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  • I got to go see Sky High at a free preview last night. When I saw the commercials, I wrote this movie off immediately. It looked like a strictly-for-kids, stupid-but-cute, teeny-bopper funfest. Blech!

    I was pleasantly surprised! I love going into a movie like this with low expectations and being proved wrong. I am a hardcore comics fan ("weenie" I believe the earlier reviewer said) and I still found a lot to like here.

    The movie has a better take on what a superhero world would actually be like than many "serious" movies. It was almost like a kids version of the "Astro City" comic book.

    The jokes really made Sky High for me! I wont spoil any for you but I will point out that the cast included Bruce Campbell, Kevin McDonnell, Dave Foley and Lynda Carter!

    If you're a comics fan, go see it! If you've got kids and want to have a fun evening, go see it!

    I am kinda hoping that this becomes Disney's next live-action series.
  • jwhitus25 July 2005
    I saw "Sky High" at a preview screening tonight, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! A lot of laughs for kids and grownups, a couple of good plot twists, and a nice message for the youngsters. Kurt Russell steals the show as an over-the-top super hero, who wants nothing more than for his son to follow in the family business. Kelly Preston looks amazing as his flying super hero wife. A great group of kids play the Sky High students, with cool effects to help them into their roles... and some nice parables about life in high school. I expected lots of eye rolling and lame super hero humor... but there was no lameness, no eye rolls, but plenty of good laughs and sweet moments. Parents, feel free to go with your kids to this one!
  • I think Disney misfired with the very poor The Pacifier and had higher expectations from the Herbie movie. But they'll do surprisingly well with this kids flick, I think. Perhaps we even have a sleeper here.

    When I saw the Sky High trailer I thought I was going to see the next installment of Spy Kids. Okay, there are a lot of crazy special effects in this movie, but the story is actually driven by the nice performances by almost all the actors instead of lots of SFX.

    The film is about young Will Stronghold (charming performance by Michael Angarano), son of the two most popular and successful superheroes in the world, The Commander (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston). Will is about to go to Sky High, a school especially founded for superheroes, but there's one problem: he doesn't own any superpower. Instead of being a superhero, his highest goal seems to be the one of sidekick. So how can he survive at school being the son of the world most famous super duo? And how will his parents react when they hear the bad news?

    Sky High is a very entertaining family movie with lots of good hearted humor. Early in the movie Bruce Campbell (oh yeah!) steals the show as (ex-hero, now teacher) Sonic Boomer, who has a 'Sorting Hat' scene in which he determines which student will go to hero class and which ones will study for sidekick. Kurt Russell gives a great tongue-in-cheek performance as proud daddy who thinks it's great that his son defeats all the bullies at school but has to condemn it in front of his wife. And that's the opinion of a someone who isn't actually a fan of the actor himself. The original little ideas dry out after the first half of the movie, but who said that all family movies should have Oscar power?

    Sky High is a movie about friendship, falling in love with the wrong girl, falling in love with the right girl and trying to succeed in your parents footsteps. Very entertaining for the kids, and some nice laughs for parents too (during the Sidekick lessons given by ex-All American Boy for instance: lots a references to the Robin from the Batman TV-series). Great 80's soundtrack as well, with covers from songs by The Smiths, Talking Heads, Tears for Fears and even Till Tuesday and Modern English.
  • I saw the advance screening of this movie last night and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised! I went into this movie expecting a cheesy kiddy movie and ended up spending the next hour and a half being seriously entertained. The story is about a group of freshmen in their first few months at a super hero high school named "Sky High." There are all the familiar struggles of high school, such as fitting in, finding a date, and choosing between the friends you have known and loved your whole life and the new popular crowd. These high school newbies have the additional dilemma of learning to use their powers and live up to the reputations that their parents have established as super heroes. The movie is sweet without sending the viewers into a diabetic coma, and has a great message. The theater I was in was also full of little ones, who I never heard a peep out of! The movie is a great treat for the entire family and will make a great break from the heat or a rainy day activity!
  • This has the makings of a completely unoriginal hour and a half: super-hero's, high school, special effects. Much to my surprise, it's funny, well acted, and original. Apparently, this movie was in production before the Incredibles was released. It's not a result of the success.

    As someone who grew up during the Love Bug, Benji era of Disney live action kids movies, it's a nice change of pace.

    It was well worth the time and $. A family movie without a lot of violence, language, or sexual "near misses".

    Who'd a thunk it!
  • sidlone31 July 2005
    Well, I must say that this movie was surprisingly good for it being a Disney Kid Movie. Now it won't win any Oscars, but it really kept up the Disney Tradition for being a clean and fun film. It was wonderful to see Kurt Russell on the screen again with Disney. The acting, again, not an Oscar performance out of anyone, was clean and sincere, very believable. The sets and special effects were, well, good. The diversity and conflict between students of the school, once again... good. There were some very witty and dry remarks about high school life as well. Good writing. I say the most surprising thing about this film was that it was just plain old fun! It had the patrons laughing as well as I. My 7 year old and my 3 year old loved it and it was still adult enough with a strong enough plot to keep the parents interested as well. All in all, it made for a fun afternoon.
  • astrohmeyer26 July 2005
    This movie was awesome. I went with two other adults & we all enjoyed it. There were tons of young kids there & in typical Disney style lots of fun things the adults understood, but the kids didn't (like who the principal was in our youth)! The kids around me seemed to enjoy it, along with the adults. If you are looking for an action movie, this is not it, if you're looking for mystery & intrigue this is not it, if you're looking for amazing cinematography, not it, but if you're looking for a fun movie to go to with your family, this is the movie to go see. I got to go for free, but would definitely pay to go see it again!
  • Kurt Russell went back to his Disney roots with Sky High, a fresh take on the superhero craze. The story revolves around Will Stronghold( Michael Angarano) who is the kid of two superhero parents, The Commander( Kurt Russell) and Jetstream( Kelly Preston). Will is off to be a freshman at his dad's alma mater- Sky High, a school for superheroes where they can find their powers and learn how to use them. High school angst is then thrown into the mix as Will and his new group of friends, headed up by the typical girl best friend Layla( Danielle Panabaker), are told they don't fit the superhero mold and become sidekicks, otherwise known as the losers of the school.

    I loved the idea of this movie and the people in it seemed to be having a great time. The roles were cast perfectly and it was easy to believe everyone. A few favorites were Warren Peace( Steven Strait), Layla and Zach( Nicholas Braun). Sure the plot was a tad predictable, both in the superhero plot and in the teen drama area but because of the setting and the mix it made it still worth seeing. Also, anything that has Bruce Campbell, who plays Coach Boomer, is automatically quirky enough to be given a chance. Of course the world ends up in danger and the underdogs must fight to save it, but for once I wasn't upset that I knew it all.

    Disney needed a hit as the past few movies it's put out that were live action failed to do much. I think Sky High is it. Action for the boys, cute boys and drama for the girls and Kurt Russell for the moms- great family movie. All I can end with is I can't wait for it to come out on video.
  • I remember the days when I was a kid and loved Disney comedies. Son of Flubber, The Shaggy Dog, etc. Then there was the classic period after I got a little older with Kurt Russell Disney movies. Well those days are back and you can even take your kids. It is PG rather than the G of the old stuff but that is only because of violence and that violence is directed mostly at property. The characters are not killed or injured. (A lot better than the Bad News Bears which the theater had warnings up about being a STRONG PG 13). Anyway Kurt Russell is so campy in this one and (what a shock) so is Bruce Campbell. The plot and theme borrow a lot from the Incredibles (which is a good thing because I liked it the best of Pixar's flicks) Also you might think Hogwarts when you see the classes except the high school floats in the sky and rather than potions and avoiding the dark forces the student learn how to be superhero sidekicks and how to build ray guns in science class. Won't go any further on that except to say that those scenes are a hoot. Anyway the good guys win, the bad guys lose, the hero is taught lessons about life and everyone gets a laugh a minute as it all comes about.
  • I attended a screening of this movie last night and I must say this is the only comic book film I have seen in a long time that I immediately want to see again. I was there with a row of press and was invited to bring my kids, seeing as I do't have any I took my nephew. This boy is all over the place most of the time, but he was rivited when the movie started and when it ended he wanted toys, I don't think there are any. I spent time at a round session conducting interviews of the cast and I was lucky enough to run into the creator of Sky High, Paul Hernandez. Hernandez was surrounded by Latino press who were all hitting him with questions. I was about to leave when he stopped me and said jokingly "don't worry, I speak English too." We chatted about his attempt to set this up as a television series in 94 and how he left the production to work on Greatest American Hero at Disney, as well as Instant Karma for New Line, a film he is directing staring the Rock and Pierce Brosnan. With just the 10 min or so I spent with him, I could tell where the wit and vision of this film came from.
  • jmdstern30 July 2005
    Now I must say I was ready for just an okay movie based on our own IMDb initial buzz. I'm happy to say wrong! This movie had everything one would need minus the popcorn.

    I had with me my son and two nieces, ages were 5, 8, and 12. Add to the mix a 40 something year old and we all came out with smiles on our faces. Usually with this mix someone is disappointed, but not this time. I'm truly happy when actors like Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston put their heart into a kids movie. It makes you appreciate them all the more and at the same time gives you great acting and a fun movie.

    As much as I liked the Incredibles and love Pixar, I have to give a big hand to Disney for bringing equal enjoyment to live action. Thanks boys and girls.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's been some time since I was in high school but I don't think any us of totally forget what it was like to have to deal with cliques- especially when the school encouraged them!

    I won't repeat what others have said but I liked how Captain Stronghold and Jetstream played good Cleaver 'rents who expected a great deal from their son but were by no means total tyrants. Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston played the roles with just the right amount of broadness and heart. I thought it was funny how as soon Will told them that the unauthorized party wasn't his idea, they shrugged it off. And did anyone else laugh out loud at the fact that the 'cool' teens went to the trouble to commandeer the house behind parents' backs for a BIG party yet they didn't bring any refreshments stronger than soda?! ONLY in a Disney movie!

    Also, I liked how they added interesting touches such as Warren being able to speak Chinese fluently (even though this had absolutely nothing to do with the main plot) . Or how when the 'civilian' couple saw a teen perform a feat of strength that would have taken Supe himself aback, it was the husband who fainted and wouldn't anyone else like to have the number of their roofer/house builder who constructed the house and roof sturdy enough to withstand thousands of extra tons in one spot?

    Oh, and a shout out to Cloris Leachman for playing the school nurse who was SO much like my childhood pediatrician- right down to her white pigtails, candy and medical explanations!

    Not rocket science or anything deep but it was fun and I was ready for the laughs!
  • MadWatch2 August 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    ***May contain spoilers*** Quick Plot: In a world where super-powered humans exists, Will is the son the the greatest super-hero couple, The Commander and Jetstream. Children of superpowered parents are sent to an exclusive school called Sky High in order to train them to use their super powers. The movie follows Will as he encounters various obstacles while trying to live up to the standards of his famous parents.

    Basically this movie is a stereotypical "teenagers in high school" movie combined with a superhero plot. It has all the standard elements of a teenage movie: dorky male character, female friend who really loves him, group of nerdy misfits that save the day, high school "tough guy", high school bullies, prom night dance, attractive teenage girl that is desired by all the guys, etc However, the formula works with the superhero aspect added and combine to create a fun, entertaining movie. The special effects for the super powers really blend in well and the actors all do a great job (both adult and teenagers alike). The pacing was good and the flow of the movie went well.

    A downside though, is that the movie was pretty predictable, at least for me anyway. I was already figuring the identity and plan of the villain long before it was shown in the movie. But that's just me.

    Overall, this was a thoroughly "fun" movie and good for all ages. This movie isn't going to change your life, bring about world peace or be titled "Best Movie Ever", but it is a fun movie to watch and entertain.

    I definitely recommend this movie. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.
  • This movie is a real treat. As the father of 2 young kids, I can't tell you how many "family" movies I've gone to that were in fact "kids" movies. You know the type of movie I mean, the one that holds little or no entertainment value for anyone whose age contains two digits. I won't mention any names....The Pacifier, Are We There Yet...that would be indiscreet. Anyway...Sky High is a revelation. Not only as a family movie, but also as a superhero movie. The superhero movie has become very popular again, but there have been some problems with some of them. They are either not any fun to watch (Batman Begins), or they are TOO lighthearted and you feel nothing for the characters (Fantastic Four). But here we get a story that is fun, exciting, and humorous, but we get to watch characters we actually CARE about. We want to see where these kids are headed, and what is going to happen to them next. It also deals with the "clique" situation that every kid that attends school deals with. Granted it does it in a fantasy setting, but the point comes through crystal clear. The kids are not the typical kids that you see in "family" movies. Usually they are uninteresting little runts that we are expected to like just because they're cute kids. No sir, these are kids with PERSONALITY!!!! They are individuals, and we are given a chance to get to know all of them. But don't worry parents, as I said this movie works for the WHOLE family. The adults in this movie are a scream. They may be superheroes or "hero support", but they are the ones that WE get to identify with. The parents who have the biggest dreams for their kids, and want nothing more that to see them succeed. And when the parents in this movie are forced to look at the fact that their son might not be able to live their dreams, they realize that he has his own plans, and dreams, and they must support him in his quest. Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston, Lynda Carter, and Bruce Campbell are all outstanding in this movie. Then there is the action. It's pitch perfect for this movie. Fun without being cartoony, and exciting without being violent or brutal. And for anyone like me that grew up in the 80''re gonna LOVE the whole John Hughes-type feel to the movie, right down the covers of classic 80's tunes like "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". It isn't very often that you can take your whole family to a movie, then leave 100 minutes later, and honestly say that EVERYBODY had a great time. Here is the exception, go see it, make it successful, and change it from the exception to the rule.
  • mouse198931 July 2005
    Sky High was a very enjoyable movie that was better than I expected. The previews I thought looked cheesy and kind of dumb but I was really happy with what I saw.

    Kurt Russell has always been a good actor I think and he did do a good job in this film along with Kelly Preston. The main teenage boy was also great too.

    The screenplay I thought was witty and fun. I really thought the conversations had good vibe.

    Coming from the director who did Surviving Christmas, I was kind of afraid. That movie was not the best at all. But this movie. This movie was a big step up! I highly recommend this film if your looking for a family film that is full of fun times. Look for a special appearance by Lynda Carter. I enjoyed her too.
  • I just got back from seeing this movie with three kids. The movie had appeal for everyone: - for the kids, because it was kid-oriented and clean; - for the adults because there were sprinkles of nostalgia throughout; and - for anyone else because it was just a good clean fun movie.

    There was no great script or acting here, just some real fun for all. We could all relate to the main character, who had to struggle with finding out what he had and deciding what he would do with it, who his friends were, where his loyalties lie, and how much integrity to demonstrate.

    The violent scenes were mostly slapstick or cartoonish enough so as not to distress small children (I say mostly because there is some violence, but no blood or gore; just people smashing into or through things, etc.).

    I especially liked that Lynda Carter gave a nod to her Wonder Woman character, and that Clois Leachman - one of my favorite actresses - was involved, once again, with superheroes - and with Lynda Carter, too (Clois was Lynda's mother in the original Wonder Woman movie).

    Also, although only caricatures, the script-writers and kid actors were true to the typicalities of high school. The social divisions, the crushes, the nerds, the cool kids - it was all there. And the only annoying characters were supposed to be annoying.

    I sincerely wish the script had been better written, so that the actors had had more to work with. But they did their best with what they had, and overall it was just great, good clean fun - so rare in today's movie world. Unlike Willy Wonka's current incarnation, there was no odd bite or double entente's to worry about. Take the kids - especially your inner child - and enjoy!
  • My mother, myself (24) and my ten year old brother all went to a matinée showing. I wasn't expecting much, since this was a Disney movie but I was very pleasantly surprised. When the credits hit I sat for a moment thinking "That was really good." The comparisons to a Hughes movie are warranted and deserved. Kids will love this movie but there is also a fair amount of humor that they might not get as well as the adults will. Some of the best lines were delivered quickly or slightly under breath. A second viewing might be required to catch them all. The actions sequences were acceptable and the super powers themselves were handled with a nice blend or realism and fantasy. I highly recommend this movie to any comic geeks, teen movie fans or anyone looking for something they can enjoy with their children.
  • OK it wasn't a blockbuster, but how many kids movies are. Few. The movie itself had a nice plot, nothing too complicated, but there were times when even I was surprised. Good for kids and their parents, there were definitely kids and parents laughing alike. I think this movie contains some actors who are really starting to blossom into their careers, at the same time Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston add some familiar faces to this charming movie. You like superheroes, I don't think you'll be disappointed. My only criticism would be that some of the effects were a little cheesy. However, the kids in the audience did not seem to mind.
  • Here is a question. The movie is set in a high school, what are the chances that you will see someone locked in a locker?

    There are two girls, one is hot and on is your friend. Of course, I knew which one he will end up with, but I did not not know it will happen that quickly and that trivially.

    Do you generally feel an incredible suspense when a movie character is trying to cut a wire in order to prevent some type of a disaster and does not really now which wire to cut? If yes you may actually enjoy this movie.

    Maybe school cafeteria scenes, in which the main character chooses to sit at a table with cool guys and not at the table with his friends, break your heart? Then go and watch this movie.

    It is just plain flat. You can pretty much predict what happens next. The main character is a teenager whose parents are superheros, but he lacks any superpowers, or I should say, does not know his superpowers. In movies like that, you know right away that he should discover some of those eventually, but usually one should expect some sort of struggle, some twist, or other surprise that would give him those powers. In "Sky High" it is simply banal - he just gets them. Well... I am sorry, to be exact I should say (not without an irony) that he actually does have to fight to get them.

    Worst part is there is almost absolutely no humor other that you hear in a typical kid's TV comedy shows. The only thing close to being funny was the girlfriend's father remark about the guy with six arms.

    I was surprised to see so many comments praising this rather mediocre picture. I can suggest one simple game you can play when reading the comments of the people who gave this movie 9 or 10. Can you tell which ones are truly sincere and which ones are written by promoters? Which ones do you think are written by professional writers?

    I usually give mediocre pictures a mediocre vote, but I gave 1 to this one since it is really the top of mediocrity.
  • Way way back in the day (with apologies to the theme song for "Phil Of The Future"), Filmation made a live-action/animated series called "Hero High" about superheroic teenagers in their school days. Not that I'm accusing "Sky High" of filching this premise; this is far superior to just about anything Filmation ever did. It's also the summer's best superhero movie - more appealing than "Batman Begins," better written than "Fantastic Four," and more thrilling than either. It may not have instant cachet or Jessica Alba, but then again you can't have everything.

    What this DOES have is co-writers Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle, who along with primary writer Paul Hernandez show that their terrific "Kim Possible" was no fluke - this movie has all the virtues of what some wags dubbed "Alias: The Animated Series" (which is unfair; Sydney Bristow's adventures are less consistent and arguably less plausible, and nobody on the cartoon was as useless as Lauren or Nadia); likable young hero with overachieving parents, sharp dialogue, action to spare, and a refusal to let a situation devolve into stickiness. (The movie also has series cast member Patrick "Puddy" Warburton as the voice of one major villain.) In this case our hero (Michael Angarano) has two of the world's most beloved superheroes, Steve and Josie Stronghold (Kelly Preston and Kurt Russell, back in the Disney fold) as parents, a high school where everyone but him seems to have superpowers, and the curse of being relegated to Sidekick ("Hero Support!") status.

    Like "The Tick" and "The Incredibles," the movie's view of a world where superheroes are a given allows for some amusing observations and fun at the expense of the regular rules of superheroics, and it also deserves credit for not making Gwen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) automatically more of a bitch than the Lisa Simpson-esquire Layla (Danielle Panabaker). True, there are some slight story flaws (and the tendency to slip in Wonder Woman references into Lynda Carter's screen time is distracting), but "Sky High" has such a strong cast (and frankly, anything that has Bruce Campbell - "SIDEKICK!!!!" - has at least one thing going for it) and is so consistently funny without encouraging us to not take the story seriously (though somewhat retro, not least in its song choices - every time young Stronghold sees Gwen a cover of Spandau Ballet's "True" starts up - this movie wouldn't have worked if it had gone for the 1960s "Batman" approach and camped everything up) that you just don't care.

    Throw in a rousing score by Michael Giacchino, the "Save The Citizen" game, an exciting finale at the Homecoming dance, and a realisation that the movie's standard "Be Yourself" message has been delivered with considerably more subtlety and less condescension than, say, Filmation ever would, and the result is a movie that really deserves to do better than it's doing now at the box office. Maybe it should have had penguins?

    "The sidekicks are requested to stop ordering hero sandwiches..."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sky High exceeded my expectations and was surprisingly entertaining. I mostly loved how it was simple to follow, I believe a movie shouldn't have to require too much thought and I enjoyed just how fun this one was. It was a little predictable, but held my attention and interest nonetheless.

    The performances by the young actors were fantastic, they have a good future ahead of them. The adults also did exceptionally well, and really helped capture the fun, young spirit of the film. I loved Layla and how she really fought against the Hero/Sidekick well as the other parts of the film which try to parallel regular high school against Sky High School. Even as heroes, the main thing they have to "fight" for is just to fit in and break the typical "groups" of high school.

    It was very funny and the vague references to other superhero comics/films/shows were great, if you could catch them. There's enough action, a little romance and some great heart-felt scenes which all mixed together well. A great movie!
  • olec29 July 2005
    It's like a new John Hughes movie, complete with '80s music (nicely covered). Sure it includes every cliché from teen/highschool/mutant movies, but it meshes in a surprisingly enjoyable film. More fun than anything else I've seen this summer (which normally wouldn't be saying a lot, but this movie really is worth the ticket price for a change). If you like "The Incredibles" (and lets face it, who didn't?!), you'll enjoy Sky High. Great cameos too -- Lynda Carter looks terrific in her role and is a really sharp casting choice (shame they didn't let her wear the bracelets!). Sky High -- one to see for sure and a good DVD too, I'd say.
  • habejr6 September 2005
    When I went into sky high, I wasn't expecting much. I only agreed to go because Bruce Campbell, a personal hero, was in the trailer. I was beyond surprised with the quality of the picture. Not only is Sky High chock full of innocent adult innuendos (much like the first Shrek), but even the kids jokes are funny. What adds to it is the endless list of very appropriate cameos, including two Kids In The Hall stars, and the fore-mentioned, Bruce Campbell. As mom and dad, Kelly Preston and Kurt Russel are hysterical. They capture the cheesy comic book attitude perfectly. As Layla, the best friend, the stunningly beautiful Danniel Panabaker gives an impressive performance. Michael Angarano plays the lead, Will Stronghold. While his performance is lacking on the believable side, his facial features and natural look lend itself to the character. All in all, Sky High is corny, cheesy, campy, and ultimately one of the most enjoyable films ever made.
  • mritter-32 August 2005
    My husband and I were dreading a visit to theater to see Sky High with our six year-old daughter. We were so mistaken! The film was really very enjoyable. Funny, smart, visually interesting and just plain good. We were all laughing, as were the other parents around us. The actors were very witty and capable. The script was great. The set and special effects was first rate. I usually enjoy going to the girly Disney movies (Princess Diaries, etc.) but I walked into this film with a bit of a bad attitude, convinced the superhero plot wouldn't cut it. I was so wrong.The commercial doesn't do the film any justice, it was really a very cute film that I won't even mind viewing ad nauseum when it comes out on DVD.
  • Shy High might have been purposed for little kids, but like most good Disney movies(and only the really good ones)there are different levels of comedy. It was not necessarily the lines which made it great, but the actors who were saying them. There was also a lot of situational comedy, which I will not disclose, but there were times that I was laughing quite loudly through entire scenes. It was almost uncanny how accurate Sky High was to any other high school, just add super powers to the mix. All in all in was an extremely entertaining movie and the moment it was over my sister turned to me (she is in college) and said, "As soon as this comes out on DVD I am buying it!" It was hilariously fun, full of laughs and it actually had a good moral lesson. Go see it, you will love it, I promise! ;) Note: The reason why I did not give it a 10 was because I do not believe any movie is perfect. So 9 in my book is amazingly awesome!
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