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  • To begin with lets get one thing straight, i loved the series. The humour, the characters, the style, everything. It ended with a few un-answered questions though so i was keen to see the movie in the hope that it would explain some of these.

    It answers some...


    Then it asks lots more...

    ....and explains none of them.

    The characters are butchered (some relegated to one line, while newer characters we care nothing for dominate the screen time). The film is devoid of humour and missing most of the TV series themes.

    The one great thing about Nadesico was that it was fun, this is just a depressing piece of s**t. Its like the makers got confused and thought they were making an Evangelion movie not a Nadesico one (for the record I love Evangelion, but I liked Nadesico for not being the same).

    In short if you love the series AVOID. Its like Highlander II and Star Wars the Phantom Menace, it actually takes away some of your enjoyment of the originals, particularly when you find out some of the horrible things they have done to the charters.

    I think this is actually the movie I hate most in the world. There are some crap films that I just think are crap. This actually offended me.

    Right, I'm off to take a shower, since this film made me feel unclean.
  • I have seen the series, MARTIAN SUCCESSOR NADESICO, and loved it. Not many scifi series have a marvelous mix of action, humor, and, of course, gorgeous babes and do it well. NADESICO: THE SERIES has it and the movie continues it.

    I was a bit misled by the title: THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS, because I was expecting a dude resembling Dracula, but I still got a kick out of the movie. The humor that, in my book, made this show more enjoyable than DRAGONBALL or any of it's incarnations and it being a scifi show to boot quenched my appetite for anime scifi.

    Well, I am not going to ruin it for you, so if you wanna know what the movie is about, you will have to watch the series first. After that, watch the movie. Its a riot!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    **This will contain spoilers for the movie, as I'll be referring to most main events.**

    If you were a fan of the Nadesico TV series, chances are you had some odd affection for the annoyingly charming Yurika, and the determined Akito, as well as the rest of the hodgepodge cast. Unfortunately, you won't find any of that quirky humor in this movie.

    We start off with Ruri in command of the Nadesico, and a flashback of Yurika and Akito's funeral, but are given only about two sentences to explain that they were killed in a shuttle explosion. Later on, we find out Yurika is alive, but inside the box of Bosen jumping, with no explanation on how she got there, or how the box mysteriously landed in the hands of a Martian splinter group. Also, Akito is proven to be alive, although he is now the troubled, soft spoken "bada*s" that is shown in so many anime movies. He speaks of experiments done on him, but doesn't give us any more clues then that.

    I felt cheated by this movie. Some praise it as a masterpiece, but I, personally, fell in love with the quirks and the humor that is not evident in this movie. It ends abruptly and leaving you sitting on the edge of your seat in outrage. Mars is single handedly defeated by characters from the series, but with no mention of their involvement on the first Nadesico, Akito does something completely out of character (again, with no explanation), and that's the end of everything, with no explanation on what the h*ll just happened for the past 80 minutes.

    If you were a fan of the Nadesico TV series, I wouldn't recommend this movie. It was confusing, and will probably lead to more irritation then enjoyment.
  • meliado_peacecraft14 October 2005
    i thought it was very bad,

    they should of made another film to explain this one.

    the two main characters where just practically cut out of the whole film.

    and it spoiled everything for me. i loved the series i thought it was ace, but the film was awful.

    if you are a fan of nadesico please do not see the film because it will kill your

    appreciation for the series.

    oh and also the new characters they have thrown in where bad