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  • Though the great team of Paul Thomas and writer Raven Touchstone is involved, this romantic drama concerning lesbians is a flat, poorly directed feature. Perhaps that's why PT signed the Vivid release as "Bo Edwards" instead of his usual moniker.

    In any event, it's a Kira Kener vehicle, and doesn't do justice visually to that iconic star for the label and her massive moneymakers. She is the less committed member of a lesbian couple, becoming a successful writer with Lezley Zen serving as her literary publicist. But Kener still wants cock, to put it bluntly, and that's about as deep as this trivial treatment of one's life choices go. For the viewer, Kira's choice between humping the fabulous Zen rather than the likes of Nick Manning or Chris Cannon is a no-brainer, but Raven & Paul pretend the contrary. Result is a cornball bittersweet ending that plays (especially a decade and a half later) as truly reactionary.

    Main story line of Kira and Manning working as paparazzi for a smutty scandal magazine named Blush is uninteresting, merely a gimmick so that they can shoot incriminating photos of various celebrities played by the likes of Anthony Hardwood. Casting Lily Thai as Kener's sister and having extras as their family is a promising but irrelevant subplot. Despite not signing the show with his name as director, PT has the temerity to show up on screen as himself signing his book "Memoirs of a Prince of Porn", Zen dutifully acting as his agent. Awfully infra dig if you ask me.

    Editing and continuity are extremely poor, with disturbing jump cuts plus jarring repeat footage or alternate takes in the book-signing scene.