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  • This is the one TV/game show that makes me feel so good and up to beat on being a youth. A lot of these kinds of shows from the 1990s have been cancelled (i.e. One World, Saved By the Bell) and although these shows were not a quite successful, they did make it seem cool to be a youth and that life could be fun. Unfortunately I never noticed that until all of these shows and TNBC Saturday morning teen sitcoms got cancelled. It wasn't until this show that I realized what the human body can do.

    Often I find myself screaming at how crazy, funny, or even amazing a dance move is and I just go "Ooooooooh" at the TV screen. It's as if you're in the party itself and the best place to be is watching the show at your TV. This show really can really lift up your spirit and get you out of your boredom and times when you're feeling blue over nothing. I thank G-d for this clean but actually fun show and that its on although there seems to be a lack of TV shows that make youth so happy.

    It's like Robin Williams' character once said in the film "Jack","life is so delicate (short). Make the best of it." And life doesn't have to be about getting wasted and suffering consequences if you know how and dancing with such fun, cool and upbeat atmospheres helps a lot.

    Kel Mitchell would entertain kids a lot when he was on Nickelodeon in 90s and it's as if he's grown up with that audience. This shows that if he could be as cool as he was back then, then he can be just as fun as he is now on this show which is for more mature-fun-loving people. The reason I say it's mature is not necessarily for the individuals who dance and are on this show but mostly for the way of the game. It follows rules but they're so easy to follow and therefore allow fun to be achieved.
  • McEnroe197718 October 2004
    Why is this show on television? How did it get on television?

    Who got fired for giving the greenlight for this show to even premiere?

    Fredro Starr is supposed to be this tough guy, but on the show he's jumping around like an idiot. Kel Mitchell is just lame and how many 90s slang phrases do they try to fit into one show? Most of the dancers run out of moves to last a whole show. They also give away the worst prizes on television, $360 and a Xbox. Wow! Where do I sign up?

    Hopefully, someone will come to their senses and cancel this show soon.

    Head to head, head to head. Tag your man, tag your man.
  • I've seen parts of this show half a dozen times and was always quite annoyed with it. I decided that to be fair, I needed to sit down and watch the whole thing. It was the biggest waste of a half an hour of my life. Perhaps I'm too old to be able to appreciate it fully, being older than the age of 12 that is. Perhaps it requires not getting cable therefore nothing else being on to appreciate it fully. But I don't understand what is so entertaining about a show that features people dancing (if thats what its called when you flop around a circle) to annoying music for a whopping $360 and an Xbox. I can only hope that the TV station that recently started airing it realizes that its mindless crap that has no plot and features no talent people making fools out of themselves and takes it off the TV. Maybe the TV station can put something better on.....even Barney would be better than this show.
  • I'm actually watching it right now and I'm laughing so hard I can barely type this - besides the stupid outfits and the previous poster's pointing out the butchering of the English language, there is a hopeless number of rich white girls who actually get up there and do flashdance kicks and pirouettes - all to get to be on a no-name TV station for a minute for the chance to win the superfabulous prize of an X-Box or some hip-hop clothes. This show is truly a gem! Seriously, if you want some serious calorie-burning for your abs through excessive laughter, this is what you need to be spending your 30-minute exercise interval on. I actually saw an episode once where a middle-aged balding white guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt was a contestant. He looked like he had wandered mistakenly onto the wrong set after losing his midwestern tourist family during the Universal Studios backlot tram tour.
  • I was cruising through the channels one day.. and I come across some people dancing? What could this be?

    I watched for close to ten minutes in shock. Four or five people came down into a big circle and did ridiculously stupid dance moves. There was even a "big girl" who got pity applause with what looked like a seizure.

    When I could finally shut my jaw, I turned the channel and found out Teen Titans was on. I don't like Teen Titans too much, but anything is better than this show.

    Only watch if you have serious brain damage or have a fetish for watching those with serious brain damage try to dance.

    What has television come to?
  • This show is about the dumbest show on TV next to...actually there's nothing more annoying than this show. It's nothing but a meeting place for a bunch of criminals or future criminals. When this show comes on, I have hide the valuable in my house.

    Their "dancing" if you want to call it that, looks more like epileptic fits.

    I just want run and put something in their mouths to keep them from swallowing their tongues and then call paramedics.

    The hosts look like thugs and talk as if they graduated from preschool. Well I can't say that, because I know preschoolers that speak better than they do.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoy watching Dance 360 for a few reason, and if you enjoy seeing new dance moves, as well old dance moves, and refashioned dances - you'll love this show also! WARNING!! SPOILER INFO BELOW!!!! The show is hosted by Kel Mitchell (Kenan & Kel)& Fredro Starr (Moesha). They start the show by picking 6 audience members to "battle" until there is only 3 people left.

    My favorite part of the show is "Master the move" where Mitchell and Starr selects 3 audience members to do a move, and the 3 contestants must now master that particular move (Or do something cool enough to stay in the race if they can't duplicate it). There was one girl who did a move called "The Irish" where she took the Irish Jigg and finished it off with some hip-hop style moves. Totally incredible style and talent.

    I've seen ballet kicks, break-dancing, dancehall, freaking, "matrix" , moon-walking...all types of moves...But the dancers are not rated only on how they dance, but also on their creativity, originality etc...At the end of the show, last one standing gets a few prizes. I like the fact that the audience votes for the winner, because sometimes its hard to choose! If your like this show, or dancing, you might also enjoy "So you think you can dance?" - Which is a twist of American idol and dance 360. Hope this helped! Dance 360 contains younger contestants (i'd guess 16+) But if you have an open mind, you'll enjoy it no matter your age.
  • Can't decide what would be more painful; having bamboo driven under my fingernails or being forced to watch another episode of this excrement. This is undoubtedly, one of the most annoying television programs of all time. First off, be forewarned that there is no English spoken during the program. The hosts, DJ, and dancers speak a language that appears to be a cross between hip-hop and Ebonics. Let's call it hip-hopics. Secondly, the "music", is so awful that you might want to have any firearms or cutlery stored safely away, because ending one's life might be preferable to watching this show.

    I WILL say that the program is capably directed and the dancers are quite good, if you like that sort of thing. The problem is that as soon as the hosts open their mouths, one gets physically ill witnessing them butcher the English language, and as soon as these clowns are done spouting ignorance, the worst music that has ever been "composed" is cranked up again! You're screwed either way with this garbage. The only break for the weary is the commercials.

    Friends, I hope God isn't reading this, because if I don't get into heaven, my true vision of hell is watching a continuous loop of "DUNCE 360".