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  • MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
    One of the best films of the 21st century, The Departed keeps you on the edge of your seat and is incredibly exhilarating and the characters are incredibly well written and given great backstory. The ending will shock you and everything that comes before is some of Martin Scorsese's best work.
  • First of all the film has so many layers to it, the plot is amazing and the acting is out of this world. I enjoy it on every rewatch which i do every year or so. Leo not getting the Oscar for his job playing Billy Costigan is a sham. You got Jack being Jack which i mean come on he was perfectly cast for that. Martin Sheen is amazing as the good Irish Catholic. Also this is the film that proved to me that Matt Damon could act for real. This is cinema at it's finest. Also the score is out of this world. This is Scorcesse's magnum opus, if you have not seen it stop scrolling right now and hit play you will be happy you did.
  • I have yet to watch a good or a very good Martin Scorsese movie. Every movie I watched is a 10. Also, old Jack Nicholson is as good as young Jack Nicholson.
  • BobbyGuts26 December 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Super strength acting with great text and stealthy cinema work (Obviously!) When I watch this movie I am always amazed at the depth of all the actors and how the film plays with it's soundtracks rhythm- Now, that said, one BIG bow for the razor sharp editing! But...... maybe within a real undercover/ investigation bureau there wouldn't be so many inhumane risk factors & the same goes for how forgiving this tight-knit, high ranking, "FBI involved" mob trust the newcomer (Bill Costigan) and then continually scratch their heads when they have a rat- these two specifics (in my opinion) weakened the plot and just don't feel survivable now that this film has some age -14 years (Sorry for the reminder).
  • THIS FILM IS APSOLUTELY PERFECT. The acting by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson is absolutely brilliant, the music is fantastic and the directing is flawless. This is one of Scorsese's best films, along with Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. I love this film. Must watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have seen this movie a couple times now and I really like it. The score is great, fits the movie very well. A memorable cast of A list actors keeps things exciting! I loved Nicholson's performance in this, it felt like he was actually a mafia boss. And Matt Damon is always good ;). It is a long movie, but that's okay because there's lots of action scenes and important exposition which make it fun. One thing I thought was crazy was that almost all the main characters died. That's probably why they called it 'The Departed'. Overall, 10/10, if you haven't seen this then you probably should.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Incredibly intense, great acting by everyone. Jack Nicholson is so intimidating and creepy, you want so badly for Leo to get the win. Entertaining throughout, only gave it a nine because Leo dying is just so maddening. Gotta love when a movie brings out all of your emotions!
  • Absolute classic. Even tho the movie is a remake Martin sure picked a great one to remake bcuz the original Hong Kong flick (Infernal Affairs) was good as well it's just that Scorsese had Americanized it. Great cast everyone was perfect for thier roles especially Leo, Damon, and Jack. This movie is in my top 3 favorite movies of all time. I remember watching it when it first came out to buying the dvd to watching it today online I try to watch it at least once a year it's replay value is super high a film you will never get tired of watching regularly it's just that damn good. Definitely deserving of all the awards it won. It's Scorese best film imo and he's got a lot of classics in this gangster crime action thriller genre. If you haven't seen it yet you must be living under a rock everyone knows about this movie quit waiting and watch it ASAP you will be amazed especially you younger guys who's just getting into the scorsese genre you too will find it too a masterpiece of film making.
  • shawnmikedryer30 December 2020
    In this crime drama triumph, Billy Costigan, an undercover police officer in South Boston is tasked with infiltrating the biggest Irish-American crime syndicate Boston has ever seen. He must pose as just another bad man as he attempts to gain the trust of the syndicates leader, Frank Costello. More secrets are come to light when we learn Colin Sullivan is more of a hardened criminal than the appears as he is in a position of power in The Special Investigations unit with ties to Costello is in fact a mole and feeding Costello every bit of information that could harm his business. Both totally consumed by they're double lives afflicting them, they are suddenly in grave danger of being discovered by the enemy. It's now a race against time for either Billy or Colin to uncover the secrets of each other before the two meet untimely demises. What a firecracker those last few scenes are!
  • One of the best movies of all time The great Martin scorsese has made a perfect crime,thriller drama which also has awesome cast Young decaprio The Legend Jack Nicholson And of course matt damon
  • benfieldlaurenn11 October 2020
    One of my favourite movies of all time. Cast is just brilliant. Strong 10/10
  • akashgandikota30 August 2020
    An endlessly entertaining film that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. The performances are pitch perfect and Scorsese's mastery shines throughout.
  • I've just been binge watching the Scorsese movies for the first time recently have yet to seen taxi driver as the considerable one I've missed but pretty much all his other "famous" flicks, I've watched very recently. I completely understand why people say goodfellas is his best film and I do love that film but this is truly special. Not only is the acting and directing phenomenal but I believe this film has slightly better pacing compared to Irishman or even king of comedy. I think this has the best ending to any of his work and I think mark wahlberg gives a very underrated supporting performance. Overall I think this is one of the best films of the 2000s and is truly a cinematic masterpiece.
  • The plot line of this film you could almost say is a Shakespearean tragedy. Beautifully written with surprise reveals. Casted perfectly and Howard Shore's score works great to bridge together the scenes. It's honestly as high of a 10/10 as you can get.
  • Now I know that 'The Departed' is based off of the Hong Kong movie 'WuJianDao', but Scorsese really grabs hold of a great story and brings it to the American Screen. My father grew up in Boston and when we walked out of the theater he couldn't stop talking about how authentic the environment and attitude was. Then there's the acting in which the lead actors (Nicholson, DiCaprio, Damon) not only give stunningly entertaining performances, but you become engulfed in each one's perspective and dilemmas. The smaller roles that of (Baldwin, Walberg, Sheen) are supporting roles that remind me of Jesus Quintana from 'The Big Lebowski', by this I mean that their screen time is limited but they make lasting impressions that you cherish each and every scene they are in, Alec Baldwin especially. The story itself starts off with the basic intro of the players and the setting, but you'll find yourself slowing following each and every plot twist and rooting back and forth for the good guys and for the bad guys. If you're a Scorsese fan, which I am, I think you will appreciate this film. You can clearly see the Scorsese touch ranging from the cinematography and of course the music, it's great to hear "Gimme Shelter" again, but "Comfortably Numb" played in so well. It's another gangster flick from Scorsese, yet this one stands alone because feels so fresh and most would agree Scorsese does gangster films the best; so why not let him. Oscar worthy, the acting I certainly hope; this is DiCaprio's best role since 'The Aviator' which was his best role since 'Gangs of New York', am I seeing a pattern here. But my lasting impression wasn't concerned with the politics of the golden statue; my lasting impression was that I had sat through 2 and half hours of brilliant and especially entertaining storytelling. Thank you Mr. Scorsese.
  • Blood Diamond (2006) was the film which turned me into a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, and he must have been on a roll that year as The Departed (2006) was not only made that year, but is just as good as Blood Diamond with again phenomenal acting from almost all.

    The good and the bad:
    • The film is 14 years old at the point of writing this, and is still as good as the day it was released first saw it.
    • The acting is phenomenal with the award (in my opinion) going to Leonardo DiCaprio .
    • One of the beauties about this film is: Just as you think you've grasped what is going on it throws another twist in.
    • The only let down for me (and it is minor irritation) was Matt Damon, whom I'm not a fan of or his acting.

    With all the great reviews it should do without saying that The Departed (2006) is outstanding! A fantastic great story, with twists and turns and that will keep you guessing to the end - and even then you will mostly have guessed wrongly.

    The film has it all... suspense, thrills and tense moments... the brilliance of the The Departed (2006) cannot be overstated. A must watch!

    So this is one of those rare moments where 10 out of 10 is deserved.

  • First off, this is an American stylized remake of the Hong Kong hit, Infernal Affairs. I have to give credit to that, a good film. I have seen both Infernal Affairs and The Departed. I personally prefer The Departed, and I think because of one thing: Martin Scorsese. This is the master behind such greats as Taxi Diver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and he's at it again. The film has an all star cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin.

    The Direction was amazing. (maybe one of the reasons why he won the Oscar for it) I loved how some of the scenes were shot and set up. Especially regarding the Chinatown, and police interrogation scenes, among many others. The film is perfectly set up with intense, suspense scenes while adding in amounts humor at times. It works really well. The script is top notch. (Also Oscar winning) Realistic strong dialogue from scene to scene.

    Another thing I liked more in The Departed, as opposed to Infernal Affairs, was the acting. DiCaprio really seemed to earn a lot of respect from this role. Here, he takes on the tough guy persona so well. Sure it was known he was a good actor from his Oscar nominated performances in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Aviator, but he really takes it to another level here. I can't see anyone else as the character, he fits so perfectly with it. Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, being Massachusetts natives, also give solid performances, with their natural accents. Nicholson works well in his role, as well. Everyone was extremely solid and everything seemed so real.

    Set in Boston, The Departed takes in all the Boston like atmosphere. Beautifully shot scenes of the Massachusetts Golden Dome State Capital building is just one part of the landscape. The Dropkick Murphys song "I'm Shipping up to Boston" really fits, great use of songs. Scorsese usually works music into his films really well.

    "Cops or Criminals. When you're facing a loaded gun what's the difference?" This quote really represents the film." Matt Damon plays a state officer in the Police, working for the crime boss of the area, Frank Costello (Nicholson). While Damon's character can be described as a "bad guy," he is really misunderstood. As a kid, he is sort of mentored into crime business by Costello while Costello becomes the father figure Damon's character never had. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a young guy, coming from a bad, crime ridden family. He's decides to become a police officer to get away from the crime life he's been surrounded by. Taking all this into account, Captain Queenen (Sheen) and Seargent Dignam (Wahlberg) decide to send DiCaprio's character undercover to find out more about the criminal underworld and Costello. With his family's crime record, he fit's perfectly into the situation. Now you have a highly ranked officer working for bad guy, and an undercover cop in the criminal underworld working for the State Police. From here it's an all out suspenseful thrill ride. Who's who? Who's working for who? Who can you trust? Paranoia threatens everyone. Lies. Betrayal. Sacrifice. How far will you take it?

    At the heart of this film is character development. We really feel for the characters. We feel like we know them. It's really amazing part of this story and film. Tremendous story telling here.

    This is one of the most entertaining and suspenseful crime/drama's I have seen in a while. While Infernal Affairs, came first, I think The Departed expands on it in so many ways. Really solid crime/drama. Check both out when you get a chance. It's really worth it. 9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The psychiatry doctor saved the day. She listened to the cd sent by bill and turn her back on Collin and she probably shared the closed envelop that bill gave to her in case something bad would happen to him. Because Dignam hid in his apartment and shot him as she walked thru the door back from getting the groceries. He walked away in his sweats. Bill arrested Collin on that rooftop but the other low profile police officer which was another rat police for Costello shot bill just after the door of the elevator opened and the other black police saying Costello was an FBI informant and would sell us out. Collin shot him dead. It was very sad to see queenan was dropped off of the rooftop as bill went down the emergency stairs. They almost got him when the guy shot in the stomach gave to bill the wrong address but he showed up at the correct address but died after dying that. Dignam was suspended and bill had to trust Collin because he was assigned with the murder case of Quenan and finding the rat until he saw the envelop of information of the citizen which he wrote the correct spelling of the word citizen on. Then he lured him to the rooftop to arrest him although he literally don't have an ID as he deleted his undercover file. Collin killed Costello as he suspected him of being an FBI informant and thought he saved the day but Costello was recording everything including his phone calls which was given over to bill because Costello trusted him. The movie had so many layers that it needs to be seen more than once. I definitely enjoyed watching it and the ending was amazing because it wasn't made to shock people, it was shocking in a very natural and realistic way.
  • When veteran director Martin Scorsese walked up to collect his Best Director Oscar in 2007 for his efforts with Hollywood remake The Departed, it felt like justice had finally been served.

    After many a miss (hello Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, The Aviator, Casino etc. etc.), cinema fans breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the long-standing master finally get his just rewards and while it's hard to argue against the fact that The Departed is unlikely to be Scorsese's best work, it's one of his most easily accessible and fun films that remains a joy to watch to this day.

    Utilizing a whip smart and darkly humorous script by scribe William Monahan, that adapted Asian mega-hit Infernal Affairs for English audiences and transported the action from Asia to the thick drawl of Boston, The Departed is one of the most successful reimagining's of all time thanks to the screenwriter, Scorsese's energetic and perfectly paced direction and a collection of stars who shine together in an all-round ensemble.

    Front and centre of the cat and mouse game that sees an undercover mob affiliate infiltrate the Boston police department while simultaneously a Boston police office infiltrates the local mob, is lead trio Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson, who all deliver seriously fun and switched on turns with fantastic help from the likes of Vera Farmiga, Mark Wahlberg (in an Oscar nominated supporting turn), Alec Baldwin and Ray Winstone.

    Scorsese struck it lucky with the casting of his 2006 film with both DiCaprio and Damon operating at the peak of their powers, while also snaring Nicholson before he fell into relative obscurity and it's a cinematic treat to see these performers eat up the rich and sassy dialogue and play off each other to great effect as the stories twisted and ever evolving plotline transforms.

    The Departed is one of those rarely found films that continually stays on the move, barely allowing you time to stop and take a moments respite as DiCaprio's undercover cop Billy Costigan, Damon's undercover mob mole Colin Sullivan and Nicholson's purple adorned crime boss Frank Costello go about their respective lives, with Scorsese's film becoming a thriller that genuinely keeps you on the edge of your seat, culminating in one of the most unforgettable and at the times unexpected endings, that recalls many a wide jawed reaction for those that caught this classic in cinemas (myself included).

    Final Say -

    It's not Scorsese's best film but its absolutely one of his most enjoyable. The Departed may not offer anything deep and meaningful but this seriously addictive thriller is the type of cinematic ride we should all enjoy that rightfully ended up becoming one of the most memorable films of the mid 2000's.

    4 ½ rat impressions out of 5
  • Please don't make negative comments like some of the aforementioned people have been doing if you haven't seen the film yet! I have seen it, at a press screening last week. Not only is it the best film of the year so far, it marks a return to form for Martin Scorsese, and ranks with the likes of GOODFELLAS as being one of the best in his canon of films.

    I'm a fan of the Hong Kong film, INFERNAL AFFAIRS, upon which this is based. While THE DEPARTED keeps the basic structure of the original, it is very much its own movie, so much so that the screenwriter, William Monahan, didn't even watch the original film while adapting its screenplay, thus enabling him to infuse the script with his, and Scorsese's, respective visions.

    All the actors are first-rate (yes, even Leo, for all you DiCaprio bashers out there), and turn in some of their best performances to date. THE DEPARTED is sure to garner a host of Oscar nods, if not wins, including (hopefully) Scorsese's long-overdue statuette for Best Director. Plus, with actors like Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin playing supporting roles, that says a lot about the quality of the film they signed up for! THE DEPARTED is tough stuff, not for the faint-of-heart. That said, it is a must-see for adult viewers who long for intelligent, gritty stories to grace our movie screens once again.
  • marianstelian2 February 2021
    Jack Nicholson,DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, what a cast! UNDERRATED movie.
  • doomedmac2 November 2020
    Amazing performances, action, script, production, and directing. Exactly what I expected from this amazing director.
  • This is a masterpiece through and through. The story has multiple sub plots going on that all become interconnected and give you multiple angles and perspectives of what's happening. It's just a bad ass movie with some of the best actors ever at their absolute best
  • This is a great rendition of the original Chinese movie "Infernal Affairs." Martin Scorsese won his first Best Director Academy Award for "The Departed" and plants the story in Boston with the Irish Mob and the Massachusetts Police Force. Jack Nicholson is as great as ever playing the Irish boss that is infiltrating the Police Department. Leonardo DiCaprio shines as an undercover cop so underground that only Martin Sheen's character Queenan and Mark Wahlberg's Sergeant Dignam know about his secret operations. Vera Farmiga plays his police psychologist, Madolyn. DiCaprio and Farmiga's chemistry is undeniably electric and roots the movie with hope. Their love affair reaches a zenith while the song "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd plays underneath the scene, while the rain falls outside and the characters explore their vulnerability. Matt Damon in an excellent turn plays Officer Colin Sullivan with ties to Nicholson's Costello.
  • esentarim8 February 2021
    Just wow! Can't believe l haven't watched this before!!!
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