[about his new Pontiac GTO while picking up Matthew, who was released out of jail where he was locked for six months for stealing another GTO]

Aaron Purnell: I got this one an old-fashioned way. I paid for it.

Darryl Kurtz: You still coming on Friday?

Aaron Purnell: If I can get the weekend off.

Darryl Kurtz: Work for me, you can have all the weekends you want. So, what brings you up here?

Aaron Purnell: My father is getting out.

Aaron Purnell: I arrest thieves and murderers every day. Not many change.

Matthew Rondell: Grandpa?

Ronnie Purnell: Junior?

Matthew Rondell: No, Matt.

Ronnie Purnell: Matt?

Matthew Rondell: Your grandson.

Ronnie Purnell: You're Junior's boy? Look at you. You're all grown up. You're a man.

Ronnie Purnell: Well, my Judge would kick your ass. A 400-cube Ram Air 4 with a quick-shift package, hood tach, man.

Matthew Rondell: You're speaking a dead language, man.