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  • coreymouth31 March 2004
    This is a tv movie you don't see every day. Very simple story : a son killed by a man, his widow mother alone with her pain and huge rage. The "fight for justice" takes place during the french presidential election in 1981. It's important because Mitterrand decided to eliminate the sentence of death in France. Then the mother starts to struggle for keeping it to have revenge.

    Anne Richard did a great actress job. She's wonderful because she's right. She touches you at heart. The movie follows her through a couple of years so you can see that rage growing up and up, destroying her life. Only the killer's death means something. The end is very unconventional but it's logic. I won't tell you ! Unless you ask me to ! In fact, you don't know how to react facing such horrible drama. You can't even imagine. But the movie leads you to some reflections. And that's great.