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  • tubintornadoes9723 November 2004
    Warning: Spoilers

    The ride is awesome. There are a couple noises, but nothing bad. So, you go into a winding queue line, and board the cars of 16. Pull the lap bar down, and get ready for a wild ride! You go into the ride, and see someone warn you about a curse. Imhotep says that he'll rule for all eternity with your souls. You're taken into a room with fire and green water effects, before going into a third room and crashing into a wall. You go backwards up a hill, turn around, and launch up a hill at 45 miles per hour! You get an EXTREME pop of airtime coming off that hill. After curving around for a bit with another drop, you brake hard, here a lady say something about hands inside the car, and then take another launch. This one is straight. You swoop into a drop, and a picture is taken. Right after the photo, you dive into this thing of orange mist, soaking your face if you're in the front. After a couple curves, you hit the end. Photos are $20! opinion? Incredible. It's one of the best coasters out there. Anyone who visits roller coaster websites might've heard of me. I've been on 536 different roller coasters...and this is #8 on the list. The launch is exhilarating. The entire ride is incredible. This is a roller coaster to plan trips around. The reason to visit Universal Studios Florida is Revenge of the Mummy. RIDE IT!

    -Jeff Arons
  • I live in olando Florida and the revenge of the mummy here was a lot better then the 1 in Hollywood. the 1 in Florida is longer and it i s a whole lot different. First the launch is up at a 45 degree angle and goes up 45ft. Hollywood launches u straight. also Florida has a 7ft tall imotep that sucks the life out of Reggie with a cool smoke effect going from Reggie's mouth to imoteps. also his jaw shows good dislocation action. Hollywood has him holding the book of the dead. also we have real fire in Florida witch you can feel the heat and it engulfs the ceiling! and Hollywood has cheesy faux fire... so Florida's is a lot better.
  • bigglesdaf118 February 2006
    I rode on this attraction in November 2005 and all I can say is Wow to the effects, There are better roller coasters but combined with the effects this is one very scary ride there are things coming at you from all directions and also a wall of real fire above your head the heat and flames are genuine, I recommend this for anyone who likes to be scared witless! The use of the movie actors in the build up to the ride and also in the ride itself add to the overall effect, those who have seen the scarab beetles in the movie will know what i mean.

    I would really advise that those with weak dispositions not to ride, I know you get this on most rides but this is one time i agree, give me Shakera at Busch Gardens any time as it's nowhere near as scary!!
  • jameslikespie23 February 2008
    Oh my god what a superb ride ... i went to Florida in 2005 and went on it and then i came back for the following 2 summers and it never got old ... I've been on this ride approximately 27 times and i still love it ... all of the film is great and funny at the end it all amounts to make a flawless ride and the guy who gave it 1 star is clearly either blind or too poor to go to Florida.

    Although this review isn't about the ride the movie made the ride so much better and assuming the workers got the timing of the carts right the film made everything seem much darker and in parts like when the ride speeds up and you are sucked into the mummy's mouth the movie interacts with the ride and makes it so much better its unreal.
  • Since this year is the 20th Anniversary of Brendan Fraser's The Mummy and the 15th of this ride it's so scary and your literally moving 💨 and in the Dark 😨
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This extreme roller-coaster ride is not only something for fans of the Mummy movie franchise starring Brandon Fraser, Academy Award Winner Rachel Weisz and Maria Bello, but also for these who aren't really interested in the aforementioned films and actors, but just willing to feel the ultimate thrill.

    The short film shown together with the ride is pretty much in the mood of the videos. They didn't get all the big names to participate and spare some time for this little add-on to the original movies, but, most importantly, Brendan Fraser is on board. I, personally prefer sitting back and enjoying a good movie, possibly one of the Mummy films, but if rollercoasters are your thing, don't hesitate and check this one out.
  • I'm from England and went to Universal studios with great expectations, but i was sadly disappointed. I thought that Island of Adventure was fantastic.

    The Mummy ride was a huge disappointment, my friend i was with told me it was so scary and i would be petrified...and i had seen a video on how they made the ride and i was expecting it to be one of the best rides i had ever been on.

    I have to admit i was more scared of the passage way into the ride that the ride itself. Even though the effects and fire were good there was something missing. For the amount it cost to build they should have made it longer and yet still faster.

    I would advise going on it just to say "i've been on that ride" as it seems to be very popular for many people but don't get your hopes're hair won't be on end.
  • I had no idea it was supposed to be a roller coaster. I don't know if the ride is exactly the same on the West Coast as it is on the East coast, but the whole ride on the East Coast is all roller coaster. You watch the movie stuff as you wait in line. Of course most of the roller coaster ride is in the dark, but I think that adds to the suspense of the ride because you have no idea where you're going. It's kinda like the Space Mountain ride at Disney. I have nothing else to say, but supposedly I'm supposed to keep typing so I'll just type nonsense sense I've finished saying what it is that I want to say. Well that's about it. So go visit Universal Studios and go ride the Revenge of the Mummy.
  • I was looking forward to this ride, and was horribly disappointed.

    And I am very easily amused at roller coaster and amusement park rides.

    The roller coaster part was just okay - and that was all of about 30 seconds of a 90 second ride.

    It was visually dull and poorly executed.

    It was trying desperately to be like a mixture of the far superior Indiana Jones and Space Mountain rides and Disneyland, and failed in every aspect.

    It was not thrilling or exciting in the least.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    OK this ride is so cool. Revenge Of The Mummy: The Ride was one of the greatest ideas ever.There are HUGE differences between the one in Orlando and Hollywood. (I haven't been on Hollywood but i watched the video and my friend went on it.) In Orlando, its significantly longer, and only goes backwards for a few seconds. Hollywood, is shorter and you go backwards for like half the ride. Also, they were both 40 million each but for some reason they made the Florida one like 10 times better yet on the site it gives Hollywood more credit...So here's Orlando's description in full.

    First on Orlando, you load up into 16-seater mine cars and they slowly send you into the ride. The first thing you see is some mummified dude with a baseball hat on saying "Are you insane? Get outta here! The Curse is real!!!This whole place is a trap!" Imhotep pops out and says "With your souls I shall rule for all eternity" and you turn the corner into the Treasure Room. Imhotep's face pops up on the screen and says 'serve me and savor the treasure' and continues on with stuff like 'you refuse now pay the price' or something like that.

    The whole room goes dark and soldier mummies pop up. Then he speaks ancient Egyptian while a wall is falling. Thats when you go into a room and scarabs start crawling all over the walls and you get propelled backwards and stop abruptly. The car starts to do a slow 180 and Imhotep's face appears again saying'only the Medjai can save you now, there's no escape, your end shall be mine!' and you shoot up this hill with his face screaming 'your souls are mine!' while green lights are flashing. On that drop you get some serious air time and then you go into some twists and turns with all kinds of immortal things popping up at you.

    Soon you go up into this room with a screen and a woman with a mic behind it saying 'we hope you enjoyed your ride please stay seated...ahhhh' and she gets sucked dry. Imhotep's voice comes out saying 'prepare to fight for your souls hahaha DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!'(quote from movie, mummy fans)

    he says that while the ceiling is being set on fire with REAL flames and you shoot off again down a hill with your picture being taken right before you get plunged into a ton of orange mist(perfect for a hot, humid Florida day!) and more twists and turns and your ever friendly immortal friends popping out at you again. Then you stop and Rick O'Connell comes up on the screen saying 'Hey welcome back, I hope you enjoyed yourself and i would too if i had my CUP OF COFFEE!!!...' a mummified hand reaches out and gives him a cup 'thank you...AHHHH' and hes sucked dry. you pull into the station and the operator claps for you and congratulates you for 'escaping the curse'.

    So yeah as you can probably tell, I love this ride. When you get into the store, Sahara Traders, you should at least buy something. My Dad and I were going to buy a picture but for some reason we didn't. We got one on the Rock N' Roller-coaster in Disney. But back to Revenge of the Mummy, I bought an awesome t-shirt for it. They have some cool stuff in there. If only I had more money on me. Plus this ride gave me enjoyment in school. This girl really hates me now because for some reason she's scared to death of this ride(because of the scarabs) so I just have to say scarabs and she gets all freaked out. Yeah, I know long comment. Have fun! ~Amy N.
  • I rode this ride on my first visit to Universal Studios Hollywood in about 15 years, so I had no idea what to expect. When we all loaded onto the giant 16-passenger jeeps I expected it was going to just be one of those tour type rides that just drive you around and show you a cool set, which is probably part of the reason why I was so blown away the first time I rode it. The way the jeep jumps around creates an amazing feeling of driving through rough and dense jungle, and there are several times when I was sure that the thing was going to go flying over the side, as it leans outwards on hard turns. This has to be one of the most fun attractions I've ever seen at Universal, it was absolutely a blast. Even the line was fun, once you get inside, anyway. It's like an elaborate tomb set and there is always plenty to look at, including a short introductory film, which some IMDb users claim that this page is actually meant to represent. Personally, I feel like it's a good thing that people are talking more about the ride here than about the video that you watch while waiting for it.

    Oh, and I'll tell you something strange about me. I have always wanted to visit a ride like this when it is closed, walk around inside while all the lights are on and see what the nuts and bolts of it all looks like. Whenever I ride a ride like this I always snap a few flash pictures of the inside to see what's going on. For some reason I've always been more interested in how it all works than really succumbing to the illusion. But either way this is great fun!
  • Me, my wife, and her parents visited Universal Studios Orlando last year as it has become a yearly escape from our regular routine. We were so excited that "Revenge of the Mummy" was ready and open, it was the first ride we jumped on when we got to the park...and while the entrance to the ride was quite cool (looking much like the museum from the first movie) and then the interior where the line began looking like an ancient tomb full of treasures set the stage for what i expected to be the top ride in the park, i was majorly let down when i realized that not only was it primarily a roller coaster ride, but it was also primarily completely dark.

    The chambers in which you see the mummies were awesome, the scarabs coming out of the wall were truly chilling at first, and the final battle with the mummy was pretty cool with the fire on the ceiling and stuff...but considering 80% of the ride was spent zipping through a fun house dark coaster track...with silly and cheap neon light pictures of the mummy and lights truly reminded me of a cheap parking lot fair, and at the end of the ride, i felt like they gave up about half way through the ride and decided to just fill it with nothing.

    Overall its worth riding, because parts of it are truly really cool, but of all the rides at both parks in Orlando, this one wouldn't rank top 5 at all. Its about 50% perfect and 50% terrible, creating a very mediocre experience but fun none the less.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i've been wanting to ride this ride ever since i heard they were opening it,it wasn't what i had in mine in the ride in fact it was better. the mummies looked just like the one from the movie the special effects were incredible it was so good i had to ride it twice, while you wait in line i was amazed by the props i mean there was a huge statue of Anubis hanging from ropes it looked like it would fall any second, the ride i expected it to be like a show but it was a high speed roller coaster ride in the dark, i think that the ride revenge of the mummy, and the hulk were the best rides from both parks, I'm sorry to say but universal was not as good as i thought it would be if it wasn't for revenge of the mummy i would have stayed in islands of adventure all day,
  • First of all its not a movie it clearly says "Revenge of the Mummy: THE RIDE." Second it is a really cool ride. There are 2 versions: one in California and one in Orlando. The California version isn't as good buy the ride in Florida is AWESOME! It combines CGI effects, a dark ride, authentic looking Egyptain tombs, and an indoor coaster. It goes 45 mph and its biggest drop is 26 ft. but it feels faster and bigger. The queue for the ride explains that there's is a little story (nothing serious) as you walk on the pretend set of THE MUMMY 3 and continue into an Egyptain tomb. It truly is a ride like no other. Its the coolest thing to come to Universal Orlando Resort since The Islands of Adventure.
  • Bonzai_Killer20 September 2004
    Warning: Spoilers

    I only went on the Orlando version and all i can say is awesome this ride is mixed with everything. The roller coaster part was fun but short and the launch through the mummy's mouth made the ride.And the airtime was awesome. I know a lot of people said that it stunk you probably went on the Hollywood version i heard it was real short and very dull well you'll love the Orlando version trust me. And the mummy looks awesome by the way the beetles and THE DIP BACKWARDS awesome there's no words to explain this ride. The roof goes on fire and go into the dark again. Universal never let me down and they never will i will give this ride a 10/10.