The song "Rhona dhona chod, chod de, mayeh se nata jod, jod de...." has been banned by the Government controlled media in India.

Datta was delayed, it started after the success of pyar jhukta nahin. Datta started in 1985 and was completed in 1989. It was delayed for about 4 years. Padmini kolhapure was already married when she shot for Datta.

After Datta in 1990s sultan ahmed launched a film with the hit pair at that time, anil kapoor & madhuri with music was by kalyanji-anandji and veteren major, filmaker Kamal Amrohi, gave the clap the film was called ganga ki dhaaraa. This film was sheled and then Sultan Ahmed launched another film with the recording of all the songs Ths film had music by bappi lahiri, again this film was not made and later sultan ahmed made Jai Vicranta and completed and released. Jai-viranta was also delayed. In 1996/97 sultan ahmed launched a film with the recording of 4 songs recorded by music composer adesh srivastava but the film was shelved, and that was the last project sultan ahmed wanted to make.

In the Esquire released VHS video ,a trailer featuring pictures of Daata is featured. The song "Black Is Black" by Los Bravos (Special Maxi Dance Version" (Dance Mix 86) was used during the clip.

Deepak Parashar suffered a serious injury while the film was in the making. He lost several films due to this incident. But Deepak was grateful that Sultan Ahmed did not drop his from the film.

Mithun Chakraborthy wanted Ranjeeta for the film. But she refused thinking she was about to marry Akbar Khan. Shoma Anand did the role.

Sultan Ahmed approached actress Jasmin of Ramsay film's fame for the movie. He wanted her to do the film . Jasmin was unsure about the offer but ended up getting involved with Sultan. Sultan stated he wanted Jasmin to do a nikkah but Jasmin only wanted a civil marriage. They split shortly after . Pallavi Joshi ended up doing her role in Daata.

It was blockbuster in North India and in small cities, Average in other big cities. Overall a Hit Film.

The music of the film was very popular at that time.

Film did a exceptional business in the Delhi/UP and East Punjab Circuit. In the interiors of the country film was a phenomenal success.

Amol Palekar was signed for the film but later replaced by Anil Dhawan.