• Continuity

    When Frankie removes Maggie's ventilator to administer a lethal dose of adrenaline, she is clearly breathing on her own. Earlier in the movie, Eddie's voice-over noted that Maggie will never be able to breathe on her own again.

  • Continuity

    When Frankie comes into the room to euthanize Maggie, he sits on the bed beside her. Behind him you can see both her legs under the covers, even though her left leg was amputated.

  • Factual errors

    When Maggie regains consciousness, she speaks to Frankie. She has a tracheotomy tube attached to a ventilator, which makes speaking by mouth impossible.

  • Revealing mistakes

    Sucker punching someone in boxing is a serious offense and will often result in a suspension of the offender. If it resulted in an injury like one suffered by Maggie, it would result in the arrest of the fouling fighter, the likely permanent revocation of their boxing license and a very hefty lawsuit against that fighter. SInce money to care of Maggie is a major portion of the film's narrative, it's surprising that very short shrift is giving to would obviously be a major concern: The offending fighter being punished for her actions.