Manah: ["Ending A"; last words] Oh stupid, stupid, all of you, fleeing the resurrection. The gods are watching! It is their last judgment! We will be transformed! We fear nothing! We are loved! You hate me, don't you? Kill me if you want. I don't mind. Come on, warrior. Kill me. Don't hold back. Whoppity whop! Kill little Manah! I don't mind. I am loved, you know. See, mother has to love me, if the gods love me.

[collapses; starts sobbing]

Manah: Kill me, kill me, if you don't, I'll... I'll do something! If you hate me, kill me, kill me! Just one big smash! Don't hate me, Mother, please! I'm gonna die, you see! Or you can do it! I don't mind. Kill me, kill me! I don't mind! Kill me, please!

Leonard: [last words] Death need not be the end of hope!

Angelus: [opening lines] Kill me if you desire. But you will *never* dirty my soul, wretched human.

Caim: Furiae!

Manah: [evil voice] Now it is time to feel the love of the gods! A deep love! A great love!

[voice changes]

Manah: A love powerful and formidable! A love that crushes like a mace! La la la la la... la!

ManahManah: I broke the seal. Now she's useless.


Furiae: [last words; to Caim] Don't look... at... me...

Caim: [to the dragon] Your answer! A pact, or... death!