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  • FloX-23 November 2004
    Wow, what a beauty! This movie is just brilliant: Helmut Dziuba and Bernd Sahling wrote a good script, than Bernd Sahling himself made a good movie out of it and the acting of is simply to be called perfect.

    If you want to see a movie in which handicapped people play the major part, but which totally free of false pity and stereotypes, it is definitely this movie you should choose - and even better: because it is a children movie you can watch it with the whole family!

    Dziuba and Sahling wrote their story by saying: "All right, our leading roles are blind... what?!? They are 13year-old teenagers in first place!" With this in mind they tell a fascinating story about first love, taking part in a music contest and deep friendship. On the way through this movie you will get to know a lot about living in a German boarding school for the blind and the daily life of blind teenagers, but you will never feel like the director raises his forefinger and wants to teach you a lesson about "blindness".

    When doing a movie with handicapped people many directors tell you in interviews all the time, that they "wanted to show, that these people are just normal as you and I". Bernd Sahling does not need to stress this, because he made a normal movie for children - and it is a good one - in the first place with the only little difference, that his leading actors are blind - so what?!?

    9 out of 10
  • "Blindg√§nger" is a charming children's film set in a German boarding school for blind children.It is a light film about a serious topic of blindness which makes us aware of the fact that blind people have a great sense of social responsibility.They affirm that they are not at all dependent on people who can see.The atmosphere inside a school for blind children appears to be authentic.There is not much scope for melodrama or any kind of sentimentality.We get to have a fairly honest glimpse of their daily lives.As we watch two young boarders who are blind girls,we are able to realize that blind people cannot be taken for a ride.As they are just like other normal teenagers,it can be said that they can easily share their aspirations,concerns and dreams with other children of their age group.German director Bernd Sahling gives us an honest account of how blind people are perceived by ordinary people.It is unfortunate that they do not seem to have good opinion about their counterparts.Music is also a key element of this film. It was added in order to make this film sound good for young audiences.