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  • mack_the_jibber8 August 2004
    possibly the best representation of hooliganism I've ever seen on a screen. The movie is really in two parts each running parallel to each other. The first is a single gang fight ('off' to those ITK) which builds as the movie unfolds toward a quite stunning and frighteningly accurate conclusion.

    The second part is a monologue delivered quite brilliantly by an actor most will recognise from his time in 'Eastenders'. Again, this is generally superb in its execution although I did feel some of the editing looked a bit ropey. Particularly at the end where the gap before the final line is delivered is about a second too long (as you'll see when you watch it)

    But this should not detract from the fact that this is a great little movie although it should really be about an hour and a half longer!