DJ: There are only two ways to live life: Tolerate things the way they are... Or, take responsibility to change them.

DJ: With one leg in the past and one in the future... it's no wonder we're pissing on the present.

Mr. McHeneley: [In his diary] I always believed there were two kinds of men in this world, men who go to their deaths screaming, and men who go to their deaths in silence. Then I met a third kind.

Karan: [refering to India] Here you try to change the syste and the system changes you.

Karan: Dad, please don't start this lecture.

Rajnath Singhania: SMS Generation! Say four lines, and they call it a lecture!

Ajay Rathod: I'm proud of my country.

Karan: Really, exactly what are you proud of? The Poverty?

Aslam: No, he's proud of the Unemployment

Karan: Or are you proud of the Corruption?

Ajay Rathod: No country is perfect, Kran we have to work to make it perfect.

Karan: Tell you what Ajay, you go on trying to make this country perfect, once I get into a college, i'm pushing of to America, nothing's ever going to get better in this garbage dump.

Sue: My grandfather was right. He said when you come to India, it's love at first sight.

Mr. McHeneley: [the British are trying to get information about all freedom fighters] Breaking a man, bit by bit... they said it would get easier with time. It never did. The torture went on for some time. But Bismil didn't break. Both men had made pain their friend. They didn't break. Instead they did something I'd never seen any prisoner do before. I think it was the poetry that held their souls together as the torture tore their bodies apart. The torture didn't work. So we thought of other ways.

[In Chruch]

Mr. McHeneley: How can this be your will? Tell me.


Mr. McHeneley: TELL ME!

Mr. McHeneley: [voiceover] What is it about these boys that makes them have no fear? I think sometimes a person can be pushed so far that they reach a point beyond fear; a place where you find a strange peace, where you free yourself to do the right thing; because sometimes, that's the hardest thing to do.

Sue: As I watched DJ sleep that night, a funny thought occurred to me. Maybe DJ wasn't sleeping. Maybe none of them were. Maybe they were all waking up.

Sue: Ask them once again.

[if Aslam, DJ, Siddharth will act in my film]

Sue: Please.

Sonia: So you won't rest until then, will you?

[Sue nods]

Sonia: Ok. But nobody will come.

DJ: [From the background] They will come. I will bring them. DJ da Promise!

Sonia: [Angry] DJ, just stop it yaar! Shut up and get out!

DJ: See... now you're looking like a complete freedom fighter!

Ajay Rathod: Laxman, you coming for the party, right?

Laxman Pandey: No... Some other time maybe.

Ajay Rathod: Hey come on. I'm leaving tomorrow.

Laxman Pandey: No, I'm not hungry.

Karan: Don't eat. But come.

Laxman Pandey: [confronting Aslam] With you... I've always... Sorry.


Aslam: I thought we didn't have anything inside us which would make us fight for something.

Karan: I thought so too. Until now.

Chandrashekhar Azad: If yet your blood does not rage, then it is water that flows in your veins. For what is the flush of youth, if it is not of service to the motherland.

Karan: Dj, yeh toh bahaut khoon behe rahi hai yaar. - Dj, there's a lot of blood!

DJ: Koi nahin,kaake. Woh ragoon mein daudte daudte thak gaya tha. Azad hona chahta hai. - It's nothing. It just got tired of running in my veins. It wants to be free.

Boy sitting on University steps: [Whistles] Which country, madam?

Sue: India, I hope!

Sue: Will you guys act in my film?

Everybody: What?

Sue: Will you guys act in my film?

Sukhi: [Everybody laughs] Hey... why're you guys laughing? I'm the hero of her film!

Aslam: [Reading Sue's hand] ... You're admirer will come in a black T-shirt and say...

DJ: [in the background wearing a black T-shirt] ...


DJ: Sue kar mere mann ko kiya tune kya ishara.

Amanullah Khan: [Aslam's dad sees Sukhi and Siddharth are drunk]

[to Aslam]

Amanullah Khan: Are you drunk too?

Aslam: Dad, You know I don't even touch alcohol!

Amanullah Khan: They are all demolished!

Aslam: Whatever it is. They are my friends!

Amanullah Khan: What kind of friends are these? They're stinking of alcohol and no shame to stand in front of your father. Can't you find friends in your own community? You only find shameless friends who are all set to destroy you.

Aslam: Where did religion and community come in this, dad?

Aslam's brother: Shut up. Don't raise your voice in front of dad. What he's saying is right. This country has never accepted us Muslims, and never will!


Aslam's brother: Doesn't your blood boil? Have you ever seen me making Hindu friends? Have you?

Aslam: I can't think like you, brother! Nor do I want to.

Sue: Those four weeks

[of filming]

Sue: were the hardest days of my life. And the happiest.

Ajay Rathod: Hey wild people. Boys and girls, and behind the girls - Mr. Sukhi. I have a very special announcement.

[to Sonia]

Ajay Rathod: Ma'm if you have a li'l time

[takes out a ring from his pocket]

Ajay Rathod: Can I spend my whole life with you?

[clears his throat]

Ajay Rathod: Will you please marry me?

Ajay Rathod: [Enters the room where Sukhi, Aslam, Sue, Sonia, Sid, DJ just finished watching the documentary] Hey guys Whats up?

[Everybody is silent, with teary eyes- from the impact of their documentary]

Ajay Rathod: Uh-huh... Did someone die?

Ajay Rathod: [Seeing everybody silent and serious after watching the documentary] Sue, I've never seen these people so serious. What have you done to my friends?

Sue: Nothing. Whatever it is, they're doing it themselves.

Sue: [Proposing a toast] To Ajay and Sonia. I wish they live happily forever. May the insanity and the romance never die.

Sonia: [Repeated lines] Maar dalo!

[Kill him]

Karan: [about his friends] These people don't fear death. Ajay used to say "Let death come... Anything for the country"

DJ: [thinking Sue doesn't speak hindi] Arre vadi soni hai yaar!

[Turning to Sue]

DJ: I mean it's very cold yaar!.

DJ: [practicing his lines] Bismil's message. Lucknow train

[Sees Chotu]

DJ: [still practising] Hey, kid. Listen, did you get Bismil's message?

Chotu (Waiter): [confused] What?

DJ: No? Then listen. We will rob the train which is going towards Lucknow 8 days later. There will be a lot of money. British Money. Will you rob it?

Chotu (Waiter): [still confused] No.

DJ: No? But we will buy weapons with that money. What will we buy?

Chotu (Waiter): [still confused] Weapons?

DJ: Exactly. Go, kid. You go now.