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  • A story of a cottage, built by a lover for his fiancée. She didn't think it good enough, so broke her engagement, to marry a man of wealth. The builder leaves the village heartbroken. A few years later, another girl visiting the village sees the house and hears its story. She falls in love with the romance attached to it and later with the man who built it, Jack. They are married and live happily. The leaders are written on the plan of "The House That Jack Built" poem. For instance, one reads: "This is the girl that promised to live in the house that Jack built." Another reads: "This is the girl who heard from her friends the tale of the house that Jack built." These leaders are thus filled with suggestions far more tenderly sentimental than the pictures; but the audience liked it very much, as was quite plain. There is some good humor in it. - The Moving Picture World, November 25, 1911