If you are a fan of terribly produced horror flicks like myself, you'll enjoy a campy romp through a somewhat engaging atmosphere chocked full of jokes and MSTing.

    But, fairly ye be warned if you've come across this film looking for decency.

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