D.A. Investigator Lennie Briscoe: [Lennie Briscoe's final line, awaiting the verdict in a cop killer's trial. Briscoe and several NYPD cops are waiting outside the courtroom] They got him!

[all the cops cheer]

D.A. Investigator Lennie Briscoe: we don't need no stinkin badges.

D.A. Investigator Lennie Briscoe: [muttered] Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges...

[to the woman who asked to see them]

D.A. Investigator Lennie Briscoe: I said yes, yes, of course you need to see our badges.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Life's a bitch.

Maggie Dettweiler: Yeah, and sometimes the one with the scales is blind, deaf *and* dumb.

[opening narration]

Opening Announcer: In the criminal justice system, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty, either by confession, plea bargain, or trial by jury. This is one of those trials.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Everybody lies.

Detective Chris Ravell: Branch fired him?

ADA Tracey Kibre: Nope, he resigned.

Detective Chris Ravell: Smart, this way he gets to collect his full pension.

ADA Tracey Kibre: I don't think that entered into it.

Detective Chris Ravell: You give people too much credit.

ADA Tracey Kibre: You don't give people enough.

Detective Chris Ravell: Big risk, calling him to the stand.

ADA Tracey Kibre: I had no choice.

Detective Chris Ravell: Why not wait for Eckhart to crucify him?

ADA Tracey Kibre: He would have lied to Eckhart. Then I'd have known that he was giving false testimony.

Detective Chris Ravell: He could just as easily lie to you.

ADA Tracey Kibre: I knew he wouldn't.

Detective Chris Ravell: Come on. You've known the guy for fifteen years. You tell me he never lied to you?

ADA Tracey Kibre: Yeah, he lied to me. Just not about the law.

Mike LaSalle: Once again, I concede defeat.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Last case we had was a hung jury.

Mike LaSalle: That wasn't what I was talking about.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: I gotta tell ya, I don't like it.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Just trying to put the bad guy away, not win the Nobel Peace Prize.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: You excused those jurors because you thought they'd sympathize.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Look, when you are first chair you can have whoever you want on your jury: latinos, lawyers, convicted felons... Go crazy! Right now, you support my choices whether or not you think they're aggressive.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: Or cheap. I was being polite when I said aggressive. I'm sorry, but I think is out of line to hide behind Hernandez like that.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Well, I don't care what you think.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: Oh.

ADA Tracey Kibre: And neither does Angelina Martinez.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: Angelina?

ADA Tracey Kibre: Yeah, Angelina.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: Wha... so it worked?

ADA Tracey Kibre: Yep, we changed her gender.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: Well, I guess I'll be drafting a motion.

DA Arthur Branch: Is not easy being objective about your father... takes a lot of strength.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Or in my case - therapy.

Prof. Norman Rothenberg: You're wasting your time in the DA's office... I can triple what you make.

ADA Tracey Kibre: You don't want me, Norman. I have scruples.

Prof. Norman Rothenberg: They have pills for that!

Eleanor Duvall: I mean... every few years another German comes along and they name a new disorder for him.

Diane Harris: Hey! I was abused, humiliated. I was owed.

ADA Tracey Kibre: A million bucks?

Diane Harris: I'm on camera! My living is my image. That station paid zip and I needed clothes... a car... a condo.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Really? Well, invite Lauren's family over to see your closet. Tell them I won't put away Lauren's killer but check out my Manolos.

Diane Harris: This nightmare is causing me my job. I'm ruined. Do you understand that?

ADA Tracey Kibre: I don't give a damn!

Diane Harris: Can I go?

ADA Tracey Kibre: [Kibre handles Diane a subpoena.] You're served. Show up in court or sit in jail.

Diane Harris: Fine! I won't remember a thing.

ADA Kelly Gaffney: There is a way to help yourself here.

Diane Harris: Yeah, right!

ADA Kelly Gaffney: I mean... rebuilt your image. Amber Frye, the other woman for whom Scott Petersen killed his wife, on the stand she became the courageous witness who helped put him away.

Diane Harris: Ken's lawyers will destroy me.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Not if I have you tell your version first. It starts with the prosecution. We won the spin.

Diane Harris: Like I'd get some favor from you.

ADA Tracey Kibre: Personal feelings aside, is in my best interest to make you look good. Either that or I treat you as a hostile witness and tear you a new one. Your choice, Diane.