Willie: Do I tell you how to braid your hair? Don't tell me how to plow a field.

Clark Davis: The way a man grieves, that's a personal thing.

Marty Davis: Are you really here with me?

Clark Davis: I'm here.

Marty Davis: And you'll never leave me?

Clark Davis: Never

Marty Davis: Promise?

Clark Davis: Promise.

Marty Davis: How can I be certain?

Clark Davis: [Clark leans in to kiss marty] Because the two shall become one.

Clark Davis: Never despise meager beginnings.

Willie: When tragedy happens a real family pulls together, and mine ripped apart.

Marty Davis: My goodness, you make him sound like a fictional hero from one of your novels.

Missie Davis: Grant is educated and handsome, attentive. He's travelled all over for his job and seen places I've only read about.

Marty Davis: Just remember that God has written His own story for you and it's not the feelings of your heart that it should be based upon but rather the thoughts of your heart that you need to hear. That inner voice that tells you that this man will care for you no matter what, that he'll still want to kiss you when you're old and gray. Tend to you when you're sick. Honor you.

Missie Davis: And if the thoughts of my heart say "yes, he is the one"?

Marty Davis: Then you should trust your instincts and pledge your heart to him because a man like that is as rare as a diamond in the rough.

Missie Davis: Like Pa.

Marty Davis: Yes, like your Pa.

Willie: Actually I'm headed for the west.

Missie Davis: You got land to farm?

Willie: No, not yet. And when I do claim my land it will be for raising cattle not crops. I worked on a couple cattle ranches and thats what suits me.

[turns to Missie]

Willie: The thing is, I came by today, because I didn't want to make the same mistake. I wanted to see you, um, and to give these back to you.

[hands Missie the ribbons]

Missie Davis: My ribbons. You've kept them all these years?

Willie: Probably seems silly to you.

Missie Davis: No, not silly. It's sweet.

Willie: Well, anyway, Thats what I came for. To give you those and to say... goodbye.

Missie Davis: Bye.

Clara: All right, you two... you know what's expected.

local man: Time's a-wasting, boy!

Clara: I was wondering if you would do me a favor Claire. I'm just not hungry today but I don't want my lunch to go to waste. Maybe you could eat it for me?

Clara: I like to help you Miss Davis

Missie Davis: Thank you Claire.

Marty Davis: [crying] Dear Lord, you heal the lame. Please, please heal this good man and give us the strength to endure this.

Clark Davis: He will

Missie Davis: [in the barn with her brothers while Nate is fixing Clark's leg wound]


Missie Davis: My shepard will supply my need, Jehovah is His name. In pastures fresh He makes me feed, beside the living stream. He brings my wandering spirit...

[Aaron looks out towards the house crying]

Missie Davis: [clark's screams are heard]

Townsman: Cut your hair for two bits.

Grant Thomas: Actually, I'm looking for some information.

Townsman: Information's two bits.

[Grant hands him two bits]

Clark Davis: Lord, we thank you for the blessings that you have bestowed on this family, my family. and to Nate, our very own miracle who has reopened our eyes to your enduring promise.

Missie Davis: It's foolish to mess with bee's.

[Nate is holding a log that is smoking and holding it by a bee hive]

Willie: I've done this lots of times. Smoke puts em' to sleep. We'll surprise you're mama with some honey.

Willie: ouch, hey ouch!

[Bee's are stinging him]

Missie Davis: What's the matter? One of the bees not sleepy?

[willie looks at the hive and the bees and becoming angry]

Missie Davis: [willie starts to run from the hive]

Missie Davis: What about the honey for mama?

Willie: I'd stop talkin' and start runnin'.

Willie: I love you Missie Davis. I always have.

Missie Davis: I love you too.

Willie: Missie Davis, will you marry me?

Missie Davis: Pa, my heart is breaking.

Clark Davis: Mine too

Missie Davis: Can you fix it?

Clark Davis: Not this time no. Not this time. Go ahead, your husband's waitin' on ya.

Missie Davis: We have plenty of wood back at the cabin

Willie: Not a sturdy piece of oak like this one.

Missie Davis: Whats it for?

Willie: [notices bees and hands the wood to Missie] None of your beeswax.

Grant Thomas: I'll tell you what's real you have just given up the chance of a life time I could have any heart I want

Missie Davis: Until now.

Missie Davis: And if I did have to plant and plow, do you see yourself right there beside me?

Grant Thomas: You're missing my point. I wouldn't have to be there because no wife of mine would ever struggle even for an hour in a field. I'm a very wealthy man.

Grant Thomas: You don't want to say no to a man who's offering to save you from a life in perjury

Missie Davis: I'm saying no to a man who doesn't think adversity is something to get through together