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  • sun8610 April 2006
    I love this movie because I love true romance! I love to watch a movie or read a book that "makes my heart hurt"! And this one did it! It is a sequel to "Love Comes Softly". Missy (the little girl in "Love Comes Softly") has grown up and is the school teacher. When her father gets hurt chopping wood her step-mother must keep the household running and take care of him while Missy does the physical labor of plowing and planting the farm. Then out of nowhere comes a stranger, (a gorgeous one at that) called Nate, and decides to help them. He takes over all of her fathers work so that she can help her mother and father, and help him as well. They get to know each other during this time and Nate seems to have a secret that connects him to the community. In the mean time a very handsome, very rich, very sophisticated gentleman has decided to pursue Missy. Will she pick wealth or love? I hope they continue to make these films and I would love to see some Lori Wick books on screen as well. If they will do them justice!
  • I joined this site just to be able to vote for this movie as I felt the rating was way too low. This happens very rarely, but this movie was actually better than the book. A movie like this is one that I would buy because I believe it is family entertainment that upholds values that I want my children to emulate. The acting was absolutely superb!! Kudos to Michael Landon Jr. for embarking on this project. I would love to tell him of my appreciation and let him know that there are many people who are grateful for those who go against cultural trends to produce movies that portray positive role models. I will recommend this to everyone -especially those who have read the Janette Oke series of books. I read them when I was a teenager and remember them as sort of sappy, but I have to admit that I cried a few times in this movie because I felt the characters were so believable and I quickly became attached to them.
  • When I first saw Love Comes Softly, I quickly ranked it high up on my mental list of favorite movies. I purposefully watch it whenever I see if listed, which now totals about 10 times. I just saw Love's Enduring Promise for the first time recently, and now have another movie to add to my list. This sequel did not let me down. Thankfully, the same Clark and Marty were cast for this movie, as well as Willie. I suppose it wasn't reasonable to cast the same Missie, due to her age. But January Jones' portrayal soon made me forget any disappointment I may have had. I realize these movies are carried on the Hallmark channel, which thankfully seems to have kept ethics and principals in tact, but I believe they could have been shown on any leading network and still would have drawn lots of viewers with positive feedback. I hope everyone of all ages takes the time to watch these movies. I found myself getting so absorbed in Enduring Promise, just as I did in Comes Softly, that I "became" a part of that time in my mind. What different times those were! I intend to watch them again and again!
  • Just like 'Love Comes Softly' this book has nothing in common with the book except for a few names, but that is no reason to pitch either one out. Love and enjoy each separately. It's like 'Anne of Green Gables' I love the books and the movies but they aren't identical either. I love Dale Midkiff. My only disappointment was I think he looks better with shorter hair like how he looked in 'The Magnificent Seven'. (Whoa, heart, calm down, he's somebody else's husband.) ;-) Anyway...I actually felt like Michael Landon, Jr. managed to incorporate more romance in this movie than Janette Oke had in the book. In the book, Willie and Missie's romance was probably a grand total of a dozen pages out of the whole thing if that much. Mrs. Oke seemed to want to run off on rabbit trails in the book talking about people that had very little to do with the Davis'. I cared more about Missie's romance than whether a neighbor had a baby or not and whether he was right in the head or not. In the book, I thought it was cute when Willie tried to help Missie shut the window that was stuck. That would have been cute to see in the movie. It was about the only thing in the book that resembled romance. I personally prefer romance with witty banter and things that make your heart flip over and make you laugh at the same time. The Danielle Steel type of stories seem to keep the people in bed so much that if real people stayed in the bed that much they would be dehydrated into a pile of dust in a month. Of course, Logan B. was very cute. My only thing there was they seemed to be trying too hard to make him be an expert in every field, and whenever he was around everyone else was helpless, but that wasn't his fault. He was mighty cute while he was being Superman, Marcus Welby, etc. Anyway...I think this movie is definitely worth a watch. Rita If Michael Landon, Jr. is reading this, may I suggest Lori Wick's 'The Californians' series, and 'A Place Called Home' series. Lori Copeland's book 'Hope'. She is hilarious.
  • This movie can be enjoyed by the whole family. A wholesome drama with some humor infused to lighten the mood despite difficult moments. A nice touching story about a family struck by hard times when the father, Clark Davis injured himself and the family risked losing everything they have because there is no one to help with the farming. Until a handsome young stranger comes along and pitches in to help. As the story unfolds, it's more of the family helping this young man, teaching him things that the family values: love, faith, endurance, and forgiveness.

    Highly recommended for the whole family!
  • Yes, I agree with viewer, Kayla, regarding the young actor who plays Willie/Nate - Logan Bartholomew - he's truly a star and a shining light. I looked him up and learned that "Promise" is his first film although he had a bit part - apparently non-speaking - in one of the American Pie films. Once I discovered that "Promise" is Logan's first film, I was even more impressed because his character is very demanding in terms of the plot and Logan has the most intense scene in the movie where he really has to show his stuff. This young fellow is definitely someone to watch. It's very exciting to see an actor at the beginning of his career and I will watching Logan like an overbearing parent!
  • Michael Landon Jr., you've done it again! I viewed this movie with a friend expecting The Dumpies, but I was PLEASANTLY surprised! I can't remember enjoying a movie so much since Bambi was released on VHS! This is definitely a film that will be added to my "For A Good Watch" only shelf! MAJOR props to all the superb actors! Note: If you like movies filled with all the nasty gore and foul language, then this is definitely NOT for you! This movie is for people with higher standards and more cultured tastes. I am not even an old, Mennonite mom trying to preach, I'm just stating the facts... and trying to make this review ten lines long........
  • This is a great Hallmark movie sequel. You should watch Love Comes Softly before seeing this sequel but it isn't necessary. The movie is a great love story. The only reason I didn't give it a ten is because it isn't that original. It is a basic love story of a girl having to choose between two guys; one who is cute, rich, and maybe a little shallow, and the other who is cute, poor, but very deep. Hmm sounds familiar but it is still very good. All the actors are great. I rented it because I love Katherine Heigl's character in Love Comes Softly. I wish she would have had a bigger part in this story but the main focus is her adopted daughter. Overall, the movie is a nice break from violence laced movies.
  • I had just watched Love's Enduring Promise on the Halmark channel, and I was pleasantly surprised. Though the sequel wasn't quite as entertaining as the first one, it is well worth seeing. The storyline was well above average. The only part that was "ify" to me was the very beginning when Pa chopped his leg. It looked too much like he had died rather than just passed out, which would have been really lame. (Dying in 5 minutes because you cut your leg seems rather stupid, maybe that's just me.) The highlight of the whole movie is the young actor Logan Bartholomew. Saying that Nate/Willie is "handsome" is an understatement. He is an absolute hottie. I hope that he STARS in many more movies to come!!!!!! (If nothing else, watch the movie just to see him!) I definitely wouldn't mind a sequel to the sequel!
  • ..for what it's worth, January Jones is older than Katherine Heigl! That's Hollywood for you! I am not complaining (too much) But it is a bit of a stretch to accept the kid from "My Father the Hero" as January's step-mom. Both women are great actresses, and I enjoyed their performances in this movie, but the age proximity was distracting. Also, a bit disconcerting. Marty sure did not age much from the first movie to the second. The makeup department could have tried a little harder. I guess Skye McCole Bartusiak is too young to be Missie again, so I understand the reality of the situation. Otherwise, the movie was an entertaining diversion as period pieces go, without any violence or profanity. Any 10-year-old girl would love it!
  • ctomvelu-126 July 2008
    This followup to LOVE COMES SOFTLY follows the further adventures of the pioneering Davis family. Pa Davis (Dale Midkiff) injures himself while splitting wood, putting the farm is in jeopardy. Ma Davis (Katherine Heigl) and Pa Davis's daughter Missie (January Jones, stepping in for Skye Bartusiak from the original), try to keep things going, but the work proves too difficult. Out of nowhere, or so it seems, a handsome young stranger (Logan Bartholomew) appears and helps save the farm. You know the movie is in trouble when the opening credits read "with Dale Midkiff," the star of the first movie. Indeed, Midkiff -- and Heigl -- are relegated to supporting roles while Jones and Bartholomew are moved to the forefront as a sort of Okie version of WUTHERING HEIGHTS' Cathy and Heathcliff. The intensity and strong acting of the first movie are almost completely missing here. Jones in particular is a lackluster Missie, and yet she is expected to carry this tedious TV movie. Hard to believe this was made by the same director as the original.
  • the movie was good although i still think the first one was better. it was well directed and well acted.

    i just have one comment. i don't know if it's just me but i kept on getting distracted by the seemingly nonexistent age-difference between missie and marty. they looked like sisters instead of mother and daughter. i thought January jones looked older than katherine heigl in some scenes, then i found out from IMDb that she is indeed older. it would have been better if they at least tried to age katherine so she would look believable as a stepmother to a grown young woman.

    another thing, the DVD cover is very misleading. the film is about missie but they put katherine heigl's picture on the cover. this might mislead others into thinking that the film is about marty. other than these, i don't have any other comments.
  • amberkaye819 September 2006
    I didn't really think this series was going to be my type of movie, though I have always liked a good romance. It definitely reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. I'm sure we all know why that is. When I watched this movie the first time, I cried throughout. It is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend watching the entire series, especially watching them in the proper order. If you can't find a place to rent them, they would be well worth the purchase! I'm just trying to save up money so I can buy them for myself. I wish Little House on the Prairie would come out on DVD as well so I could add it to my collection. Unless it's come out and I just haven't found it yet?
  • I thought the movies were great and I think the books are awesome I would recommend if you haven't seen the movies yet you should read the books first. I hope they do continue they movies I think they would turn out as great successes to the film industry and I think it would make all of the people who have seen Love Comes Softly and Loves Enduring Promise a lot happier for the sequels to the movies. For those who follow my suggestion and read the books before watching the movies here is a list of the books. Love Comes Softly, Loves Enduring Promise, Loves Long Journey, Loves Abiding Joy, Loves Unending Legacy, Loves Unfolding Dream, Love Takes Wing, Love Finds a Home
  • mmsmile857 November 2005
    I read the books a long time ago and the movie is definitely better. I enjoyed the books, but this has a better focused storyline and incredible acting. Logan Bartholomew makes me think I should know him, or know someone who reminds me of him, but I don't know who. Its incredible that this was his first movie, and I hope to see him in another one sometime soon. I would definitely love to see some of Lori Wick's books turned into movies. She is by far my favorite author, and has wonderful plots, very original. Some of them would need to be pared down for a movie, but it would definitely be worth it. I hope that someone connected to the director reads this.
  • BeethovenDoodle13 February 2006
    The only things that I did not like is that when the movie was made, they changed the names of too many characters. In book, Marty's husband's name was Clem. Sarah was actually Ma Graham. Also, Missie was only 2 years old when Clark and Marty married, and the baby that was born, his name was Clare. Other than that, is was very close to the book, by Janette Oke. I really enjoyed watching this movie with my Mum and sister. We(mum and I) have read the books over and over again. We could not believe that somebody had made it into a movie. We hope that they will do the whole series. I can't wait until Love's Abiding Joy comes to Hallmark.
  • I've watched a few of these "Love" movies now, some are better than others, this is one of the good ones. It again stars Katherine Heigl & Dale Midkiff, married for several years, the romance here centers around their spirited daughter Missie who is all grown up and working as a school teacher. When Pa gets hurt chopping wood it falls on Missie to take over the farm duties, plow the fields and plant the crops. Pa's leg falls to infection and its all very touch and go for a while.

    Out of nowhere a stranger turns up to help his name is Nate he takes over the farming, fails at bee wrangling and develops a kinship with Missie who at the same time is being wooed by a wealthy land surveyor and part owner of the railroad soon to come through town. Meanwhile Nate has a few secrets that come to light and some troubles that he must come to terms with before he can truly live his life

    The reason I think I enjoy these so much is because I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and these movies are of the same vane; family and faith and struggle and in the case of the movies a romance. I also enjoy shutting off the noise every once and a while and I say that as someone who's a fan of Sons of Anarchy.

    I do appreciate that there are still movies out there meant for the entire family. Without any graphic violence, sex scenes or F-bombs. Wholesome. And probably why I find these "Love" series films so (strangely) addictive. Its nice to just turn all that "noise" off once and a while.
  • The second movie in the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' movie series. The story, the characters and a few casts continued from the first, but leaps forward to a few years where we can see the all grown up Missie. She's a school teacher who is living happily with her two younger brothers and parents. This was a good movie as well and well narrated without hurriedness like the first film that ran just under the 90 minutes.

    This is the Missie Davis story. The movie talks about her life as a young woman who encounters her love for the first time. What she expects from it and her experience in the style of between mid and late 1800s. It was not all about the romance, but some drama centers around an accident that happen at the beginning. In the other parallel string story of an another family, connect with the past events introduced a few characters of its own.

    Kind of depressing from the story narration to music, but in a good way. Rising from the tragedy and sorrow is the main theme. Like the story moved on to the next generation, the young cast as well performed very well. As the film concentrates around Missie, the involvement of other characters as well very compressed. Thus, looks like the minimal cast movie and the other reason is the most of the scenes were shot in the isolated places like having only two characters around.

    "Never despise meager beginning."

    I saw the loop, a circle, combining the first two films in the series. I mean this second movie's end was similar to where the first movie was began. That gave me some idea of what might have happened before the first film's commencement. It is only my guessing, who knows, in the next parts the truth could be revealed. As looking at the style of narration, there won't be any flashbacks, not in the pictures, maybe by the remembering the past.

    A very good follow-up, cleverly switched to another phase of the storytelling and by expanding, opens more window for the next parts. Slow pace and I'm not complaining that because I was expecting it. Being a television movie, it's given the overall best product. Now I can't wait for the third movie. Okay, goodbye then, I'll meet you in the next parts's review.

  • Marty (Katherine Heigl)'s daughter Missie Davis (January Jones) is a kind hearted teacher. Passing surveyor Grant Thomas takes a liking to her. Her father Clark Davis is accidentally injured and saved by a mysterious farmhand named Nate. Nate helps to plant the field. The family calls it God's enduring promise. Nate has to resolve things with his father after a tragedy destroyed his family. Davis returns to court Missie and it turns out that his family is extremely wealthy. Davis offers her a life of luxury to get away from her struggles with poverty.

    I think Missie is suppose to be a teenager but January Jones is not. She has always played a little older and there is something off with her in this role. The fact that she's even slightly older than Katherine Heigl doesn't help. The story is functional with a message of endurance. It would be helpful to reveal Nate's secret from the start so that Nate and Missie can build more chemistry together.
  • If all one ever watched were the standard fare films Hollywood made about the West, you would have to wonder how it ever really was settled. The rootin' tootin' shootin' Westerns have entertained generations – not only in America, but also across the globe. But if that's what the West was really like, then it's a wonder that anyone lived or that towns in the West ever grew and survived.

    Well, of course, many people did survive – the vast majority; and many towns grew up into the Western U.S. that we have today. From pioneer journals, diaries and novels we have the stories of hardship, sorrows and progress of some of those people. Many were people of faith, who took their trust in God with them when they journeyed West. "Love's Enduring Promise" is such a tale and film. It's the second of a series of movies made based on books by Canadian author Janette Oke. Oke's stories include all the rigors and hardships of the hardy pioneers; but they develop around people with strong Christian faith and beliefs.

    There are many pioneer and historical museums and centers in the U.S. Two excellent sources for diaries, maps, and stories about the West are the Oregon-California Trails Association in Independence, MO, and The National Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier, ID.

    "Love's Enduring Promise" is a well-made movie with a fine cast. The cinematography and technical qualities are all very good. Most of the characters are quite natural and lively in their roles. But Dale Midkiff seems to lack energy in his portrayal of Clark Davis. This seems an exaggeration of a pensive person, where he seldom shows emotion or excitement about anything. His character comes across as sedated, where Katherine Heigl and January Jones also have deep faith, but with some spunk.

    These are good family stories, but this particular film may be too slow to keep the interest of young boys.
  • Well as with all of the movies they have made so far with this series this movie was the most disappointing. If any one has read the books they would know that the first movie was off a little which is to be expected when a movie is based off an book. But, the this one was so off the story line it was maddening. If you changed the names of the characters and the name of the movie it would be hard to relate this movie to the book. They have cut out key characters, mainly the rest of Clark and Marty's children. And the plot line is nothing like the book. While the movie itself was good and enjoyable, my knowing the story made it hard to watch how far strayed from this series. There really is no way to even come back again, as shown in the next two movies. The writers are rewriting the story and ruining it.
  • I was really baffled after watching this movie by how high this movie is ranked here. January Jones acts as if she needs to vomit because of the silly dumb lines that were written for her, and who can blame her?

    They usually say that child actors outplay adults, but don't worry: Here the kids are so annoyingly sweet and artificial like Hummel figurines.

    This storyline is so dramatically stupid, historically inaccurate and foreseeable that it's hard to believe anyone enjoyed watching it. The only explanation I have, is the blunt rubbing in of Christian propaganda. I guess the silly storyline of a Christian family talking about their Christian values is enough to make evangelicals happy. No brain needed.

    Wow, this was bad... It actually was so bad, it was near to ironic...
  • Wat happen in Love enduring promise? who is Willie? who did Missy choose? what happen in love's long journey? Please tell me in full detail. If it is not too much. When is love abiding joy coming out?have u seen it? if so, can you please tell me what it is about? In full detail? hope it is not 2 much if u r even bothering to answer me at all. i would be so happy if all the series come out. if the series do come out, would it b in the cinema or TV? i know, i know. i m asking 2 many question but i cant help it. please, please, please answer me if you know the answer. your help would be so appreciated. i m writing way too much now.