The license plate on the family's car is a reference to the bible. "NT 13 018" is New Testament, chapter 13:18. Book of Revelation.

Lise's imaginary friend, Louise, is a reference to Lucifer.

This film was inspired by the song "97' Bonnie & Clyde". Written by Jeff Bass, Mark Randy Bass, Marshall B. Mathers II Performed by Tori Amos From the album "Strange Little Girls" And the old danish children's song "Lille Lise" Melody written by Carl Michael Bellman

Lille Lise won the Danish Film Academy Award "Robert" for Best Short Fiction 2006. The producer Rasmus Kastberg received the award at the ceremony in Copenhagen and immediately called the director Benjamin Holmsteen who at the time was in a supermarket in Paris, France with composer Benjamin Lylloff. The good news resulted in an added bottle of champagne to the basket...

Winner of THE DANISH FILM ACADEMY AWARD "Robert" - Best Short Fiction 2006