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22 August 2012 | dpfacialfan
| Taylor Rain made me love double penetration!
I've only seen the scene with Taylor Rain from this movie and usually I don't review a movie if I've only seen one scene. But the scene with Taylor Rain in this movie is one of my all time favorites, so I just have to make an exception. This scene isn't just one of my all time favorites, it's also the scene that changed my taste for porn and made me a lot more open minded about sex.

Everybody who's read some of my reviews before knows that I'm a huge fan of double penetration. But it wasn't always like that. When I first started watching porn I came across mostly boy girl scenes, some lesbian scenes and some threesomes with 2 girls and 1 guy. As a straight man I was kind of creeped out about the thought of 2 or more guys having sex with a woman simultaneously. It seemed kind of gay to me. But Taylor Rain changed all of that in this scene. Before this scene I had only seen about a handful of scenes with 2 guys taking on a woman together. As luck has it, all of these scenes were of low quality and didn't excite me like normal porn scenes did.

Well, along came Taylor and she totally changed my mind. The scene starts off with Taylor walking on the street in super high heels and a skimpy outfit. The camera follows her from behind as she walks into a garage. The angle from behind of her long legs made her look way hot and like that I was hooked from the start. The scene is setup as Taylor coming to pick up her car, which should've been repaired. But the guys have been busy with a race car and haven't had time to repair it. Taylor needs her car right away and naturally has to put out so the guys will make her car a priority.

Taylor has to take on 4 guys with big dicks simultaneously in this scene. At first I wasn't all that excited about the fact that Taylor was going to have sex with more than one guy. But Taylor looked super sexy and you could tell that she was really enjoying herself. As a result Taylor made me super horny and my dick rock hard. I couldn't help the fact that I got turned on, even if I wasn't a fan of 2 or more guys sharing a woman together.

Taylor got all of her holes filled in this scene. She sucks cocks with great enthusiasm and both her pussy and ass get a hard pounding. The guys even stick a couple of wrenches in Taylor's ass as they "fuck" her pussy. After the guys had taken turns "fucking" Taylor's pussy or ass, they move on to the double penetration. This was the first time I got excited by watching DP. This was also my first time watching quality DP. First we see Taylor DP:ed in the cowgirl position. A third guy also sticks his dick in her mouth making her "air tight". After a while Taylor changes position to the reverse cowgirl for more double pounding. I must say that Taylor is made for double penetration. It really doesn't matter how big the guys are or how hard they try to stick it to her, she can take it. Her pussy, and especially her asshole, is like rubber. It stretches out, but it pops right back, after the guys pull out their cocks. The guys also pick up Taylor for a standing DP before the cumshots. I really love the standing DP position. It allows the girl to really come down on those big dicks and take them deep inside her pussy and ass. It's also one of the best ways of showing guys really manhandling a woman. It really made Taylor look tiny and petite when the guys held her up in mid air and stuffed her pussy and ass full of cock.

The ending with the cumshots was another great treat. Taylor get a great cover all over her face and she looks super sticky after it's all over. It was the first guy who made most of the mess, even if he missed a couple of shots. Unfortunately his cumshot was too powerful in the beginning and some of the shots flew straight over Taylor's head. The other 3 guys piled it up on her face. Taylor looked so cute and sexy with her face all covered in white sticky cum. The scene then ends with the guys throwing Taylor out on the street all covered in cum. There isn't much that can beat a scene like this. This was the scene that made me interested in watching double penetration and gang bang scenes. I've seen many DP and gang bang scenes after this one, but this still remains one of my favorites. Double penetration and really messy facials is like the Christmas eve of porn if you ask me.

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