Gangbang Girl 35 (2003)

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Adventurous 21 year-old American actress Ariana Jollee is given a surprise birthday party by her boyfriend. A birthday party over twenty one men she will never forget.


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1 May 2013 | dpfacialfan
| Ariana Jollee takes on 21 guys simultaneously for her 21st birthday!
Yes, this is the movie where Ariana Jollee takes on 21 guys in a huge gangbang for her 21st birthday. If you're even a little familiar with Ariana Jollee you might have heard of this gangbang before. This has been one of the gangbangs I've been wanting to see for a long time. Ariana is one of the dirtiest girls in porn and I had a feeling this was going to be something special. And something special it was! This movie has 2 scenes, both huge gangbangs. The first is the one with Ariana and 21 guys and the second is a scene with Audrey Hollander and Ashley Long taking on a bunch of guys at a zoo. Both scenes are really good. I liked the one with Ariana better, because I'm not a big fan of Audrey Hollander's looks, even if she is a really great performer. Luckily the scene with Audrey gives more screen time to the lovely and beautiful Ashley Long so it isn't ruined by Audrey's looks.

The scene with Ariana begins as a surprise party for her birthday with the guys climbing out of a cake. The guys get naked and Ariana starts sucking their cocks. What I liked about this gangbang was the fact that every guy seemed to be a actual porn star. All of them were quite well equipped and all of them could get their dicks hard. Many times when you see these huge gangbangs with 20 + guys, there is a lot of amateurs in there with their small cocks and half of whom can't even get it hard. But in this series they seem to bring the real deal to these girls and that is great! Ariana sucks the guys for probably 15 minutes before there is any "fucking". It isn't long after that before the double penetration begins. First we see Ariana get a double vaginal, but after that it is just regular DP with one in the pussy and another in the ass. There is quite a lot of DP in this scene and I like that. Every guy seems to get a turn and Ariana enjoys herself a lot. We see Ariana get double stuffed in both the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. We even see Ariana squirt and she also licks plenty of the guys assholes. Before the cumshots the scene slows down a bit as the guys take turns to bang Ariana in the pile driver position. It would have been nice to see more DP before the cumshots, but this is still a great scene. The cumshots were really messy. Ariana had her mouth open but the guys delivered all over her face and it wasn't long before she was really drenched in sticky cum. During the end Ariana demanded that some of the guys would cum in her ass. She then pushed it out and swallowed it. Some guys also blew their loads in Ariana's pussy. At the end the rest of the guys blew their loads on Ariana's face. Ariana looked really happy as she wiped the cum out of her eyes. She smiled at the camera and said that most girls don't get to both keep and eat their cake. And then she wished herself a happy birthday while all the guys were cheering her on. I must say that Ariana really looked like a girl who's been gangbanged and who really enjoyed it. All in all this scene was over 1 hour long but it never got boring thanks to Ariana's energy and appetite for cocks! I bet every girl would like to celebrate their birthday like Ariana!

The second gangbang has Audrey Hollander and Ashley Long teaming up to take on a bunch of guys at a zoo. Audrey and Ashley are applying for a job at a zoo and they are taking a group of guys for a tour of the zoo. Well that naturally turns into a gangbang fast. They also have Lena Juliette with them, but for some reason she doesn't take part in the action, she only watches from the side. Audrey and Ashley start by blowing all the guys. When the "fucking" begins it's not long before both girls are double stuffed. After a while the girls start rimming all the guys. The guys get on a line and the girls take turns licking their assholes. Audrey is really in to this while this doesn't seem to be Ashley's thing at all. Ashley gets a little more in to it at the end though. After that there is some more double stuffing taking place. I must say that it's a real joy to see Ashley Long get double stuffed! The scene still has a little regular "fucking" and sucking before the cumshots take place. The girls play a lot with the cum in this scene and it doesn't get nearly as messy as the scene with Ariana, despite the fact that there might be just as many guys here. But all in all this was still a great scene.

On a technical level this movie wasn't quite the best, but it was still very good considering that this was a huge gangbang shoot. There were quite a lot of close ups in the first scene with Ariana Jollee. The second scene also had close ups, but not quite as many. The good thing was that the camera angle was changing a lot so there wasn't really any long close ups that could ruin it. But compared to some other massive gangbang scenes that I've seen this was done really good. Many times you don't get to see as much of the girl as you would want to see, if there is plenty of guys involved, but here the girls were always in the focus. If you're a fan of gangbangs with plenty of double penetration this will most likely be a movie you will enjoy. I know I enjoyed it!

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