Alexa St. Fontain: I'm Alexa St. Fontain, your goddess of gossip.

Jim Sashe': And this is swami of celebrity swank, Jim Sashe', you're watching...

Both: This is Hollywood!

Alexa St. Fontain: [off-screen] Remember this apple-cheek little starlet? Here she is in her very first picture, "Cross Country with Uncle Leadfoot."

Jim Sashe': Wow, grandpa, keep your hands on the wheel!

Alexa St. Fontain: That's screen sensation Ashley Brown, star of last summer mega-blockbuster "Monkey in the Hauntings."

Jim Sashe': Of course she is, Alexa. Ashley Brown is bonified movie magic. Let's take a look at her transformation from "Barely Legal" to "Double D-light".