The origional tittle of this film was Ulfat.

When Raaj Kumar took over the film to revive the film and compliting the film, the actress Sadhna refused to work in the film so her double was used wearing sunglass, only Raj Kumar and Waheeda Rehman participeted the shooting till the film was complete.

This film took more than 25 years to complete.

Raaj Kumar wanted Sadhana to do some college scenes with himself in 1990. Sadhana could not believe what Raaj Kumar was saying. She flat out refused and this angered Raaj Kumar.

Raaj Kumar son Panini composed the films new background music under the name " Paanini Go Dhollee".

Susanne Vega song Toms Diner was used a background music.

Raaj Kumar was the hero of a film called 'Ulfut'with Waheeda Rehman and Sadhana as his heroines and is said to have created havoc for them and the producer, K. Razdan who was a leading publicist who had worked with Guru Dutt and all the leading banners. The unit faced so many problems because of him that Razdan decided to write a book on his experiences with Raaj Kumar and called it 'Nark Yatra'. He however did not get it published but was very happy when he filed a suit against Raaj Kumar and saw him sitting in the coat on a wooden bench which he had to share with prostitutes and pimps.Raaj Kumar later spent lakhs of rupees to remake and release the film as 'Ulfet'(he was very particular that 'Ulfat'be spelt with an 'e') ki nayi manzilein'. The film was a disaster. He could use any excuse to create problems for his producers. Like he didn't like how a cinematographer called G. Singh who was a sardar scratched his beard and he refused to do Prakash Mehra's 'Zanjeer'because of a particular brand of oil he used in his hair.

The film did not have a theatrical release in British Columbia, Canada.

The shooting of the film started in the late 60's.